Journey of a soul in the universe - A New Beginning

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Life is a journey and not a destination. It is ok to take a break at times when you need to figure out your purpose. Do not bother who is ahead of you because it is your soul’s journey and it is your unique path and you don’t decide many events which you will encounter in your own path. I read a lovely quote written by Sadguru Ji where he says “Your life partner is your fellow traveler”. It means he/ she is there in your life just to give you company, travel with you, and be there for you so that you can help each other complete your soul purpose. After practicing intense spirituality for 6 long years it did give me lots of peace. The only thing which I realized is things that are meant to be in my life will find their way into my life at the right time when I align myself to what I want in my life. I don’t want to chase anything but believe in 100% involvement so that I can get desired results. The universe is very mysterious and does not reveal itself fully to anyone until and unless you connect with it. People attach themselves too much to their bodies and that is the only reason the beauty industry is thriving and people are prone to too many mental health issues. Sitting on my bed and planning the next phase of my life sometimes seems easy but things don’t always go as planned. Your soul which houses your body is on this planet earth to learn its lesson. Life’s lessons can be very harsh at times but you need to learn that particular lesson so do not judge an event as good or bad. It is just your spirit traveling a path where it needs certain teachings which will be helpful in the long run.

There are few people who struggle much more than usual in their lives and the reason is their unique soul journey. When people around you are busy judging you and you need to figure out what next that’s the real challenge. When you don’t want to prove anything to anyone and don’t want to show anyone how big you are how small they are then you are above speculations of society and free from the false game of life. People live fake life with fake identities and feel insecure all the time. It is only when you free yourself from all the identities that you are mentally free. People around you will judge you even if you are the best. Even God’s were not spared when they reincarnated on this earth for the welfare of humanity so be happy and don’t bother much. You just have to remember one thing nothing in the universe will ever satisfy you if you are a dissatisfied soul. Satisfaction is your own definition of life where you write your own rule book of what is acceptable to you and what is not. I see people running after beauty so much that they forget there is something much more beautiful than the external self and that is your golden heart. I want to live my life on a planet where people are genuine and do not mask their own identities because of too many insecurities and I am very clear about what I want to create in this world. My intentions are pure and the universe catches good intentions and fructify them on divine time.

When people laugh at you let them do what they love doing, you will see that after some time they will get angry as to why you are not reacting and giving in to their provoking. When you calm down people around you get mad because you don’t react to anything. I know how many people have problems with me staying in my dad’s home. They plot against me and I just don’t care and have handed all the matters in the hands of the universe. My God smiles and wants me to be calm because I have to handle things that cannot be handled by anyone other than me. I know the other realm tested me much more than usual. My spiritual awakening journey was much more challenging than my own planning. It took away the peace of my mind to the extent that I just wanted my God to grant me death rather than a life. Too much physical and emotional pain at the same time and they wanted to see how I reacted to everything. It is only when you don’t give up that the invisible realm shows you its true intention for giving you all the pain and reveals its true self to you. When you learn about them you can feel their emotions. Live in the present moment and give your best to whatever you do with a pure heart. Do not bother too much about your future but plan for it even if it does not go your way. Your future will be secured by none other than God himself because you have surrendered to the process and trust him.

Too many things happened in my life and the journey ahead is so different that I suffer from too much self-doubt. The universe wants me to experiment with everything which other people won’t try and they want to give me everything which someone can only dream about. Anantha loves me a lot and I just ask him one question why me? No answer. I am done with judgments of other people and the healing journey was much longer than usual. Can you imagine it took 6 long years just to heal one chakra of my body and to heal all the wounds which were associated with that? When I am not writing I am learning and clearing my concept of everything which is going inside my mind and is troubling me. I try to clear all my concepts so that I can move ahead and plan what to do next. The journey reveals itself to me even when I am not searching for answers. God speaks to me. On the 20th morning or a late night of 19th January, I just wanted to watch a movie and tuned to channel 369 on my Tata Sky which was showing the movie Naksha - Unlock the Mystery. I have drawn certain drawings and they represent everything that a normal human being would never explore since they think it is cursed but I put my hands into it since with God everything is possible. Now, this 369 does represent something along with the star sign which I use in almost all my handmade drawings. I put my own energy into whatever I draw so that the image reveals itself to me even when I am not thinking about it. The cosmic world speaks with me through synchronicities and images. I can read the patterns and when I can’t understand anything I just forget about it.

When you travel through life just concentrate on what you are doing and not on what others are doing. Two people are having different soul journeys so it is useless comparing your life with someone else. Satisfaction is a personal choice and it has got nothing to do with bank balance or any other comfort which you own. When you close your eyes and feel at peace in your meditation then you know that there is a life much beyond material things which takes you closer to your God or your divine self and those moments give you much more peace than outer-worldly possessions. Life is too short to be spent judging others or crying for someone who does not want to be a part of your journey. Remember the Universe will give you everything at the right time even when you don’t go out looking for it because it knows you will need that person or thing in the future. You have to be focused on what you are doing and become an energy magnet that draws everything which is needed for the journey towards it. You have the power and with spirituality, you can do things that others can only dream about. Two red moles on either side of my shoulder are the gift of the divine world to me and it shows their presence in my life all the time. Though I did not enjoy much of the journey of 6 years where I cried much more than usual but I can’t do anything about it. What lies ahead is not yet revealed to me.

The person who I will be in the coming days will be very different from the one which exists now and this was not my decision but I gave in because sometimes it is not you but the creator expressing itself through you and they want you to surrender to them and the process and trust them blindly because they too don’t have a choice. This life is just a journey and nothing else. It is easy to say but difficult to accept. When you close your eyes and don’t wake up for a very long time it means you are dead. When you sleep and wake up the next day it simply means the universe gave you a new day to correct your actions and start a new life that you desire to live. What is the power of divine and spirituality is something which I want to test and will do so in the coming days. I expect 100% success. I have never done something like this before and none of them are stored in my memory bank and that is the only reason I suffer from too much self-doubt. Whether I will be successful in all the experiments which I will be conducting is a thought which occupies my head though I have done enough sadhana for my success. I can’t carry on with my life the way it is and that is the only reason I am ready to put my mind into something which has not been tried by anyone for ages.

All my friends are married and they are too busy in their own lives. My parents are too old so I find myself alone and on top of that I am too choosy about people. I can see a new beginning but don’t know much about it. If your life goes according to your plans it is good but if it goes against your plan it means that the universe has taken charge of it. Find happiness in everything because in complaining you are wasting your time. Find fun in small things because you cannot buy happiness in any shop nor does anything last for eternity. Keep walking even when you feel you have reached the dead end. Keep doing even when it does not excite you and keep persevering even when you see no success because every trial makes you much stronger than usual. Keep writing because your written piece can save someone’s life and motivate one person who may have bumped on your writeup while scrolling through Google searches. You have fulfilled your purpose by showing the direction to that one life who needs it the most in that hour. Now you move ahead and guide more people towards a better future. The divine world itself might be waiting for your new transformed self so that it can hold your hands and walk with you.

I have started using just one single sentence all the time and that is “With God everything is possible”. This one line is stuck in my head and I don’t want to forget it nor do I want you all to forget it.

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