Invisible texts in my Notebook - How can I read it?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2021-10-09 15:34
Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy

Happy Navaratri 2021. I am a deeply spiritual girl and there are times when my mind and the universe play tricks with me and I am completely overwhelmed by everything happening around me. I had written few things in my notebook. There were too many doubts in my mind regarding whatever was happening around me. My life has changed to the extent where I cannot relate myself to the person who existed in me a few months ago. I don’t deny the fact that I am working on something about which I don’t have much clue but I feel guided and work accordingly. My life is not just about me and my cause is for the greater good. I love my life but I have lived it and so the rest part of my life is dedicated to the work which I am meant to do in the world. I am very clear about what I want and I cannot settle for anything less than that because I have to answer the “Man who changed my life for a lifetime”. With too many doubts in my head, I just picked my notebook to read something which I had written one day ago. It had all the answers I was seeking with messages that I am still sane and I should trust my new life, my intuition, and messages from the universe.

My head got better and I started focusing on the work which I was doing. When you have a dream where you can’t see the head or tail but you are rest assured that you will be guided in your entire journey is not a joke. There are times when you start doubting your own self and the work which you are putting. Yes, it is very true that I don’t work all the time but when I am into something I am there 100%. My left leg had swollen to the extent that I could not walk and it pained a lot but still, I sat for 1 Hour of meditation and half an hour of yoga because that is my commitment. I can’t lose momentum and I have to in spite of all the odds. I had written 8 points in that write-up of mine. I read all of them and then again I thought of just revisiting the same written text message and was astonished to find out that there were few parts that were missing. Now the biggest question is where did some part of the text message go? I wrote it in blue ink pen so it could not be erased and it could not evaporate. How could I read something which was not written by me but existed at the moment when I needed an answer to the question which was in my head.

I really don’t know how I should interpret that incident. Was I hallucinating, daydreaming, or just fell asleep while reading it and the thoughts were planted in my head by the universe. The best part is it happened the day before yesterday. My life has changed a lot and that is the only reason I face few doubts but the universe just gives one message “Self Belief is the secret to success Sweetheart”. Such incidences happened with me at the time when I was doing Mantra meditation in the year 2017 on “Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra”. While I was chanting the mantra I could see texts appear in my notebook and then disappear after some time. I even saw an image of God which appeared then disappeared in front of me. Similar incidences happened with me in the past but one that happened this time was mind-blowing. The universe wants me to get clear-headed and just move ahead in spite of all odds and self-doubt. I don’t know what next but I do what is needed. My new energy upgrade does create lots of health problems for me but I know once my energies are balanced I will be ok and fine.

When you are the chosen one the universe will communicate with you much more often than usual and in those moments you don’t have time for self-doubt you have to just show up. I don’t have any idea of so many things and my dad says this girl lives in a fantasy world. I just know one thing. The harsh truths and realities which is meant for me will come in front of me while the rest will be handled by the “Man who changed my life for a lifetime” and there is a very big reason behind it i.e his promise to be a part of my world till I am here on this planet. I have always lived my life like a princess. Happy with everything and never jealous of anyone who had more than me. I knew I will get what I deserve at the right time and I always worked for everything which I wanted. A lot of things cannot be explained by my head and I feel every message which is meant for me will not escape my eyes.

I am a very committed and simple person. I have seen things that were placed in my path just for conveying the message and when the work was done those things did not catch my attention. Similar patterns keep repeating themselves. Don’t get too serious about life because something which is meant for you will never pass your life but it will be in your life the way it is meant to be by the universe. Raise your frequency to the point that everything which is meant for you is attracted in your life. Keep working for everything because you should always play your best role so that when you sleep in your death bed for eternity never to be reborn again on this earth you are at peace that you made the “ Man who changed your life for a lifetime” proud.

Those invisible texts are still not there in my notebook and I know it appeared there for a reason and disappeared because the message was delivered.

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