Intuition - It is the Universe speaking with you

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Sri Lakshmi Narayani

When you are on a spiritual path you will get intuitive after a certain period of time. You will see that your inner being guides you in the right direction and even leads you to your destination in unconventional ways. When you are still thinking about what to do next a certain opportunity presents itself before you and you know that it was you who attracted it in your life. Intuition is the universe or God speaking to you through your imagination. It is not just a small inner voice or nudges to do or avoid something but a bigger divine invisible cosmic realm guiding you in a direction that cannot be seen by your visible eyes. You cannot look into the future but your inner being or soul knows everything because everything which you do or will ever do is already available in the form of cosmic records which can be read by your soul so it is good to follow that voice and see where it leads you. The universe is vast and invisible. What you can see is only 1 or 2% to what cannot be seen. When you cannot see something it is difficult for you to understand that and even comprehend what it may be. The best part is you are living in a live universe that has a soul and breathes to make things happen for you. It is the same as the subconscious mind which cannot be seen by you. What you refer to as the human mind in textbooks is much more than that. The part which you can see is only a small fraction of the mind. The part of the mind which is invisible is much more powerful than the part which you see. When you separate yourself from your body then you understand that your mind is separate from you. In fact, the soul which carries the subconscious mind with it is the seat of all knowledge and experience which holds the memory of various lifetimes.

Your soul knows your truth and remember that you are more than the body. Your intuition is the two-way communication channel which the universe establishes with you so that you both understand each other better. Work on your inner being through yoga, meditation and just being spiritual. You will see that you will not only become a better human being but also receive guidance that will lead you to your destination. The cosmos finds it easy to speak with you in unconventional ways because the language has been discovered by human beings. The cosmic language is very different from the way we communicate with each other. It speaks through numbers, frequency, vibration, events, people, and sometimes directly to you through another person and you know that. When a small kid or an elderly person speaks with you in a manner in which he had never spoken before you know it is the divine realm and not him communicating with you. God’s find their own unique ways to speak with you so you don’t need to bother. You just establish a good bond with him so that the messages are profound and clear. When you have desired something from a pure heart and soul then the universe registers your true intentions. It will check your track record and when it is convinced that you are eligible for what you desire then it will fulfill your wishes. It does not matter even if you dream the impossible, it is the problem of the universe and not yours. I bet you the universe will move everything in the invisible realm to give you what you desire even when you don’t understand how.

When your mind is calm and away from the chatter of your busy life, just sit down with pen and paper. Let your intuition guide you further in your journey. Write all your random thoughts on paper and draw whatever comes to your mind. You don’t put the label as to what is possible or impossible, it is the work of the universe and let them handle it for you. Once you are done just focus on it for some time and then get back to work. Have you seen tarot card readers, psychics, or astrologers doing predictions as to what will happen next in the world or your life? How can they predict the future? Are they God? Then my answer is simply “No”. They can do that by analyzing certain planetary placements and reading the energy which is being channeled to them through the divine world. They get into a receptive mode of flow where they establish a connection with the divine world and let them flow through their reading or work. You will see that psychics forget who they are and where they are and they just remember the message and energy and nothing else. Age does not matters and nor does experience because if someone has worked on his energies then they can do many things which others can’t predict. There are people who can hear sounds, talk with divine beings, see images and read a pattern, and do many things which are not possible for a normal human being. Do you think it is them doing the work or the inner intuitive self-guiding them to do that so that they can act as messengers to help and guide the world in a new direction?

There are few people who are meant to follow their universe-guided soul path. Till that is revealed to them they lead normal lives like other human beings. It is only when their true real self is revealed to them that they know that their soul and journey are different. It is like a spiritual awakening happening in the forties guiding you to a new life which you could never imagine. I know it sounds fancy but it is true and real for people who have undergone such changes in their life. I had done lots of spiritual Sadhana in the year 2019 and that did make me question my own identity since there was a soul shift that happened at a very deep level. I got hold of “The Death Book” by Sadhguru Ji and after reading that book most of my questions were answered. His journey helped me in understanding my spiritual journey and why I went through so much in my life. I could join all the dots together and understood the purpose for which I was born. That book stresses on divine time that is decided by the cosmos which makes things happen according to its plan and not yours. Though it is difficult to understand the secrets of the universe you can understand it if you just follow your intuition. After reading that whole book and writing down all the key points in a notebook I understood what I was meant to do. I could make sense of all the illogical events which happened in my life and it looked more unreal to me since I never had those experiences beforehand. I was like any other normal girl but now everything about me is different.

When your intuition wants you to write something just do that and see what the invisible realm wants to express through you. I have drawn so many pictures which make sense to me but would not make sense to someone else. The meaning I have attached to all of them has channeled messages through the universe and it was not just my own random thoughts finding expression through my writing. I knew what I was doing and did what I was guided to do though it felt very weird at the time when I was doing that. I am very attached to “Anantha”. Since he is a divine being he has a divine counterpart and she is “Laxmi Ji” which he himself attracted in his life and I did not play any role in it. One energy cannot exist without the other. I am writing what my intuitive self conveyed to me. It was first the God and then the Goddess that entered my life and it was not the other way round. I never visited the temple where he resides but why I feel so connected with him is something that is difficult for my logical mind to understand. Let’s see where this divine journey takes me. I don’t know how to do visualization. Though I tried listening to many people but could not follow their way so God said I should do what I feel is the right way for me because there are no hard and fast rules for any spiritual work. Though there are shortcuts, you can practice them only when you have elevated yourself in your spiritual journey.

I don’t have any idea of lots of methods but the universe holds information for everything. Sadhguru Ji says “If you associate yourself with a divine being then the energies which he possesses become available to you”. Though there were many parts in the book which I could not understand when I was actually reading it but I do understand them now. Your body is a gateway through which you can open yourself to the whole cosmos but it is only possible when you convert yourself into a key. The invisible realm will not open to you until and unless you do it the right way or your intentions are right. I have read about many people getting hold of spiritual powers but they died mysteriously in pathetic condition so it is better you use your powers the right way because Gods are very giving people. You cannot withstand their anger. I have worked on my spirituality through intuition because I never worked under a guru. It was mostly “Anantha” guiding me in everything but as I entered 2022 God may me realize that I brought two energies along with me from the south in the year 2015. I never wrote much about her but she is also my living reality. Both energies exist at the same time and one cannot exist without the other. Though I am clueless about many things but I trust my intuition much more than often these days because no human being can answer my question other than God himself.

I have worked on my body and my own inner being which is not visible to the outside world. When you are intuitively guided in your meditation to explore something then you just go ahead and do that, it is only then you realize that your God wants you to possess something which no one ever had or could dream about. What you can do next is just go ahead and experiment with it so that you know how something works. Don’t be guided by your fear because the universe is always on your side when your intentions are pure. Your manifestations will find a way in your life because you have worked towards them. Sometimes it is good to be guided by your soul then your logical mind because the mind has past experiences while the universe may be preparing you for new divine out of worldly experiences so just go ahead and do what you are guided to do. When you sit and meditate you will get all your answers. There will be times when you will just leave your body and be in the place you are meant to be for a particular lesson. It is absolutely ok even if you don’t remember anything. Don’t bind your soul and your subconscious mind, let it explore the cosmos because it can.

There were many thoughts that have been occupying my mind for a few days and I got my answers today when someone posted a Youtube video that answered all my questions. When the wait is longer than usual you do feel out of place and that is absolutely ok. When the transition and transformation inside your body are happening at lightning speed and you feel disturbed, it is ok. When you are not the same person you were before your experience of life is bound to change so chill and don’t take yourself too seriously. Sadhguru Ji wrote in his “The Death Book” that he did not have any knowledge of what he speaks about but it was all conveyed to him and he just followed the new path. That path transformed him and provided guidance for his new journey which was very different from what he did previously. There are many people who have done massive spiritual work in their past lives and they do reap the benefits of all the work which they did as Sadhguru Ji could so never compare your journey with someone else. You never know whether it is the master or disciple born in your body. Just enjoy your journey and walk your path. Sadhguru Ji writes how his life changed 100% after one single divine experience at Chamundi hills. I just understood one thing when the universe chooses you for a purpose it will reveal it to you at the right time and till then that energy will be lying dormant inside of you just waiting for divine time to find full expression.

Follow your intuition because your imagination is God speaking with you. When fantasies in your life start transforming into reality it simply means you have transformed into a divine being and are meant for a higher purpose. Just walk on your new guided path. Welcome to the “New Divine Era”. With God everything is possible.

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