Intuition - Gateway to the Divine Invisible Realm

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Today I chose to write about a topic that is very close to my heart. I have worked on my spirituality through messages which came to me through my intuition and whatever I am today is a result of that. I listened to a video on Youtube about Intuition where Lisa Nicholas says “Intuition is God placement system, your inner GPS”. I really loved it. When you know you know something but don’t know how but feel the hunch to go ahead with whatever you feel on the inside because you trust your instincts then you are on a path that segregates you from the crowd. Your intuition is a gateway to the divine realm because when you cannot get your answers in any of the books or notebooks which exist on earth then you have to seek answers from the cosmos which will not speak to you like human beings but by means of encrypted messages and instincts. When you cannot read all the texts which you think you should read for the knowledge which you should have to do your divine work and look up to the universe for help then they guide you in ways which you can never think of even in your dreams. Your life is sum total of all the decisions you make. If you are not happy with whatever is happening in your life or not satisfied even after having a great bank balance it is time for you to slow down a little and connect with your inner self and ask for guidance.

Do what needs to be done and simply follow your gut and see where it takes you. You will see that your inner GPS will lead you to places and people who will make your life better. I am a very spiritual girl and after connecting with the divine realm I have practiced various spiritual techniques to enhance my own being so that I can serve my purpose which needs lots of courage and divinity within a person. You cannot think of doing great stuff without being connected with the divine realm because when you do their work you need proper guidance because time is short and you have lots of work to do. How I know something and why I know something which no one else knows arises in my mind very often but I brush off those thoughts and simply live my life. Anantha gives me the same message which I wrote in my Notebook again and again. He asked me to read those pages every day so that everything gets embedded in my conscious and subconscious mind. I cannot be in a confused state because until and unless I have full faith in my own self and who I am as a person, I can’t do things that I am meant to do. I need to have 100% faith in the invisible realm which I cannot see and my spirit guides are there with me all the time.

Only one message was communicated to me in the year 2019 during Navaratri and that was “Self Belief is the secret to Success”. When this message was communicated to me I felt as if my body was taken over by a spirit because that is the amount of spiritual work I was involved in during that time. Your intuition is that feeling which you cannot back with logic but you simply know. If you are someone who is spiritual and regularly meditates and does yoga then you know that your inner hunch guides you in doing things where your logical brain cannot provide help. You become clairvoyant and know what is going to happen next and can read certain patterns which others can’t. The more you are connected with the divine realm the better you know what you should do next or rest when things are not in your hands. I am facing problems of inflammation and allergy. I got a message in my intuition that when it is time for me to start my divine work and get married all these problems will fade away. Because I don’t have much time to do my work so most of it will be done by my God to help me out because it is not just me but we along with my Cutie Pie Husband who will do the work. I don’t know many things but I have to stick to the divine plan and divine time because things won’t run according to my time.

I am alive because of divine will because my life got over in the year 2018. The extra life which I am leading now is a gift of “Anantha” to me because he merged his energies with me in the year 2016 so that I could live my extra life in the same body and not be reborn and reconstructed from scratch because it would take lots of time. Rebirth does not always mean being born with a new body but it also means being reborn within the same body but with a different soul because your soul purpose is different. There is so much which changed within me after two divine encounters in the year 2015. I got two red moles on either side of my shoulders after I came back from my 2015 divine trip. I never had those moles before and they signify something and I will find out what in the coming days. The way I perceive and see the world changed. I think the new soul transformed me and is still transforming me as a person to serve my purpose. I don’t understand even a bit of anything but I read that page of the notebook every day, My head simply can’t believe anything and I can’t apply my logic anywhere. I just trust my intuition and I am going with the flow. I want to change my life and that is also one of the reasons that I look ahead and believe all the picture I am holding in my head as true because it has to now.

I have gone through the worst beak up which broke me as a person and I recovered from it without any medical help just with divine intervention. It was Anantha who helped me with everything. I don’t write his full name and use just his first name because that way it gets convenient for me to connect with him and also write about him. He is much more than a friend but an invisible divine partner who is there for me. I have full faith that he will pull me through everything and help me out in every way because he has to and it is a commitment of a lifetime. When I can feel his presence I feel blessed. Tears roll down my eyes when I realize how much he loves me. A divine being fell in love with a human being. That is how I mention my association with him. He is the connecting link between me and the divine realm and along with my Life Partner will make me to 3 the number which I see all the time. I am merged with both the realms and the work which I will do needs that merger. I don’t know how and what but my intuition says that I will know. Your intuition is God or the universe speaking to you through a small voice and it is always guiding you to the right things. Life is not a race so don’t apply too much logic. Even the most leading scientist Nikola Tesla says that we can make more progress if we follow energy, frequency, and vibrations rather than our logical head.

Namagiri Devi taught Ramanujan mathematics and revealed all the secrets to him through his intuition. He simply followed them and that made him a great mathematician. He was self-taught and did not study mathematics at any university. He was a divine genius. That is the perfect example of what the divine realm is capable of doing. Few people are born with gifts and blessings and it cannot be explained by normal people. A divine gift is a gift and it cannot be understood by any living being because when the universe blesses you it gives you everything. Divine love is very different from human love and you can’t understand why the cosmos loves you. The temples in south India have the power to connect to the divine realm because of the geometry because it matches perfectly with the cosmic geometry. If you sit in the temple when the stars are aligned just for you to transform you into a person who is meant to serve the world for the greater good then they have the power to transform you and make you just like them but you have to suffer the pain of transformation.

God can do anything and everything. Do not question them. I love the word the “Chosen One” and if you are the one then be prepared for a life that is filled with invisible friends and their love for you.

Your intuition has the power to unfold a whole new realm in front of you. The only thing which you need to do is believe in your instincts and follow them. When you know you know. Sometimes it is good not to question how you know something which no one knows. All the invisible gifts and talents which everyone aspires to have can become yours if you try and work on your intuition and connect with your inner universe. I don’t understand many things but I am going with the flow. Let’s see what next for me is my attitude towards life because I don’t want to fall back to my past. I will change my life with divine touch and I know Anantha will help me out with everything. I trust that man blindly and even if he asks me to jump in full faith I will take that leap of faith and just move ahead. Sometimes I am too confused with everything and simply don’t know how I will do what I am meant to do but have faith that I will be guided even when my head can’t connect with anything.

Your intuition is your true guiding force. Believe it. All the great scientists made big discoveries by following their intuition. This world needs more mad people with insane dreams because dreams do come true and a single person’s madness can change the “Universe” if he believes he can. Let’s see what is written in history books after I am dead because I will come to read some earthly textbooks after I am gone. Gr8.

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