Inhibitions driving us crazy

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2010-11-11 13:55

What are inhibitions ? Its something which limits our action. Every person in this universe has got some or other inhibitions. These inhibitions comes in path of success and cause problems in the long run. We have to break this barrier and move ahead instead of sticking to it and crying over it. People start getting passive with their own personal inhibitions and lose confidence. Its this moment that we need to accumulate all courage and fight with this word. Some are feared to speak in public, some fear driving etc, its not that they cannot do it but its the feeling within them that they cannot do it. I would like to narrate a story here, its my own personal experience – I went to attend speech Craft. It was a training program. We had to show presentations made on chart or power point. I forgot to take my laptop. There were 30 participants in my batch. There were few friends of mine but none had brought laptops. At the end of first day session i needed a laptop to make presentation. I asked for help from other participants and one of them helped me with his laptop. I did not inhibit myself from asking for help from someone whom i did not know. I saw there were many participants who hesitated to ask for help and thus their presentation suffered. That incidence gave me a lesson that if you need help combat all inhibitions and ask for help before its too late.

We can overcome our inhibitions and become better individuals. We have to recognize our inhibition and overcome it. It will not happen in a single day but with practice we can control it and move ahead. I have seen few students in class don't ask questions to avoid mockery. They feel that their question will make everyone laugh. This stops them from asking any questions. Limitations were never imposed upon us by any one its we who imposes those restrictions and then get caught in our own trap. If we free our thoughts and think that we have the capability and capacity to do anything then only we can work with a free mind and remove all barriers.

Inhibitions can be driven away. Its just that we have to believe in ourselves that “ WE CAN “.

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