I asked God Why Meeeeeeeeeeeeee ?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2015-08-26 15:40

First thing learnt about life is that life is about living and not complaining. The more you complain you will find more things to complain about and the bag of complaint will be piled up. When you are grateful for everything that happen in your daily life you will find peace everywhere. You will be happy within. This happiness which flows from inside to the outside is very important. We do not want to change the world but change our attitude to things around us. Problems, frustrations, stress leads to unhappy minds and diseases which ruins our life. We are here for a purpose and best thing to do is sit with ourselves, dig deep inside and find out the reason for our existence. We are not here to please someone but for a reason. Come out of your closet and explore that bigger purpose which is much bigger than you and holds your greatness.

I always complained to God why Me. From childhood days my life was never smooth. Accidents, career frustrations, failures, health problems, problems in my love life, all hell which a person can never think or imagine was there in my life and i always complained “Why Me”. Then days passed on and soon i realized that all the incidences happened in my life for a reason, to prepare me for the road ahead which had more hurdles than what i had lived. I got humble. I started understanding life, and understood why God gave me those problems earlier in my life. I think the same is true for everyone else. Sit down with yourself and think. You will get answers to all your questions. I remember quotation by Albert Einstein where he said - If you want happiness for a life time, don’t attach yourself to material things or people but to your goals. And i think whatever he wrote is true. The person whom we love the most hurts us the most, but when we are focused towards our goals all problems in our personal and professional life falls in place.

The next time you want to complain God and say “Why Me”, take out some time and think why you and only you. When We get success we are happy. It is only when we have bad days that we ask “Why Me”, when we are victorious we never ask “Why Me”. Life is very easy for those who have learnt how to live life and it is really very difficult for those who are still piling bags of complaints. Go out, see the world around you, and you will find people who are less abled than you, and achieving more than you, and have smiling faces. That motivates you and helps you move ahead in life.

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