How the universe or God Communicates with you?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-04-29 17:50

The universe in which we live communicates with us, did you know that? It has weird ways of communicating with you but once you understand what it wants to tell you or in which direction it wants to guide you, you will never mislead. There are very specific ways in which the information is transmitted to you. It is all upon you how you pick the information and then wait for the next signal to take that giant leap of faith. The universe communicates with you through feathers, animals, birds, insects and various other ways. If you are searching for an answer and you are regularly praying to God he will show you his presence by means of feathers. You will find feathers in your path and it means that the universe wants to tell you something. You are praying to God every day and still, you can’t see things happening in your life, you feel like leaving as nothing is happening and then God starts giving you signals to wait and have patience. He tells you not to quit and keep the faith even if you cannot see anything happening in front of you. He tells you to keep going because things are happening in the background and you have no idea of it.

When your heart was broken and life seemed to carry no meaning at all, you visited a temple with folded hands and tears rolling down your eyes, you felt a sudden pat on your back and you heard the person saying to you to have faith that things will be fine. There is no magic wand and everything takes its own time to manifest. Some things manifest faster while others take a little longer but with patience, you can make things happen. Your faith has got the capability to achieve the impossible which no human being can think of and even when people call you mad it is ok. You keep your belief because if you lose it nothing will happen. We human beings have created various images of God and have placed them in temples in the form of various idols. Those images and idols carry meaning only when you pray with full faith. The energy which is transmitted from you has the capacity to achieve the impossible. You meet the same person again and again. You placed a question in front of your God and he starts giving you answers in mysterious ways. You come across a video which answers your question, you see an advertisement in the newspaper or on the television screen which answers your question or you meet someone who gives you your answer. Just keep in mind when you have placed your full attention on finding your answers you will get it at the right time till then just keep the faith and keep praying. Praying to God does not mean doing hours of Puja. Just do what you are comfortable doing, follow your heart and pray because you want to, not because you are forced to. Just light an agarbatti or diya and it is ok and fine.

Don’t try to impress God, just do your puja with a pure heart and clean mind, rest will happen at the right time. I have seen people trying to woo God with so many offerings but I personally feel that praying with true faith is what will make things happen. Sometimes you cannot control your destiny but with constant prayers, you can tide over those tough situations with ease. Prayers and faith in God give you peace of mind which lessens your sorrows and pains. You will see that some of your prayers are answered within no time while others take time to be answered and rest remains unanswered. You have to accept his decision and still keep faith in him. You have to trust his decision for you. Have faith that whatever decision he takes will be the best for you and for your greatest good. You cannot question God’s decision and you have no option but to accept it. There are times when you can alter your destiny and that happens with the will of God.

God will communicate with you through your intuition. Have you heard your mother saying “Beta” do not step out of the house today because I have an intuition that something wrong will happen and you do not listen and still go out and meet with an accident. Your mother then reminds you that she warned you but you still did not listen to her. It is God who is communicating with her through her intuition. You have a dream and suddenly you see that things are happening in your life according to the dream you had last night or you were looking for an answer and you came to the right conclusion through your dream. You need to focus your energy in the right direction to make things happen or else it would never happen. Your whole energy gets directed where you are focused. You will never get something which you think about once in a while. Your attention and focus are very important when it comes to the manifestation of your prayers.

I have felt God when I was doing Mantra Meditation for 3 months for the fulfillment of my wishes. Though my wish is yet to be fulfilled but God always communicates with me not to lose hope. When I get hopeless and do not see anything happening he still wants me to have faith in him and have patience. I cannot understand as to why he wants me to have so much patience, why he just doesn’t tell me to lose all hope and move ahead in life? Why he wants me to still keep the faith even after 2 years when I cannot see anything happening in the way of fulfillment of my wishes. Whenever I want to move ahead he just tells me not to do what I am doing and keep the faith. Though it gets tough at times still I have faith, let's see what happens next. Yes, I was talking about Mantra Meditation. When I was reciting mantra I have seen and felt weird things like the color of pages of notebook changing from white to yellow, the cross mark to count how many mantras I have recited with blue ink turning to glow red like that of burning charcoal. Some words written in front of me which I could not read because I could not understand the language but he has given me enough proof to show that he is there.

You will not be able to apply any logic to whatever is happening in your life but it happens. God has strange ways of communicating with you and you can feel it only when you are having a calm mind and full faith that you will get all your answers at the right time, till then you have to wait. You have to wait for your right time to come and when that time comes your communication with God will get faster and you will see the results in front of your own eyes. Just keep the faith.

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