How to reach your destination or goal with the power of Faith?

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I am sure you must have come across the most famous quotation that “Faith can move Mountains”. If you have faith in yourself and the higher powers which are supporting you to reach your goals you can do much more than what you thought was possible. When you start your journey - be it a job or a business or as a newly wedded bride you don’t know what will happen next but you believe that you will tide over all the rough patches or else you would not have started the journey. There are various circumstances which a person has to go through before he can know what to do next. Just by sitting and imagining things will not happen you have to make things happen. Life is like a set of closed doors. You have to open several closed doors with the right key to move ahead in life. If you get struck in any one of the doors you have to find the right key to open it so that you can move to the next door. The closed doors are problems or situations which you face when you move ahead in life. The keys are solutions which you find to solve your problems. Sometimes you try many times before you finally succeed in solving the problem. Then you unlock the door and move on.

If you don’t open one door you cannot see another door. I mean when you start your journey you cannot see the whole path or all locked doors by standing at one point. It is only when you move ahead and take initiatives to solve one problem after another that you get success in life and reach your destination. If your just sat idle and thought life has to move on and even if I do not put my own effort things will happen. That is absolutely a wrong conception of life. You have to put full effort so that you can be successful in life. Even if you fail once, twice or thrice you should not quit and keep trying. If you want something badly then you have to persevere to get it. Have faith when you put in your 100% effort God will add his 1% and make you successful. If you put half hearted effort you will get half results, to get full results you have to give in your full effort. People who are successful in business or life are considered very lucky but what the rest of the world doesn’t see is their perseverance and persistence to keep trying again and again and not quitting the journey. When others would have quit and changed paths to reach a new destination because they could not reach the one which they planned. Successful souls keep trying and make things happen with the power of faith. They believe that they can do it and have faith that the higher powers are supporting them.

I would like to give you my own example to show you how faith helped me in paying my corporation tax in the year 2017. I had received a tax notice from the corporation tax department that I had to pay tax dues of the last 10 years which was pending since my husband did not care to pay it. He had left home and I was all alone to handle the situation myself. I had never ever visited the corporation tax office and had no idea whom to talk to and how to sort out the issue. The tax department had issued a notice that if the tax was not paid with 15 days they would seal my office and set it out for sale. I was too much tensed but I had faith that I could sort out the problem and reach my goal of paying the corporation tax smoothly. I found out the address of corporation tax department and the concerned person whom I had to meet to sort out my problem. I went there and found that the concerned person who was handling my case was on leave for full one week.

I was running short of time and I could not wait for one entire week to meet that person. Then I met one of my known shopkeeper uncle who had come to the tax office to pay his yearly dues. He told me that the concerned person work was handled by someone else since he was on leave. He helped me in meeting that person. I talked about my case with him. He handed me all the papers and told me to pay the tax dues at the earliest to avoid any hassles. But the tax amount was Rs 70,000. I had no idea as to how I will arrange the cash and when I will be able to pay them. I did not have that much money with me. My husband also denied making the payments. I had no idea what to do next. But somehow I gathered my senses because I had to sort out the problem at hand. That corporation tax person whom I met gave me the number of corporation tax officer. He told me that the officer can help me in getting some more time only when I meet him personally and request him to do so. I met the tax officer and he gave me another 15 days grace time. I contacted my dad and asked him what to do. He said he can help me out with the money since one of his policy had matured recently and he had enough cash in hand. He sent me the money in my bank account. But now the problem was I could not carry so much cash with me to the corporation tax office to pay dues so I called the tax officer and asked him for help. He told me that a person from his department will collect money from a collecting center near my home and give me the tax receipts. I made the payments and felt relieved. I could secure my office from getting sealed by the corporation tax department. I achieved my goal of securing my office just with the power of faith that I can do it and I did it.

If you have faith in your own self you will reach your goal today or tomorrow. You just need to keep walking, keep trying till circumstances get in your favor and the higher powers support you to reach there. I have full faith in those higher powers which support me all the time. They show me the right path, give me intuition and tell me what to do next when I feel stuck. If you have faith in yourself and the universe, you will be successful in whatever you do. When you want something badly enough you get help from all corners and people will move out of their way just to help you succeed. Have faith that you will get help, have faith that you can convince people and get their help. Communicate properly because if you need help you have to ask for it. If you show the other person that you can do it yourself then they will not provide you any help. You have to open your mouth and ask for help humbly. Someone might help you with 10% or 20% or 30% capacity. Be happy with whatever amount of help you are getting to solve your problem because these small percentage will help you in sorting your big problem. Don’t complain why the other person did not help me 100% when they could. Be happy with whatever amount of help you are getting. This help which is coming in the form of clues will be of great benefit to you. You should know how to connect the dots. When you understand this you can solve the most complex of problem just by applying your mind and with perseverance.

You need to have faith then only everything is possible, if your lose faith then your mind will get into a complaining and negative mode which will never help you succeed. You can reach your destination or goal with a positive attitude and faith in mind that you can do it. The higher powers have made you capable of solving every problem and nothing is bigger than you, but to tide over rough and tough situations you need to have faith that you can and you will do it.

Have faith and reach your destination.

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