How to Kill Boredom and be Super smart?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-03-21 16:34

I have realized what boredom is? and how difficult it can get at times when you really don’t feel like doing anything. You don’t know what to do with those 24 hours and passing a single hour seems like ages. I am sure a lot of us have felt this way and with a fast-paced life when everyone around you is busy you feel left out. You can get bored with a routine life, day to day activities or due to loneliness because you have no one to talk to. I know what boredom is because I have lived it and have even conquered it so I am sharing my ways to handle this bug called boredom which takes away the smile from our face and makes us restless. You do not understand what it is, you go to the doctor and the doctor calls it stress and gives you some pills but still, you do not find relief, then he asks you to get engaged and get social but still after some time you feel left out and don’t know what to do?

I had a very fast life and I was very much busy with my husband, kid, and work. But suddenly everything crashed and I was left all alone. I suffered from depression and could not work. I stayed with my parents for 7 months but still felt left out. I knew the problem was with me and I had to conquer this boredom and enjoy everything I loved doing. I got a return ticket to my own home and faced my single married life boldly and I promised myself I will get over it in a proper way where I will not only build my own career but also stand as an example for other women who face the same situation and find it difficult to conquer.

First thing is you just understand that you get bored when you have nothing to do that is when your mind is free and you have all kinds of stuff running in your head. You have to master this monkey mind and get it busy so that you do not get bored. The mind is a good slave but a worse master and when it starts getting bored it is really very difficult to tame it and get it on track. Now the question is how to get this mind busy. Just do stuff which you love doing. Like if you are a Housewife and love painting or doing embroidery just do it even if you are not in a mood to do it. When you will start doing it your interest will grow and you will see that after a few days you will want to do it when you feel bored. The first day you will feel like not doing it but then you will suddenly enjoy doing it. You never get boredom crept upon you when you are watching television, cooking, spending time with friends or family. It only starts taking over you when you are alone and find nothing to do.

There are many ladies who have got lavish lifestyles and do not need to work while there are others who need to work for money and both of them get bored when they are free and have ample amount of time. Read books, cultivate a hobby, talk to people who lift your mood and not dishearten you. Talk on the phone, meet people face to face, dress up and just go out when needed. I know how difficult it can be at times just to do something when you don’t feel like doing anything and the whole life seems useless. Write a blog and motivate others to enjoy their life and do positive work so that others around you feel good being in your company. Do not be mourning stuff who always has one or more complains about everything which is wrong in their life. There is nothing called a perfect life, you will always find something which is out of place and that is ok you have to take life as it is. You have to sort out your own problems because no one else other than you is going to sort it out for you. I know how desperate we can get at times for someone to just sort out our lives for us. This is practically not possible.

I am a firm believer in God and I am someone who will never miss doing my puja whatever the situation may be. I will fight with my God, complain and then again I am in harmony with my lord and I know he loves me and his decision is the best for me. Worshipping God gives peace of mind and helps in controlling distractions. You have to know how to control your mind from distracting into “N” number of negative things which you can do when you are overpowered by boredom. It is easy to fall prey to a negative company and build negative habits when boredom takes over you. In those small or big moments if you know how to control yourself you are the real winner. I have seen people building big business leading happy lives and all of a sudden committing suicide or spoiling their entire life just because they got bored and felt helpless.

Do Yoga, meditate to feel oneness with the universe. There are so many things which we cannot see but can feel when we still our mind and concentrate on that higher power called God. When you start feeling how good your life is and you are better than a lot of other people around you who have hundred other problems to sort out. Be thankful for all the good in your life and all the things which you are left with. I know the problem with most of us is that we concentrate on the bad things which happens to us more than the good which is in our life and that is something which takes away the magic of our lives and makes us bored with our life.

Just thinking will not help you, get up and get going. Start now so that boredom does not take over your whole mind and body again. It is better to start working on it from now on rather than thinking to start the next day. Just do it.

I used to dress up and visit Reliance Fresh in my area just to feel good and build my mood so that I could get over my boredom and get back to my work after spending almost a whole year in depression. I know how it feels and how difficult it is but I know we all have that strength inside us to get over everything and get going.

Be at peace and Live a Happy fulfilled life.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m