How to keep yourself Motivated during tough times?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-04-11 17:13
Tough situation

Tough times are testing times and it can test you till your core. It tests your patience and your total being. Your mind stops working, you don’t know what to do and you keep worrying. You just want to get out of that situation. You want a helping hand which can pull you through those tough times. You lose your night’s sleep, overthink, overwork and still, the tough situation does not seem to end. You can face a tough situation in personal life, in work or any relationship which adds meaning to your life. The more you replay those hard moments in your mind the more you get demotivated. To add to your problems you will see people around you doing backbiting. There will be very few helping hands and rest will just blame you for your mistakes. We all commit mistakes in life and make choices but there are few decisions which get wrong and causes us to suffer. This does not mean that you get demotivated and stop making decisions with a fear that you might fail. You are running a successful business and suddenly a crisis situation in the market crashes it. You do not know what to do? You look around for help and people just blame you that you should have been more careful. Just be at peace. You have to keep going. The tough situation won’t last for long. You will sail through it but it is you who has to face it with a brave heart. You have to look for that silver lining in the dark cloud. You have to keep thinking “This too shall pass”.

It is you who has to take charge of your life and not allow other people’s opinion to get inside your head and trouble you. You have to find out ways to keep going. Even if you get one helping hand to share your load, take it. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it the most. You do not have to carry a big ego that you can do everything yourself and don’t need help. Keep an open mindset because when there are tough situations there are solutions too. You have to keep a solution-oriented approach because it gets hard to keep yourself motivated during hard times. When you take baby steps to solve your problem one by one you will feel that you will get your confidence and motivation back as you conquer one problem after another. No matter how hard it may seem at the start, have faith it will ease out and you will pull through those tough times. You remember those moments when you had similar problems in the past and how you pulled through. Keep going and keep trying. If one thing is not working try something else. If one person has said “No” approach someone else. You want a solution so you have to keep trying and instead of sitting idle and cursing yourself for creating the problem it would be better that you start thinking in the present. Thinking about the past will not solve your problem and you will never get out of that tough situation. You have to get out of it so you have to keep trying.

Listen to motivational videos, take a break from work for some time so that you can get back to it again. Prepare your mind to keep yourself motivated during tough times because when you conquer those tough situations now you will see that you get that much stronger and you can solve much bigger problems in the near future. You develop a problem solver mindset and you know to dig deeper into the problem so that you can find proper solutions.

Tough times can come in the form of a personal problem or a relationship problem. Someone whom you held dear to your heart ditches you and you find a sudden change in their behavior. You do not know what to do at least when that person matters a lot in your life. When that special someone leaves your life all of a sudden it breaks your heart. You do not know what to do? There are many people who get into a revengeful mode or get into bad company, get alcoholic or just end their life to get over it. I know how tough life can get when the person who is dear to your heart leaves you all of a sudden without giving you a proper reason. You blame yourself for bringing that situation. Friends and family blame you for creating the problem and you simply don’t know what to do. At that time your very existence does not carry any meaning for you and you just want to end your suffering by ending your life. In those dreadful moments please do not lose your cool. It is useless blaming yourself for everything. Few things happen in life just because they are meant to happen and you cannot control everything in your life. What you can do is to take charge of your life and try to get out of that negative mode. Life is not fair all the time and sometimes you suffer for no fault or reason of yours. The other person may be trying to create nuisance in your life or is playing a puppet of someone’s hand. The best you can do is be at peace. Get your confidence back and think that these tough moments are not going to last forever. After some time you will get strong and you will overpower your enemy who is in the form of a person or a problem.

You just can’t run away from a problem or situation. You have to face it boldly. If you feel like crying, shed your tears. With the passage of time, you will be in a better situation to deal with the tough moment or problem at hand. You will see that the more you get busy with your life the problem you are dealing with seems smaller. The situations also get favorable and you get a better understanding as to why that person behaved rudely with you. What you can do is get busy with your work and do things which adds to your happiness and in the meanwhile try to understand the real cause of the problem. Try understanding why that person wrongly treated you then you will get into a problem solver mode. You will get empathetic and will understand the other person's point of view. You should be open minded so that you can accommodate every person’s feeling. Just sticking to your convention of right and wrong will not lead you anywhere. You have to get more understanding and have a smaller ego because a bigger ego creates more problems. You will get vulnerable and every person will hurt your ego. If that special someone matters a lot in your life you can approach him again at the right moment or just forget him and move on in life when your wound is healed or when you feel you are ready for a new person in your life.

Some relationships get stronger with time, some just get weaker and breaks away with the passage of time. Few people will enter your life and teach you an important lesson while some will enter your life to be with you lifelong. Value both type of people because those who teach you a lesson make you a better person while those who stay with you lifelong add value to your life. God created this beautiful world so instead of finding faults around you look for beauty in other people and you will discover yourself along the way. This journey called life is very beautiful and you have to tide over all tough situations so be prepared to face the roughest.

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