How to get over Self Doubt and create your Destiny?

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Self doubt

A business idea pops in your mind and you just want to move ahead with it but suddenly the villain self-doubt comes and gives you hundreds and thousands of reasons not to do it. You then start doubting yourself whether you will be able to do it or not. You then take your idea to your family members and they just reject it saying it is all rubbish. They will give you enough reasons as to why you should not do it. Then they will give you examples of how neighbor’s son lost all his money in business at the start and created so much debt for the family to pay, how much risky it is? And many more such things. I know how much advice comes from parents when you want to take a different route from the rest of the family members. Now you have to decide whether you will let your self-doubt take over your dreams or you will overcome them and create your own destiny. You have a dream, you have a vision and you know what to do next then what is stopping you? Just overcome your fears and prove to others that you can do it. You cannot convince the whole world how right you are and how wrong they are, what you can do is concentrate on your dreams and just do it. Family and friends will question your dreams because they cannot understand your point of view. They cannot see what you can see. Your vision is different from their vision. When you have an idea you create the whole road map of achieving it or you just start and then figure out the next step. It is very important to get over self-doubt, have faith in yourself and just start, rest will happen as you move ahead.

The biggest problem with most people is they spend a lot of time in thinking and making the master plan and when they actually want to start they have spend lots of years in thinking and they find it easy to settle down with a good job and avoids all risks of running a business. You take that first bold step to start small and when that step is taken you need to figure out what to do next to create a foothold in the market. A lot of people are doing it so why you need to do it. You might get these thoughts, you are doing something just because you want to do it. Just give your 100% effort and focus on whatever you are doing. Try doing fair business so that you can write a good success story for yourself. You start a new venture to solve the current problem. What you have to keep in mind is that you do your homework completely. Do your planning and research and then start. When you make up your mind to start your business you will face various problems which will crop one after another. In those times you will fall prey to self-doubt. The best thing to do in those moments is to keep faith that you can handle it and move on. All the problems which you face at the start will prepare you for the future when you will emerge as a good problem solver.

You will have to solve all the small and big problems. You will have to make various decisions, many may go wrong but then you have to take full responsibility for all the business decisions you make. When in self-doubt read success stories of other successful people that will help you in gaining your own self-confidence, keep your head preoccupied with work so that you worry less and work more. Be grounded and get to the root cause of the problem, staying longer with the problem will give you your solution and also develop your patience. I know how impatient girl I was a few years back then life knocked me down and I have learned all my lessons the hard way. Be in a learning mode so that when self-doubt creeps in you look for a solution and learn different ways of solving your problem. People who have created their own destiny are not someone from an alienated world. They are one of us who had a clear vision, who dared and achieved what they had dreamt of. It is ok to go wrong some times because you cannot be correct all the time but do not get into self-doubt.

My dad always tells me there is a very thin line between success and failure. People who make it to the top have got the same resources which are available to us but what they have is self-belief and those who fail have lots of self-doubts. When you give wings to your dreams you are bound to fly. You just need to spend a lot of time with your dreams so that there is no room for self-doubt. You believe that you are the best person to run your business and no one else can do it better than you so why not move on. Take that leap of faith, sometimes it will take longer than usual but you need to trust yourself. Others around you may be successful in their job while you may still be struggling with your finances. Just keep the faith and keep going. Do not complain, smile and keep trying. Every day may become a challenge sometimes and you may want to quit, hold on in those dreadful moments because that is the time things will turn into your favor. God sometimes tests you and when you pass the test you are bound to succeed.

Do not let other people’s opinion get into your path, take what you want to and discard the rest. You learn to trust your own gut feelings. Few wrong decisions should not create self-doubt. When dealing with finances take more precaution because that is what needs to be managed the most at the start. Self Doubt is a bug which can take away your peace of mind so is important not to let that bug enter your mind. Have faith that when you need help you will get help, you just need to have a solution-oriented approach towards work and life. I have read success stories of so many young entrepreneurs who had no money when they started and how they got help from their family and friends. They had a vision and hence they accomplished their mission. When you start and keep your minds open to the “N” number of possibilities you will see that you will get help from all corners. People will move out of their way just to help you achieve your goals. You will come across many naysayers and people who want to pull you down but you need not pay your attention to them, just move ahead. These naysayers will not get in your way once they see you are serious towards your work and they don’t matter in your life.

So what are you waiting for, get over your self-doubt and create your own destiny. Do share your success story, I would love to hear from you people.

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