How to get over Hurt of Life in a proper way?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-04-22 18:14

Life is both sweet and sour. All of us are hurt and go through pain in our lifetime. It is how you deal with it that matters. Crying, complaining and repeating the incidents in your mind again and again will not help you. What will be helpful is your understanding of the problem and how to get over it. You can control your own self but you cannot control another person’s behavior and the outside situations and circumstances. The other person may behave wrongly with you though you may not have committed a very big mistake and hurt you. That person can be your loved ones, family, friends or your boss. The only thing which comes to our mind when we get hurt is to take revenge and it is only sometimes that we want to forget the whole incident and move on. When your close family members hurt you, you feel it is ok and you forgive them for causing you pains. It is only when an outsider hurts you that you get into a revengeful mode and want to teach them a lesson so that they could feel your pain. You plan everything, get into a negative mode and do all foul play to attack them. You are so much preoccupied in teaching the other person a lesson that you lose your peace of mind. You lose your health in planning a negative game in your head. You forget to check how much time you wasted in doing all that and how better life would be if you would have just forgotten everything. Remembering a past hurt does not bear any fruits, it just kills you from within.

Your life will be much better if you just think that the other person behaved badly with you or hurt you just because they may be having a bad day or they are tensed themselves. They may not try to hurt you but their state of mind or situation gets out of control and they get angry on you. People behave differently in different circumstances and when you get a little more understanding it gets better to deal with the hurt which you feel temporarily for a moment. It is only when someone has hurt you to the extent that you are not able to forget it then it stays longer with you for months and years. You just want to attack the other person and teach them a good lesson. You do what you feel is right but when you are not able to take revenge you feel bad and get into depression. You feel stuck and plan other negative events so that you can get your peace back when they also get hurt. You want tit for tat. But did you realize that in trying to take revenge how much changes you have made and how negative you have become? You become someone else and lose your true personality. Is it worthy to lose your true self and inner peace just for that single person and for that one moment which you can easily get over just by letting go of that incident? You want to harm the other person. I would advise you to just get over it. Let it be and try to avoid incidents when you give the other person another chance to hurt you.

Learn to move on. Various incidents will happen in your life when you will get hurt and the other person will not understand your emotions. When you learn to deal with it in a positive way you can easily tide over all such negative incidents and live a good life. That is called the art of living. You will feel happier and peaceful from within. You cannot control the other person’s behavior towards you. What you can control is your reaction to the situation. Once you learn to deal with the hurts in a proper manner your life gets better. You will see that other people will get better and they will not repeat the same incidence again. When you want revenge you do yourself more harm than any good. Your change of mindset in dealing with people who have hurt you makes you a better person and helps you grow. You grow when you deal with life in a better way, you grow when you face setbacks in life and know what to do. When your approach towards life changes you will experience that “N” number of hurts does not matter much to you because you know how to deal with it. You know how much energy you should give to the current situation. You have learned the art of forgiveness for your own inner peace. You have understood to let go and move on in life towards a better tomorrow.

I know it is easier said than done but when you practice it, again and again, you get better at it. You learn along the way and you can also teach other people how to deal with the hurt. Many people just get angry, take revenge, spoil their whole life and lose their good reputation because they were hurt. It is only when they realize how much they have lost that they get their senses back. You can talk to people and take their advice but choose people wisely. Do not choose someone who has got problems with the whole world and is always complaining about one or other thing. You do not want to ride the same boat. Talking relieves the burden and so does crying. You feel less burdened and that is the way all of us deal with the situation when we are hurt. It is ok to get hurt, what is not ok is when you carry it longer with you and it spoils your life. You are a wonderful creation of God so live a good life. Why crib overall nonsense things when you have got better thing to do.

Love more and hate less to make this world a better place to live. Learn to get over the hurt and move on because you know how to deal with life.

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