How to get out of your long lasting Depression?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2017-12-05 14:49

Life comes with all its twists and turns. You simply cannot stop things from happening in your life but yes you can work on your life and change your attitude towards it so that you can better deal with it. These ups and downs in life sometimes become so severe and carry for so long that you get depressed. Planetary changes, day to day stress, change of behavior of loved ones and heated words causes depression. You cannot run away from it nor can you avoid it since you are a human being. As a human being, you have to feel all the emotions be it happiness, sorrows or pains. Life if a mixture of good and bad days. There is no one on this earth who has not seen bad or rainy days but with every bad, there is room for good days to come. The biggest problem is when you face bad days in continuity you start living in it and get into the habit of frequent mourning and that is something which makes things difficult for you and the normal stress turns into depression. This depression when carried on for a longer period of time makes you diseased and you feel as if there is no way out of it and everything is over. Sometimes it takes longer for good days to come but that does not mean that we should lose hope. Hold on to hope that something better is still in creation and the creator is in the process of creating it that is the reason it is still not handed over to you.

Have faith and pray. If God does not gives you what you want he has good reasons for it. He might give you something better much beyond your expectations, something which you never thought was possible. He is the creator and he can do anything. Have faith and do your duty. Do not worry too much because if you worry a lot your whole peace of mind will be lost. When things are not happening according to your plan it is happening according to God’s plan. Have patience. There are some lessons which God wants you to learn when you are dealing with a depressing moment or pain. When you have learned all your lessons correctly you will see things happening in your life when you least expect it.

The best thing you can do is work and keep your monkey mind busy so that it always has something to do, that way you will be able to better cope up with your depressing moments or memories which keeps haunting you time and again. Engage yourself in work, read motivational books, listen to good motivational youtube videos, listen to jokes and laugh often. Try 100 % to make yourself happy. It is no use crying and paining yourself further. You cannot control the situation. What you can best do is learn to deal with it and pray often for good things to come. Go out, visit a friends house, talk to more and more people, do not stay alone then you will see that your life is less miserable and you can deal with whatever is happening in your life in a better way.

A time comes when you will get frustrated with whatever is happening in your life and you cannot bear it anymore. Those are the times which you have to learn to handle because you get into a self-destructive mode and you can harm yourself because of frustration. You have to become strong from inside so that you can handle those ugly days. God gives pain so that you can become a better person. He might want you to do something very big which you yourself are not aware of. He wants to make you stronger from within so that when you move ahead in life and face those challenges in the future you are armed. There is a reason for your pain and every person on this earth has been created by God to fulfill an exact purpose. God works constantly on you so that you can achieve your purpose for the highest good of humanity.

I know how God can simply haywire your life and then leave it to check how you can handle it. When you patiently handle it you have passed the test and your wish will be granted. I have seen people who have gone through early life struggles create history because they learned their best lessons from those depressing moments. They did not break and created their own destiny. You should become so strong that your situations should not be able to break you. You should have the power to hang on to all difficulties so that you can enjoy your fruits of labor. Sometimes times are not good and sometimes you have to wait for your time to come so that you can make things happen in your life. Wait with full patience your time will come when you will shine bright like a star. The people who are with you and around you will give you accolades for your success. What more do you want?

Enjoy the journey called life with its ups and downs because the more you complain the more you will be depressed. When you take things with a light heart life will be better. Do not live your life seriously. Enjoy good moments and prepare for the bad ones. Life will pass anyway whether you cry or be happy, life will just pass by. Live a good life. Learn from your experiences and help other people deal with their depression. You will feel good even when you can lift a single person out of their sad days. Happiness and sorrows are two sides of the same coin, the other half is just our shadow. We have to live both with a good spirit.

You can do Yoga and Meditation to calm your mind. You can also eat Turmeric and ginger. It helps a lot in boosting your mood. Turmeric is something which helped me a lot on my depressing days. I also practice yoga daily. I would say I have dealt with life in a great way with these herbs and meditation. Connecting to God through Meditation can take you out of any kind of depression. This is something which I have tested. I did Mantra Meditation to come out of my depression and it worked for me. God did give me peace of mind.

Live a great life so that when you leave this earth people say “wah Kya Jindagi Jiya Hai” (Meaning “What a great life this person has lived”). Give away your depression and live a good life.

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