How to get into a Flow State - Guidance of Universe to your Path

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2021-08-13 15:31

Everything in this universe is energy, frequency, and vibrations. Nothing is physical though it may seem so to your brain. The eyes see the object then your brain processes it. Eyes are visual apparatus that are meant just for seeing what is in front of it but it is the brain that does the actual work of identifying the object. The only thing which is real is energy which is present in every living and non-living being. Everything is in a state of vibration and this human body is a very sophisticated living biological machine that exists in the entire universe. You have the power to experience the expanding universe inside of you if you reach a deep state of meditation where you become one with the creation. At that moment you cannot distinguish between your own body and the universe, it feels the same. The ancient yogis who lived years ago wrote everything about the cosmos which was revealed to them in their deep meditative state. They had the power to move from one place to another in energy form and had no sophisticated machine but they did great work.

Everything which is written in ancient texts which have been discovered till today was done by these sages who wrote their findings so that the future human generations could get enlightened by the knowledge and took humanity to great heights, though we did not make much progress in those aspects other than the technological progress where we feel proud but I feel our ancestors were much more technologically and physically advanced than us. I am writing so much about the universe so that you all get to know the fact that even if this entire cosmos in which you reside is called Maya but it is as real as you and me. If I can touch and feel you it simply means we both exist and this world is a reality. Every person you meet is nothing but energy. Everything is vibrating and has its own frequency. You as an individual have a certain frequency and the object of your desire or manifestation or your goal has a certain frequency. Now when you want something you have to raise your frequencies to match your goals then only you can attain that. Now, what do you do? Just think and attract. No, it is not going to work that way. If every person could just sit and manifest, this world would have been different but it is not so.

You have to understand the concept of vibration and come in a state of flow. Nothing is impossible even if you aim for the stars and want to see the sun closely you can do that but in your meditative state and not by physically visiting the place because the suns’ heat will burn you much before you become aware of what is happening to you. You have to come in a state of flow where the entire universe guides you to what you want in your life and helps you in manifesting the life of your dreams. I did not understand these concepts before but I am in a better place now. When you work on your energies through yoga and meditation you align your body’s geometry with that of the universe and then the invisible realm starts responding, making you aware that you are on the right path and to keep doing what you are doing. The only thing which you need to be aware of is not to get distracted and be focused. This universe is coded by the creator himself and has a perfect geometrical pattern. That is the only reason that the planets are perfectly rotating on their own and not colliding with each other.

Even if one planet changes its rotation by 2 to 3 degrees it will disrupt the entire sacred geometry and prove to be very hazardous. This is something that is never going to happen because the entire universe is kept in place by other energies which cannot be seen but assist the planets to rotate in their own orbit. The more geometrically aligned you are with the geometry of the universe you will feel more connected with everything which exists in the space out there. When you do yoga you are working on your body so that it gets into good shape or keeps you healthy but at the energetic level you are clearing your nadis, chakras, and awakening those dormant energies within you which were lying asleep in your body for a very long time. When certain energies activate in your body they, in turn, activate other energies, and hence a chain reaction happens which can channel information directly from the cosmos because now your body becomes a living antenna and your mind does not have much role to play here.

Let me make you all aware that it does not happen in a day or months but it takes years to do that. So if you want to reap the benefits of yoga and meditation you have to put consistent effort and have faith in you that one day you will make things happen. Consistency is the key to success if you have your eyes glued to great things which are beyond the imagination of a normal living being. The universe will start communicating with you because this universe is a big geometric pattern and your body is a tiny spec in that. When you perfectly place yourself in a position where you are 100% in alignment with the cosmic geometry then you will not be the same person you are today but an absolutely different being. A state of flow is achieved when you have worked on your energies to a very high level and the universe guides you to your destination and sends you signs that you are on the right path. Always remember you are here on this earth for a very short period of time. In that brief time, you are given the option to clear all your karmic backlog and transcend or remain captivated in the birth-death game. Then there are ambitions, passions, goals, your way of life, and everything else.

When your energies start aligning you will become aware of it because the universe will start responding to you and people around you will speak exactly what you need to hear for further guidance then your journey will be under the supervision of the creator himself. This same universe responds differently to different people. Everything which you want to manifest into a living reality is on the other side of fear. Face your fears and be ready to accept the consequences. Have a brave heart and a strong mind because when you want to achieve what seems “impossible” to other people but “possible” to you then your mindset has to be very different. The flow state is different for different people because for some it is guidance up to the minutest level but for others, it is in form of points or checks posts so it all depends on how much energy work you have done on your own system. I am still to reach that perfect alignment but I am working on it. I want to feel what happens in that state. How do you feel when you meditate in that perfect geometrical state.

I have no idea how much a living Guru can help you because I worked with the universe itself. I don’t want a living guru to label what is possible or impossible for me and what all things need to be aligned so that I can get what I am persevering for. See I just want you all to know one thing. The knowledge which is stored in the universe is unlimited and it is not possible for any human being to process all data in one lifetime so you keep your minds open to learning and just do what you are guided to do. When you are dedicated and have madness within you then the invisible realm will guide you through your intuition and you should believe it and follow it with full sincerity. Don’t limit your thinking because your mind has the power to access the entire universe.

This universe works on the concept of vibration. Work on your energies and change your life and don’t allow anyone to limit your thinking. You are the one who holds the key to your new life so unlock your new reality and start living there because that is the reality that is a manifestation of your years of hard work.

Play your best role because the Universe is watching. Be Happy.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m