How to find your Strength in the worst of circumstances?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2019-05-01 18:12

We all are gifted with lots of strength and it is only in the worst circumstances that we know how strong we are, till then it is hidden within us and lies in a dormant state. Life is full of joys and sorrows. You enjoy your day's work, family life and everything which makes your life beautiful and all of a sudden you are left alone to face the worst situation in life. The worst situation can be in the form of a death of a near and dear one or any of your family member meeting with a serious accident or loss of the love of your life because that person rejected your offer or loss of a job or a rejection from an interview. It can be just anything. You do not know what to do nor do you know how to come out of it. Everyone around you tries to console you but you still find it difficult to come to terms with whatever has happened. Sometimes it gets difficult to accept what is happening around you. All hope is lost, you get depressed and all of a sudden the very purpose of life carries no meaning for you. It is in these circumstances that you need the strength to come out of the worst and find your strength to hold on. You have to accept the present. You cannot run away from your present circumstances.

You will see when you are strong in those weak moments when it was easy to fall prey to depression you will see that you will emerge as a new person. A winner who has learned his lessons and can now move on in life. When you find yourself vulnerable, talk to your loved ones or your friends even when you feel like shutting yourself from the whole world. This will help you in diverting your mind from the bad situations which you cannot control. You have to learn the art of acceptance. Your life will not run according to your plan or wishes and you have to be ready to accept the worst. A weak mind will not lead you anywhere. It is only when you find your inner strength to face all turbulence in your life that you can live a good life. When you change your thinking or the way you perceive the whole situation you will see that there is a brighter side of life which you missed. You cannot catch hold of a person for too long if he wants to leave your life, you cannot compel someone to say yes to you, you have to accept that success and failures are part of life, you cannot control death or accident. When you accept these happenings in your life with a brave heart you will see that your life gets easier.

Pointing fingers on someone or blaming others for your sorrows will not be fruitful you have to learn the art of tiding over the worst circumstances with your own inner strength. You must have heard many celebrities cannot handle too much stress and they get into depression. They find it difficult to come out of it. Deepika Padukone, a successful film star spoke bravely about her depression and how she got help from her family to come out of it. It is in those weak moments that you need to find your strength because one wrong decision and you will harm yourself. When you are able to hold on in those tough situations you will see that bad day will pass and good days will come. Nothing is constant in life. You cannot run away from your own feelings. You have to face the reality today or tomorrow so it is better to accept it today so that you do not waste your time and energy in mourning. Being strong does not mean you do not have the right to cry or share your sorrows with someone. Finding your inner strength means no matter what the circumstances you know how to deal with it.

When you discover your true capabilities you will see that the outside circumstances can no more create problems for you. No one can take away your peace because you have learned your lessons and you know how to handle it. Pray to God, he gives you a lot of strength. The very feeling that God is looking after you and he will never leave you alone gives lots of peace to the mind. People usually say handle what you can and leave the rest on God, have faith that he will solve your problems. Your friends and family are there to support you, just keep the faith that “This too shall pass” and good days will come knocking at your door. If you need a break from your work or the outside world, take it. Go on a holiday with family or alone and find your strength in nature where there is no one to disturb you and you get your answers. When you are thinking with a closed mind all problems seem big, it is only when you open your mind to “N” number of possibilities that you have a broader vision of your problems and you find your solutions.

Change in the environment does cause different thinking and you get non-judgemental towards everything. We all have lots of inner strength but it lies in a dormant state. It is only when we have to handle the difficult situation that it comes out and helps us. Your life is your responsibility and you have to find your own strength to tide over tough situations in life. You have to make decisions and take action even when you don’t want to or don’t feel like doing anything. It is life and nothing is permanent. God may be preparing you for a better future ahead where you have to handle lots of responsibilities and that is the reason he is giving you all those tough situations so that you learn your lessons, find your strength and march ahead in life with renewed vigor. Bad or worse things happen with everyone, it is only how we deal with it is that makes the difference.

Life is not a race. Every person’s life is different and so are the circumstances. Do not compare your life to others. Just lead your life and find your own strength. Do not decide the course of others life. Find your peace and be happy.

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