How the Divine communicates and helps you?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2017-11-24 15:51

When I write about God or my real life experiences with the divine I feel inspired. When you connect with God he also connects with you and sends messages to you. He does not comes and talks directly to you but he sends you various insights. When you tune into the right frequency you can interpret all those messages correctly. There are no hard and fast rules of connecting with God. You can do simple prayers with a pure heart and you can feel the divine. It is all upon you as to how you want to reach your God. If you like to do Mantra Meditation then well and good. I want to say the closer you get to God he can be felt more by you because you tune into a frequency where you can interpret his messages and even communicate with him. I have considered God as a supreme being and If I have to merge with him I have to match my frequency with his and then I can experience him within me.

All of us go through ups and downs in life. It is only when we face problems or failures one after another that we remember God often and seek his blessings. We pray and want him to answer all our prayers but here there is a twist until and unless you pray with a pure heart your prayers will not be answered. Once you start praying with a pure heart you will see God communicating with you in different ways by means of people, animals, dreams, incidences, your own instincts etc. God is just amazing and when you reach out to him he leaves no stone unturned just to help you. You reach out to God, he will take you out of depression, loneliness, cure your diseases, give peace and show you the right direction. He will guide you with the help of right people.

I am a spiritual person and I did Mantra Meditation for complete 3 months to get peace in my life when I was going through one of the toughest phases of my life. I have combat depression, suicidal tendencies, and health problems. I know how much emotional and physical pain I have encountered. It was only God who pulled me through that rough patch and took away all my pains. This is my real life experience. God gave me a purpose to live and showed me the right direction. I felt how much more was still left in my life even when I had lost my past pleasures. There was a new future which was waiting to be written by me. I have overcome those sad and bad days just with the help of divine. There were times I couldn't express my grief even to my parents as my dad has Blood Pressure and Sugar. Even a slight tension just shoots his blood sugar level. I was Calm and composed. I have faced those tough days just with my prayers to the divine. Now it feels like I am nothing without God. He is my life and breath.

Let me discuss how God communicates with you. I have handled work of the office in which my husband assisted me. I never did outside work so I had no idea of how to pay Corporation taxes and how to write letters for tax corrections. I never did any bank work. I managed my home and Office. It is only when all of a sudden I was left alone that I handled everything on my own. I got a call from the Corporation Tax person that my office tax was pending and I have to pay the tax immediately. I was clueless as to what to do and whom to meet. Then a thought came to my mind that I should talk to my neighbors. The uncle helped me and told I can talk to the tax person who sits in our area. I reached out to that person. He gave me the address of the office and I went to meet the concerned person at his office. Now I had no idea of what to do when I went there. A very big coincidence happened to me. I met an uncle whom I know and he helped me meet with the right person. I had no idea as to what to write in tax correction letter. The concerned person whom I had met wrote the letter for me. Then I left the tax office and gave the tax bill to my husband for payment. He did not clear the bills and again I received a threatening call from corporation Tax Officials that If I do not pay the tax my property will be seized. I was so much tensed. I asked him whom should I meet to get some time because I had to arrange for a big sum of money.

The person told me that I could meet the Corporation Tax Superintendent and he is the only person who can help me out. I was no much stressed because I have never met any officials before. But I met him and he gave me time. I again met my husband and asked him to clear the tax, he said he had no money. Then I called his dad and he was very unwilling to pay. Then I called my own dad who helped me out. I had to make payment of one lakh ten thousand in cash. I had never carried such a huge sum of money in cash in my lifetime. I met the Corporation Tax Superintendent again. He told me that the concerned person will come to collect cash from my home and will give me the paid receipt. I was relieved but again I had to take out one lakh ten thousand from my account which my dad had transferred. I was stressed one day before payment as to who will help me or whom to reach for help. I could not sleep properly that night. I did Mantra Meditation and said let's see how God helps me.

In the morning the Corporation Tax person came. As I was going out and locking my home door I met an uncle from my building who was going out. I asked him to accompany me and told him everything. He went with me to the bank and helped me with the tax payment. One after another I got help. I had no idea as to how things will unfold but I had no one else near me whom I could approach for help so I had to handle everything myself. God literally send one person after another just for my help. You reach out to God and he is there to help you. My depression, my setbacks, my hard days, my sorrows have made me a strong person. A person who may seem soft from the outside but carries extraordinary determination and is tough from inside. I know no person or situations can break me. I am UnBreakable. The confidence and positive outlook which I have developed has carved me into a new being. I feel I am reborn again but with a different inner self.

My life has taught me much more than books and any degrees for which my dad invested so much money. I consider life as a journey. If you enjoy the journey of life it is great. If you cry and complain then also you have to live but then you will live a miserable life. Why complain? Make the best out of your life. God gave you one life. Live Life 100 %. Smile God is there with you holding your hands and saying Have Faith you are supported, my Dear.

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