How to discover your true strength in the most difficult circumstances?

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When life knocks you down then only you understand the true meaning of life. Your fantasy world comes crashing down and you can see it breaking down to pieces in front of your own eyes. When you do not know what to do next because you cannot cope up with the day to day problems, people will bombard you with suggestions and will show you how wrong you are and how right they are? You will find very few people actually caring for you from their heart and wanting good things for you, rest will just show you superficial love and in their hearts, they are happy to see you suffering. This is the reality of life. When it shows you its true colors you just don’t see any purpose in living. Your marital relationship may be on the edge of breakage or someone very close to you died or you just suffered a miscarriage or you lost your precious job, it can be anything just anything. I know it is difficult to cope up with your sorrows in these painful moments. It is ok to grieve for some time but anything which prolongs causes more sorrows. Every person on this earth goes through bad times but it is all upon us how much we can accommodate those sad moments in life so that it does not break us. It is easy to break when life gets challenging. It is very difficult to maintain your calm composure when you are hit by unavoidable circumstances. It is you who has to get out of these difficult times and you have to find your strength. You just cannot shut yourself from the whole world and keep crying because if you do so you will be building a cocoon around you which will get difficult for you to break.

Difficult times just come into our life without knocking. When we are unprepared for anything the tragic moment happens and takes away the smile from our face. You are tested as a human being and all your capabilities are tested. It is how you accept whatever is happening in your life and how you react to it that matters most. When your acceptance of whatever is happening is more than your reaction you will be more at peace because when you complain more everything gets difficult for you. You are happy with your life when all of a sudden you do not feel ok and you visit a doctor. The doctor asks you to get a few tests done and tells you that you have cancer. You are just shattered with the news and so is your family. It gets difficult for you to cope up with the news. You complain as to why this is happening to you while the whole world is enjoying and only you are suffering. You start comparing your life to others and feel how pathetic life has become for you. Your chemotherapy starts, you start losing your lovely hair but you fight with everyday struggles and after undergoing your full treatment doctors declare you cancer free. You feel very happy at the top of the world and thank God for gifting you a new life again. You and your family know how difficult it was to handle the cost of treatment and meet home expenses, but everybody feels proud when you conquer your disease. You know you fought bravely like a true warrior who was born just to win and not to lose any of the battles. Your true strength is tested in these testing times and if you conquer them you are the true winner.

The love of your life, the person whom you loved the most leaves you all of a sudden without any reason and then sends you a court notice of divorce. How difficult it is to cope with those circumstances. You do not see any meaning in life and see no point in living any further. The circumstances just tear you apart and you do not know what went wrong. You expect that at least the other person should speak up about the problem so that you both can sit together and find a solution. But then you get disheartened further that the other person is not interested in talking to you. He just wants to end the 23 years of a long relationship which you people shared. He forgot that school love and has turned bitter. You do not know what to do? Your whole world comes crashing down and tears don’t stop falling from your eyes. You are in lots of grief but that does not matter to the other person. It hurts you but then it is life and you have to move on. Sometimes the best thing to do is acceptance of the situation and getting less angry. I know it is easier said than done because you want to take revenge from the other person and just sort out everything with a hot head. It is only when you get back your cool that you realize that something which had to happen has happened and you now have no option but to cope with it. This is not the time to discuss who is right or who is wrong but to find the best possible solution and move ahead. Blame game does not solve the problem but overcomplicates matter. It is best to have an open mindset when looking for solutions. Your true strengths are tested in these trying times. If you face the worst and come out of it with flying colors then you are the true winner.

It is easy to cope up with life in normal circumstances. It is only when things get troubling that you find it difficult to cope. You discover yourself and your true strengths in these unavoidable circumstances. Your true strengths are your hidden strengths which come to the forefront when you face difficulties in life. Bad things happen to everyone but it all upon us how we accept whatever is happening with less resistance. You cannot control what is happening with you but what you can do is discover your true strengths. Every person on this planet has some or the other problem. Thus when you see yourself as a fortunate person you grieve less. You feel that God gave you such a big problem because he has full faith in your capabilities so it is better to face it rather than cry over it.

You discover your true strengths only when you have a fighting attitude or an attitude of surrender when you accept the worst and still have the spirit to move on. You feel light-hearted when you accept your present circumstances and see a good future ahead. It is easy to fall prey to never-ending grief but then you have to choose whether you want to make your life miserable or choose happiness for yourself. The choice is absolutely yours as to what you want out of your life even when life kicks you very hard. Your choices will determine the future course of life and the actions you will take as you move ahead in life. You always have an option of making your life as beautiful as you want but then it is only possible when you accept the toughest situations boldly, don’t rest and keep moving. It is very aptly said that when you cannot run, walk and if you cannot even walk then crawl but make sure you keep moving because once you stagnate you will grow moss. Stagnant water is unhealthy not just for the surroundings but also for the body. You cannot drink or bath with it. To stay healthy you need to keep moving so that you feel joyful and vibrant from inside.

You become a person who is on the path of self-discovery and you will start seeing meaning in life even when life knocks you on the front face. You can find your courage in your family members who support you and believe in you in the worst of circumstances. Thank them for being there is your life. It is because of them that you are surviving and still have big dreams to become a successful person. Life will throw challenges at you but it is all upon you how you face those challenges and whether the situation makes or breaks you.

Discover your true strength and face life with a happy face because happiness is contagious and attracts more happiness in the future.

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