Honey as a natural Face cleanser for Soft Skin

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2017-12-01 18:48

We are all aware of the goodness of honey. It is good when taken internally as well as when used externally as a face wash. For me, winters bring dry skin and a whole lot of skin problems which I never face in any other season. It is only when winters begin that I have to be ready and prepared so that I can handle my skin and be healthy in those chilly days. My skin dries a lot during winters especially the face. The skin from my face peels off due to excessive drying. I apply a lot of moisturizing cream but it soaks after some time and again my face feels stretched. The first thing that I did was stopped applying soap or any face wash on my face. Even if you use the best of best products they are nothing but chemicals and one or the other thing will dry out your skin. Now, what to do?

I was facing so much skin problems that I started looking at my kitchen shelf for home remedies so that it helped me sort out my skin problems. I also googled for home care face wash. Once I was rest assured what I had to do I developed my daily skin care regimen. Now I do not apply soap for cleaning my face. I just use one small tablespoon of Raw Dabur Honey since I trust the product. I apply honey all over the face and then leave it on the face while I bath. When I am done with body washing I wash my face with water. I clean my face with lots of water so that no trace of honey is left on the skin since it is very sticky and hardens on drying. This way I save my time and I do not have to allot a separate time period to keep honey on my face.

Milk is also a good skin cleanser. Milk not only gives a glow to your face but it removes the dead skin cells and also contains healthy fats which nourish our skin. Milk also removes dark spots from the skin. It cures problems of two-toned skin and evens your skin tone. I purchased 100 ml almond oil bottle from the market. Buy a good branded one which can be consumed so that it is good for your skin. I added one big tablespoon of turmeric in it. Then I shook the bottle so that the goodness of turmeric gets transferred to the almond oil. Allow the turmeric to settle down so that you are left with a yellow colored turmeric almond oil mixture. Prepare Milk and almond oil mixture to be applied to the face by taking 3 tablespoon milk and 4 drops of this turmeric almond oil. Then stir this mixture. The milk with turn yellow.

If you are someone who does not purchase milk every day. You can purchase half a liter of milk packet and then refrigerate the whole mixture by keeping it in the freezer. This will stop your milk from deterioration and increase its shelf life. You can take out a small amount of this refrigerated milk every day and then use it. This is what I do since I do not consume milk.

After you have washed honey from your face. Pat the skin dry with a towel. Apply this Almond Turmeric Milk mixture on your face gently in circular motions. Leave it for a minute or two and then wash off with plain water. You will feel less stretched skin and with regular use, your facial skin will turn soft and glow without spending too much money on expensive face wash and other beauty products. You can use simple honey as your face wash and it will clean your face just like soap and also solve problems of acne. Honey removes dirt and too much oil from the skin. If you are someone who wears makeup you can remove makeup by almond oil since it is light and does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin. Just pour a little almond oil on a cotton ball and remove the makeup in a circular motion. Then you can remove the excess almond oil with a wet warm towel.

Skin care is not a big stuff. We all can take care of our facial skin so that it helps in boosting our confidence. Just a little bit of care with the right skin care products can work wonders in the long run. You can wash your face with wheat flour and milk mixture. This is a good exfoliator and good for dry skin. Take 2 to 3 tablespoon of wheat flour, add required amount of milk to it. Make a thick paste which can be applied to the face. Apply this face pack and leave for 5 minutes or 10 minutes depending on your time. Then wash it off by rotating it in circular motions. This helps in removing the dead skin cells and also the skin flakes caused by excessive drying. Your skin will feel smooth. These small tips not only keeps your skin healthy but it makes you look younger and beautiful too.

Eat a good protein rich diet so that you are healthy from inside and outside.

Happy Winters.

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