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Happy Women's Day - Write a New Story in 2022

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2022-03-09 14:30

Happy Women’s Day. The word women were coined to represent females but they are much more than nurturers or service providers. They are the ones to keep the societies intact because they bond from the heart. It is good to see males appreciating females for all the good work they do but they can never understand how much a woman has to struggle when she wants to add extra feathers to her cap and want to take up a work that has not been taken by anyone till date. Society then starts judging them and demotivates them that you can’t do it because no one else did it till today. I think it is high time to rewrite history and change the old mindset which existed in society or in the world at large. I am a simple girl and lived a normal life which I was happy living but my world fell apart and I said goodbye to the past. Society judged me and wanted me to mend the relationship because it would be very difficult for me to move on in my life at the age of 42 and I will have to compromise on lots of aspects. I worked on my inner self for almost 6 years so that I change my vibrations and tune myself with the work which I want to do in the world. I don’t know “how” but I know when something is in my mind the universe will provide guidance. The path is so different and the work which I want to do in the world requires a skilled person but I don’t have any work experience in that field but the only thing I know is I am ready for it and I don’t fear anything. After my 1st relationship broke it took away all my fears because I had to stand for myself in all areas of my life.

I took a break from work and left everything because I had lost all my desire to live but then I changed my mind and want to start my life fresh with a new man. The universe took everything away from me so it is the universe that has to give me back everything I lost. I am sharing my story with everyone so that you gain confidence in achieving your purpose and trust your own unique journey. All my friends are settled and are living great lives but I am planning to start my life from scratch so there is a big difference between your life and other's life. Never compare your soul journey with someone else because two people have a different journey and reason for existence on planet earth. In the year 2015, I asked my God for something and I think I am being prepared by the universe to achieve that purpose which was planted in my head at the time when I tossed my wish coin in the water of Sri Laxmi Narayani temple. I don’t understand so many things. Be it my physical or my mental transformation or the universe conveying various messages in certain intervals of time. Sometimes I feel lost but I don’t give up. I want to see where my journey takes me. I have faith in the invisible powers that make their presence felt in my life because I am not the same person I used to be before the divine encounter in the year 2015. Do I carry a different code in my genes? Or I am being guided to do something which was written in the timeline much before I was born is something which goes in my mind. Did God plan a different journey for me after a difficult breakup because they knew that it was needed for me to face everything in the near future?

There are so many questions in my head. I don’t have answers to many. Sometimes I don’t understand why I do what I do and where is my life heading. I am focusing fully on something which is much beyond my own understanding. It feels like a new world is unfolding in front of me. Sometimes I need to check my sanity because my experiences are very unique. I have suffered a lot in the process of my spiritual work be it inflammation, allergies, or the hair fall problem which I am suffering from due to the intense work which I am doing. So much transformation is happening in my inner world that my body can’t cope with it. I can’t stop nor will I. I want to see where everything leads me to or the destination which will present itself to me because I never gave up even when I was suffering from too much physical pain. Sometimes I think I know who I am then I start questioning my own identity thinking about how is this possible. It can’t be me because the new image is so different from the old one. My dad comments on my hair. I told him I will shave off my head if he agrees and then he stopped commenting. My mom says girls love their hair so much. How can I think of shaving my head? I said because I am not a girl. My mom gets mad at me at times.

Society judges women for everything they do. They look at all those strong souls who are out there trying to find their place in the world. I know how easy it is to comment on something and how difficult it is to take the place of the person who is struggling and fighting the actual battle. It is easier said than done. The only thing which I have stopped doing is overthinking. I am trying to understand the concepts which are alien to me but I want to put my mind into it so that it unfolds in front of me. I asked my God just for three things and have worked hard for its manifestation into a living reality. There is a very different network that exists in the universe which is invisible and communicates with you through vibration. This cosmos speaks to you through your intuition and even when you don’t understand how, it is actually working for your manifestations in the background knowing you deserve it. The waiting period transforms you into a person who is ready to receive his manifestations. It is all in the journey because once the destination is reached and your work in this world is over it is time for you to say goodbye to the world and start a new heavenly journey. The best part is the universe can read and scan the code which exists in me and I can’t understand even 1% of what keeps going around me. If you can connect with the moon and the stars and feel like they are speaking with you then you need to check your sanity because it sounds so insane. How can these things communicate with me and what are they trying to tell me? Do I understand the language of the universe? It feels I am like any other human being alive on earth but with a different frequency.

Somewhere in my heart, it feels like it is time for me to write a new story for myself and it is time for my manifestation to happen. I want to see how everything manifests for me in this world. I have worked on my energies and have done a lot of spiritual work which was even much beyond my own understanding. Sometimes it feels the otherworldly being wants to see me successful in whatever I do so that they can achieve their mission through me. I just want to say that if you have put your mind to something just keep trying and put your 100% effort into it then see what happens. I bet you will succeed because even Gods get tired of testing you. I know how many tests I have given to be in the place I am now. All the tests were put in front of me to check if I qualified for the work which I want to do but I passed with flying colors. Though My dad thinks I am wasting time but my God is happy to see me successful. I can’t explain myself to anyone because when I do what I am meant to do people will know my true identity. I don’t mind living with an identity that belonged to me in the past but does not represent me anymore. There is too much self-doubt at times but I have learned to overcome them and want to see what's next. It is the universe that chose me for a purpose that is beyond my understanding so it is the universe that will provide me guidance because I don’t know how?

I want to urge every person to listen to his heart because even when your mind cannot understand your heart knows the way and it will find a solution. Just listen to your intuition because in this cosmos only 1% is visible. Rest 99% which is invisible is communicating with you which cannot be processed by your logical mind. Trust the higher powers and do what feels right to you. There is so much that exists in the universe which is much beyond your understanding. The invisible world will open up to you when you connect with it through spirituality. Everyone cannot understand it. It is only people who have felt the divine presence understand it.

Write a new story in 2022. Manifest the life of your dreams because the planets and the entire universe are rooting for your success.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m