Happy Valentine’s Day - Come fall in Love

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2016-02-04 15:04
Valentine's Day

Every year we celebrate 14th February as Valentine’s day. This day is special in lives of those people who are waiting to express their love. This is the day when some people get their love and others have to bear heart breaks. The expression of love by saying “I Love You” brings two people closer but then you really have to keep the relationship going with a proper understanding or you may lose your beloved to someone, who has gone through a heartache on 14th February. There are various ways of expression of love. Say it with red roses bouquet. They really look great and red colour attracts love. Gift that special person chocolate and then express your love. The best way of expression of love is by looking a person into the eyes. A great magic happens when you look into the eyes of the person whom you love.

There are few things which you have to be prepared for like the other person may or may not accept your love. Have the courage to take “No” for an answer or don’t propose. If you are someone who is happy with a secret love then it's ok. No need to express yourself. Be happy with that secret love for the lifetime, because that way in your virtual world, at least, you are with your love, in the real world, you don’t know what is the exact reality. But if you are someone like me who wants 100% transparency and clarity in all relationships. Just go and say “I love You”. It’s good if the love is accepted. If you get “No” for an answer accept it boldly and bid a goodbye to that secret relationship. Be in touch with the person, that way, at least, you both can be good friends, if not two great lovers. Do not bear the pain of hatred if you cannot hate someone. I know how difficult it is to hate someone whom you have loved the most. Though that person may have disgraced you but then also you cannot bear hatred in your heart for that beloved. It’s ok. Do not pain yourself more by trying to hate someone whom you just cannot hate. My funda of life is Forgive, Forget and Move on. Life was meant to Move on.

In the path of life, you will meet someone who will love you more dearly than that special someone whom you attracted in your life. You will get something which is better than the previous one. Just have trust and faith in God and move on. Do not mourn too much about the past and do not look back again and again. Remove those past bad memories from your heart and make your life better with the new person who has entered your life. It is sometimes very difficult to accept the reality but then a reality is a hardcore truth which has to be accepted gracefully. You will meet a new person and that person will change your world and love you much more than you had ever thought.

There are few things which you have to keep in mind before you fall in love with someone:-
- That person should be worth your love.
- Trust factor should be there.
- Know your expectations so that you know what is acceptable and what is not.

If you really love someone dearly than harbour good communication to avoid all misunderstandings. Stay connected always but do not intrude into each other's life too much. Give space to each other. Apart from being your boyfriend or girlfriend, that other person has got many other relationships to maintain. That person cannot be available to you all the time, so you have to be prepared for that. True love flourishes over a period of time and as the love gets older, you understand each other better. When you love someone trust that person. If you have difficulties trusting than please do not fall in love. Trust factor has to be there in each and every relationship, without trust no relationship can flourish. In the absence of trust, you will create a bitter and disgraced relationship. If you are doubtful about something talk. Please do not stop communicating and do not fight to sort out the problem. No problems can be solved with a hot head. Get your peace, pick up the phone and talk. Things do get tough at times but if you are determined to keep the love going, nothing can stop it from blooming into a flower.

Life is full of some or other problems and I have seen people adding onto more troubles by all the misunderstandings. Grow up and listen to your heart. If your heart says “Yes” go talk and make things better. Do not let ego play its role. Leave that ego and talk to your love. When all the misunderstandings clear I bet you your life will be full of love.

Things don’t happen in a day. Have patience. Give each other time to establish proper understanding. It takes a decade for few people to understand each other because they were never serious about anything and when they really get serious about each other the love fades away. Express your love to the person whom you love at the right time or else you will become a past memory and will be found hanging as a photograph on your beloved’s wall. Take some time to check your own emotions whether you love someone or not. Sometimes it is just a month's infatuation which fades with time. But if it is something which is getting difficult for you to erase from your memory than its true love. Go ahead and do what you feel correct.

You don’t fall in love with everyone or anyone but there are only a few whom you love in your lifetime. You may get any one of them or no one from your love list if you just keep quite. Love has to be expressed by words. Just body language will not work. You have to say it from your own mouth and not from someone else or you will lose your beloved to that someone. The heart lies in the chest and this small heart can really trouble you to the extent which you cannot imagine. Listen to yourself because if you suppress your emotions it will create problems for you. Your own emotions will stress you and you will not be able to concentrate on your work. This small word called “Love” creates a hell lots of problems.

When you love someone you have to accept the person in totality. You can help that person mend his/ her bad habits but there are few things for which you will have to turn a blind eye. Check what is bearable and what is not. That way your love will grow. Relationships take time to blossom like a tree which bears first flowers and then fruits. Water your growing relationship every day with proper love and understanding so that it bears fruits in the long run.

Saying “I Love You” is easy but maintaining this “I Love You” is difficult. You have to make a choice and get committed. True love requires commitment. You may or may not marry the other person in your lifetime but if you have loved each other dearly, you both are an asset to each other for your whole life span. Love does not mean tying a physical knot with the other person. Love can sometimes be just love. Enjoy each other's companionship, be with each other when needed, support each other in hard times, stand for each other, help each other grow and create a successful career. Help your loved one grow.

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