Happy New Divine Year 2022 - Manifest your Dream Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2021-12-14 17:10
Last Avatar of Lord Vishnu

The preparation for the New Divine Year started before Kalyug because bad things have got short shelf life while good things last longer than usual. If life is a dream you are here to experience it. If you feel that you are here on this earth due to your bad past life karmas then your whole experience of life will revolve around that one thought. Whatever seed is planted in your head grows into a tree and then reaps fruits for you which you live in the coming years so to change your story you need to plant the right seeds in your mind and heart. It is true that you are here on this earth to clear all your past life karmic backlogs and learn the right lessons but it is also true that God gave you human life to experience the divine because the perception of animals and that of humans differ. For an animal, God is just a loving and caring person and nothing else because divine beings are carved out of love. Your life is a sum total of all the belief systems you hold and the way you live your life. You can either live with the mindset which was carried by your parents or change your thinking and create a new belief system that serves you. Live in the present moment but visualize your new life because thoughts become things and before you are aware the universe changes your life 360 degrees all of a sudden for good.

Visualize good things for your own self even when you can’t see anything in the present moment and don’t know how to cover the gap between your present moment and your dream life. Even if it seems impossible just dream and then get to work. You never know how and when the universe will give you what you have asked for. Have a clean and clear heart with pure intentions which do not waver with time. Even when you don’t see any signs of your manifestation have faith that the universe will give you exactly what you have asked for because you cannot understand the working of the divine realm. They are very giving people. The energies started shifting from the year 2019 onwards and now there is no looking back. Dream, work and manifest the life which you deserve even if it seems impossible. Just drop your letter in the divine mailbox, then it is their job and not yours. People fear asking God for big things because they see some Youtube videos and get discouraged. Every person holds a different destiny and when we are all witnessing the huge vibrational shift then be prepared the universe is transpiring for big things and major changes which will be visible after some time. Believe in yourself even when no one believes in you. Be in the company of the right people and keep yourself level-headed.

The vibrational shift which is happening will impact each one of us. It depends on which criteria you fall because if you were on the wrong path then be prepared for the worst but if you’re on the right path and getting suppressed then the universe will lift you up. How things will happen is something that has been decided but not yet communicated to any human being. If it is conveyed you all will get the message from Youtube. God’s have become a fan of Youtube. Amid chaos when you see no hope of any new or big changes to take place the person who is meant to take the center stage will arise and take his position. Let people give you any label but you don’t lose hope and have Self Belief. I know how much it hurts when people judge you every day. I get blamed for everything which I never did but I have to listen to it. I just know one thing when the time is right things will happen in my life and I will leave my Dad’s place, get married and leave my dad’s place never to return back, complete my work which has been allotted to me, and leave this earth. Till then I have to listen to everything from people whom I love.

One wrong decision of mine landed me in a place where I don’t want to be. I have worked on my spirituality and have prayed to my God’s and have cried silently because it hurts a lot. Then I live a normal life and feel prepared for everything which the future will bring in my life. Get thick-skinned because your first critics will be your loved ones and it will hurt the most. Just hold the vision in your mind. Use a vision board and manifest your dreams because you never know what is next. The small dot which started your career may lead you to your destiny which you wrote on your vision board exactly the way you planned it. The universe can feel your pain, can see your struggles and it is happy that you are still persevering even after so many bad days which no one can see. It is planning for you in the background and you can’t see it but have faith that it will yield at the right time when the whole world will keep watching and you will rise from the ashes as if you are reborn like a Phoenix within the same body. I know sometimes life sucks and you don’t want to live anymore. I sometimes think it would have been great if I would have died in the year 2018 because sometimes you can’t take what is being served to you but then I change that mindset and feel that I am here to serve because I have to make “Anantha” proud.

Life is not what you think it to be and the rosy picture which is portrayed on all the social media platforms and on Youtube is a filtered one where they show you cut photographs and not the whole picture. Develop acceptance for everything because that will make your life easy. When you go out and have a heart-to-heart conversation with any person you will feel dissatisfaction in their voice regarding many things and how they wish that they would be happy with something else and when they get that something else they are still unhappy. Get spiritual because that one association with the divine can change you and your entire perception of life where you don’t hold on to anything but set everything free and believe that what is meant for you will be yours. When you are working on your manifestation the universe does a clearing job for you so that you can get what you have asked for and you don’t put your own criteria there. Trust, trust, and trust because I see people losing trust in seconds and they need a long list of explanations to renew the trust. The life which you may desire and manifest maybe someone’s “Dream” so be thankful about it.

Cosmos will give you signs of the approaching changes, just hold on to the image in your head and keep moving. I have seen people thinking negative thoughts even when it comes to their life. At least you correct your thinking about your dream life and let the universe handle it for you. Let all the negative comments and opinions fall in one place and you just stick to your own picture and see what happens. Don’t allow yourself to be in a miserable place and if you pray from the heart, you will get help. Let people laugh at you, make fun, joke about you behind your back, and doubt your very existence but you keep believing and work towards that. If you think you are very stuck in life and can’t move ahead then do meditation. Try to concentrate your thoughts on that supreme being he will help you because he has to. Your prayers are very powerful and you don’t know that. They have the power to shake God’s kingdom and bring them on earth just to change your life because you have asked for it from a pure heart. Fall in love with the divine being they will help you. Now as we are all entering “New Divine Year 2022” the universe has given you the option to ask for a new life because we are all going to enter the Divine Era of the Last Avatar of God.

I am a spiritual girl so I can teach you those methods. I have worked a lot on my divine self and as I am writing this blog I can see numbers. Think big and do what is in your capacity. Take one step at a time because no one shows, talks about their struggles openly. I know how many times I have failed while working on my spirituality where things went absolutely wrong and did not go as I had planned. I did course correction, asked for divine guidance, and started again. I got help and thus I am in the place where I am now. I know I have to play a major role in the upcoming change and I have prepared for that in the past years of my life where I had struggled with absolutely everything which feels like a nightmare now. I thank God that I got over that and the leftover problems will vanish once I attain what I am working towards. When giving up is not an option for you then have faith the universe will place you in a position that you can never dream of because they love people who are like them.

Don’t forget to rub the “Divine Lamp” because this time the genie which will come out of it is the creator himself because you did not give him any option but to show up for you. Happy New Divine Year 2022. When you start losing hope and think that the gods are sleeping over your problem or the one which exists now, renew your faith because cosmic clearing is happening. You all can’t see how many things are happening in the background for you. You can just see the front end and you have started judging God. You all are being served what you have asked for. I am sure you will love the New future which will be created for you because lots of people have worked hard for it and have lost lots of things in the process to make that one dream real which the divine world wanted them to manifest. Maturity is not in age but in thinking because few people don’t mature even when they are on the verge of dying. Shifting timelines will shift your energy so don’t panic if you have mood swings but try to be calm and trust the divine because they love you a lot.

HAPPY NEW DIVINE YEAR 2022. The Journey Begins

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