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Happiness - Felt within and Expressed Outside

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2014-12-29 15:12

Happiness is the emotion which is felt within and is expressed out by means of good feelings and laughter. Happiness can have different meaning for different people. Something which makes me happy may not make the other person happy. Every person has his or her own definition of happiness. A smiling face can make someone happy, a small gift, a good night's sleep or one can find happiness in just working selflessly for others. Being happy is a great feeling and everyone should be happy. There is no doubt that God gave us this life just to be happy. There are sorrows and hard days but with a cheerful heart everything falls apart.

I have seen people running after something whole life and still leading dissatisfied lives. Do what you love doing and find solace in what you do then only you will feel good. Do not compare your life with others. Comparison kills and makes you unhappy, jealous and angry. For good thoughts and good feelings your heart should be filled with love. There will be incidences and people in your life which will hurt you and you will be filled with grief. Hold on to those and let everything flow out through you so that you can be at peace with yourself. You can never be happy by hurting someone or having feelings of revenge in your heart. You can be happy only when you spread smiles. This is a very simple truth. No tablets of happiness can be bought from the drugstore because they sell none and if at all it were available it would always be out of stock and would cost several thousands of rupees. To feel good just carry good past experiences and live the present. Do what is your duty today rather than live in the future. Your present actions will build your tomorrow.

You can get happy by being associated with happy people and reading good books which keeps you in high spirits. Life will uncomplicate if we change our angle and our perspective. Most of the problems arises when we want to beat someone or just want to show off how happy we are. When you are happy you don’t have to prove it to others and they will know it automatically when they come in contact with you. Many people make themselves more unhappy by being someone else. I would say live your life and do what makes you happy, let the whole world think whatever they want to think. You are living your life for yourself and not for others than why you need to prove something to somebody. I am what i am and i am happy the way i am.

People do not wear something feeling others will laugh at them or what will others think about them. But then did you ever think how happy you would be when you did what you wanted to do and wear what you wanted to wear. Many people wait for those special moments which will make them happy but then they wait much longer than they should and that day just comes and goes. Make every day a special day and find something to be happy about. Every day is special in some or the other way because you cannot live that day again in your life so be happy and spread happiness this New Year 2015.

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