God I can Feel Your Presence

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2015-10-03 13:37

I am a very Spiritual person someone who believes in God. The faith in God has only strengthened with time and age. Previously i didn’t understand things but now i have matured as person to understand as to why some things are happening and others are still piling up in a queue. A lot of incidences have happened in my life one after another which has proved that God is there with me all the time and helping me in all possible ways. The almighty has send various people in my life who make my day just by being there for me. I firmly believe everything happens in life for a reason. People enter and leave your life, filling and creating vacancy so that others cannot or can enter your life. The problems which we face everyday is a way to prepare us for the Future ahead which is yet to be discovered. We all are aware of the past but not the future and have no idea how it will unfold in front of us but the lord is aware of it and so makes corrections in our life from time to time by means of problems and roadblocks so that we learn our lesson and move ahead. Problems are not meant to break us but to make us strong from within so that we grown more stronger.

All of us has that inner power which is capable of doing anything or everything and it is we who sets limitations. There are no limitations set by the universe but by own self which limits us from achieving much more than we think we can. The mind is very powerful it creates happiness if you want to feel it and on the other hand makes you sad if you want to be unhappy. Every problem gets solved when we are happy and even a small problem takes away our sleep when we are depressed. The ancient texts always speaks about the power of of mind or the inner self but we human beings are still waiting to discover it. It is only when life does not go according to our plans and we encounter problems which change our outlook towards life that we self introspect and discover it. It is only when God takes a harsh measure to teach us that we learn our lessons. Few incidences happen in our life again and again till we have learnt from them.
I know the present generation is very busy. The time which we spent with our own selves is very short and that is the reason for stress and Unhappiness. We want doctors to solve all of our problems. I too had those similar beliefs until few incidences happened in my life which changed my whole approach to life. I was leading a normal life like any other person. Got married to the love of my life. It was only after the birth of my first child that i started experiencing health problems which consumed 7 Golden years of my life. But when i look back now i don’t regret it. Those years brought me closer to God and i realized that my Health was most important. I have to care for it first and rest will happen. My disease brought me closer to ancient healing techniques which i researched on only when problems reached till my neck and doctor put her hands up and was experimenting with my body. I started doing Yoga and with persistent effort i started feeling the difference. There were moments of depression and If God would not have been by myside i would not have existed today.

I worship Goddess Durga and i am a firm believer that with extraordinary determination we can achieve anything just anything in life. No one can stop you from achieving anything if you have put your heart and soul into it. Live your dreams, just don’t give them up because others don’t believe in you. Believe in God. Connect with her she is there to solve all your problems, listen to you and will never get bored because you spoke too much. You don’t have to do hours and hours of Puja everyday to connect with her. You can connect just at anytime and feel her presence near you. You will experience peace which you have never experienced before. Just close your eyes and connect with her mentally. You don’t need to have real picture near you. Connect with the mental picture you have. When you close your eyes and visualize her you can feel her presence. Just concentrate on your almighty and let no other thoughts cross your mind. This will calm you. People call it meditation. You don’t need to sit for hours to get peace but by spending sometime daily and connecting with your God when you want to will make a difference in your life. There are solutions which are scattered everywhere it is only when are aware that we know that we were so near to solutions and still suffering.

There will be many incidences which will happen in your life and it will break you into pieces. Such things happen with everyone but it is only few who fight bravely and win while others give in and lose. Life is meant to move on. We cannot stand still in a single place and expect everything to be fine. We cannot live the same day twice. We cannot practically live our past again so we have to develop greater acceptance with the present conditions. We can plan our future but things may or may not move as planned.

We all are very powerful from within. God has gifted all of us with a strong heart and a strong body. We can cure and solve all our problems only when we firmly believe we can. I remember the quotation “When you want success as badly as you want air, you will get it, There are no other Secrets of success”. When i encounter any failure i ask myself “Did i try what i wanted to achieve as badly as i wanted Air”. if the answer comes no. I wipe my tears and start working on it this time even harder and realize that until and unless i want success with all my heart i won’t get it.

Look inside you. Don’t blame time and people in your life. Get out of that blame game cycle which exists in our life till death. You blame someone else or situations for not achieving victory because you had to look after family, husband, children. I would say let's do what we can with the time which we have rather than criticize someone. Stop accusing the other person. Forget about those people who always speak behind your back and concentrate on those who are with you. Let them do what they are doing and you do what you are capable of doing. The whole world will know your capability when you work singlemindedly towards your goal. Your life is designed by something which you do day in and day out, not something which you do once in awhile. When you have started off with something do it. Do not bother as to what will happen in the future. You cannot control your destiny but yes you can control what you want to do with your life in spite of everything else.

Put your faith in God and experience a new person within you.

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