God’s incredible unseen powerful hands - Can you see it?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-06-13 18:46
God's unseen hands

God is spirit, guide, friend, master, guru almost everything for a person who has faith in him and his abilities. His incredible hands are very powerful but unseen and you can feel it only when you associate with him deeply. When you associate with him strongly you can feel the power which he has to make things happen in your life. His decision is full and final for you and you cannot reverse it. You have the option either to accept it gracefully or cry over it. He is your good-wisher who wishes good things for you and if he gives challenges in your life and wants you to go through a tough situation than there must be a very big reason behind it or else he will not give you pains. Every rough patch or pain which you go through happens for a purpose and there is nothing which happens suddenly. You will see that he will always arm you and prepare you beforehand so that you are able to face the bumpy road ahead. He was preparing you for everything before you even realized it. It is only when you face your life’s adversities with a brave face that you realize that you were already prepared for it by him. If the same situation which happened now would have happened 5 years back then you would have been in a very pathetic situation but now you were armed and you can easily handle everything. I know sometimes the pains are insurmountable but when God has given you the pain he will also give you a solution to the problem which you are going through. The solution which you get may not match with what you expected but then you have no option but to accept it and thank God for giving you a solution to the problem which caused you to spend many sleepless nights.

Sometimes you have to strive hard and solve your problems and the rest of the times God handles it for you and creates miracles in your life. He is powerful and his unseen hands can do magic only when you have full faith in his abilities and his grace. When you do not doubt his decisions and you know whatever he decides will be the best for you and you are always safe in his hands, you will see he will never leave you empty handed but will always fill your life with his blessings. You cannot buy his grace but you can only pray with a pure heart and just wait for your time when he will answer your prayers. Sometimes he takes a long time to answer your prayers, at those moments when you can easily get distracted it is better you have patience and wait for his decision. God is never in a hurry that is why when he blesses you with his hands you can feel it but you cannot see it. He takes his time before he gives you solutions to your problems or answers your prayers. Some prayers are never answered by him though you want it the most and you have to accept his decision, maybe he is not answering your prayers because he is aware that whatever you desire is not right for you and wants you to wait for the right thing. You will see sometimes God makes you wait and you go mad as to why he is doing this with you but you will see that in that period of waiting you have grown as a human being, you have become humble and your acceptance has increased than before.

You will see that when God wants you to wait for the right things he also teaches you the lessons which are needed for you so that you can hold whatever his unseen hands are giving you in the long run. I would say he prepares you for the journey ahead before he gives you what you want. He is the ultimate supreme power so the stronger the connection you have with him the same will come from the other side. If your bond with him is feeble then you will not be able to receive the signals which he sends in your life properly. When you have faith that no matter what God will make things happen in my life, he will do that because he wants to shower his grace on you. Sometimes his unseen powerful hands will lift you from a difficult situation which was tough for you to handle and you needed company but could not ask for one because you were aware that no one would be able to help you except him. Have faith even when he makes you wait longer than usual and in times when he just turns a deaf ear to your prayers. There are reasons why God does something. It is only when you move ahead in life that you will see that whatever he did with you was correct because even when you needed something very badly that was not good for you.

God will give you the right things and will send the right people in your life at the right time. Even when he made you wait it was for a very specific reason. God’s way of working is mysterious and his unseen hands can be felt but cannot be seen. When he touches you with love you will feel it. When he whispers you can listen and when he wants to show you his presence you will see it. God is great and I have full faith in him and his blessings. I know his unseen hands are always there for me which I can hold them when I need him the most, I know his hands will rise above my head to bless me, I also know that he will show his power at the right time, I know he will answer my prayers and I have to wait before he gives a green signal to whatever I want from him. Have full faith in God’s supreme power and you will feel his unseen hands which will fill your life with grace.

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