God’s hand is holding you - Can you feel it?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2019-05-12 18:22
God's hand

We all pray to God but it is only in the tough times that our true faith and connection with God is tested. You pray to God and ask for money, good relationships, good health of family members, good marks, etc. When something goes wrong in your life and you cannot see a way out of that situation is when your belief in God gets tested. You can either complain to God for landing you into a troublesome situation even after praying every day with full devotion or think that it is your own bad Karmas which landed you in this tough situation and now you need to figure out a way to get out of it. You can think both ways. You then try to sort out the problem and handle the hard situation yourself. You also pray to God to help you deal with the current problem so that you can be at peace. You try to deal with the problem and even after a few months you feel you are in the same place because you are not able to solve the issue. In those moments you cannot understand what to do nor can you see a way out of the situation nor you know what will happen if things get prolonged. You are on the verge of giving up and breaking when you see God’s hand interfering and solving the problem for you. He finds out the solution of the complicated situation which you are facing and eases things out for you so that you can easily deal with it. There are various situations when we really feel if God would not have sorted out the issue for us then we would have gone mad. Sometimes people work very hard for their success and keep failing and when they are on the verge of giving up all of a sudden things get favorable and they succeed. It is God’s hand holding you and helping you tide over the rough patch so that you do not lose hope and maintain a smile on your face.

God keeps your faith alive by helping you in all those tough moments when you need him the most. Rest of the time he leaves matters in your hands because he has full faith that you can deal with it. When he understands that you need heavenly interference he will help you and this is called a miracle. God has his own way of working and making things possible when you have given up thinking it is impossible. If the divine handles it for you then expect the unexpected. We all associate God with superpower. He is the one who can do anything. If you pray with full devotion he does listen to you. You can see everything happening in your life in front of your own eyes and keep wondering what is happening. When you thought everything is over you might get a new chance, you thought you came to the end of the road and now you cannot move any further you will suddenly find a new way and this is something which happens with everyone. I have seen miracles happening in my life. My cousin brother had multiple bone fracture in his leg. According to medical science, he needed surgery to fix his leg or else his bone would not repair on its own. He believed in ayurvedic medicine and got his leg bandaged with those medicines which were changed regularly. His leg improved and after a few months when he got an X-Ray done his fracture had fully recovered but still he could not walk. After walking with support for a few months now he can walk on his own feet without any help. God helped him and shared his pains which helped him recover from multiple bone fracture without any surgery. It is really a great miracle. I was stunned when I listened to him but it is a big reality.

When you feel stuck and don’t know which way to go, all of a sudden you get guidance from someone and you start that journey. God helps us in mysterious ways and hold our hands when we need him the most. He speaks to you through different people, gives you the confidence to tide over the rough patch so that you can move ahead in life. When he sees it will be difficult for you to handle everything on your own he takes charge and pulls you through the bad situation when you could not see anyway. You felt broken in those ugly moments and he just extends his hands for you. Did you think what would have happened if people kept trying again and again and still never succeeded? What would have happened if you would have failed even after working very hard? We all would have lost our faith and would have been dead. God keeps the faith alive by showing his presence in the toughest situations when we need him the most. He interferes when he knows we are in great need of his help and without him, we cannot make it happen, without him we cannot handle the problem. You keep your faith alive even when the whole world cannot see any good coming out of the worst. You believe good things are coming in. There might be a delay but if you have faith miracle will happen in your life and it is he who will make things happen. He does listens to your prayers so keep praying and have faith in him.

He is unseen yet very powerful, he does not talk to you but when he speaks you can listen, his invisible hands are holding you and to feel it you should have faith in him. He is the reality and it is you who makes him real with a belief that he exists and is there to help you all the time.

Have faith and believe in miracles, he is holding your hand and you can feel it when you need him the most.

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