Go with the flow and discover a new Chapter of Life

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Flow of Water

Life is worth living and even more worthy when you are with your soulmate connection which you have downloaded from heavens and got it sanctioned by the divine. Yes, he is the one who makes all connections so only when he gives a nod to your choice that things will happen that is called destiny. I would say destiny is a good thing sometimes it gives you much more than you expected. Let’s look at the positive side of life. Why look at the negative side, there is enough negativity going out in the world to drive us crazy so it is better to think good things and expect pleasing things to happen in life. Sometimes your life does not goes the way you want it but then you have no options but to accept the reality and go with the flow. Even if you resist accepting the sad reality of life nothing is going to change for you. It is all upon you how fast you accept everything happening in your world and move on to discover a new chapter in life. When you are walking on the new path you do not have any idea of what is going to happen next? Or How will you face the challenges put forward by life in the near future? Or Will you be able to live a normal life again in your lifetime? And many more questions. The internal turmoil causes too many questions to arise. Keep going so that you find your answers at the right time. Things which are meant to be will be and you just have to play your part and leave the rest on God.

You will see that as you move ahead in life your inner turmoil gets better and you start getting your peace. You unlearn what you had learned before and discover new learnings. The path to self-discovery is the path to living a good life. You need to be busy doing something to live a good life and by means of busy, I mean doing something fruitful which makes some contribution to your world and the outside world. Once you start discovering yourself by connecting with your inner self you start getting all your answers one by one. I would say it is a good start when you connect your life's’ dots backward and find out why something happened with you? It is only when you take a closer look at your life events that you will see that the problem which broke you was a boon in disguise to lead you on a new journey from where you can easily reach your goals. There is a certain amount of skill set which is needed to do the best work since anyone or everyone cannot do the best work so to be the best you need to learn all your lessons properly which comes disguised in the form of problems, it is God’s way of making you future-ready. You are not given a problem which you cannot solve or overcome. Every person on this earth is given a problem according to his capability and strength. You will never be given a problem which you cannot overcome so have faith and go with the flow.

When you make a decision to go with the flow, things may not happen the way you wanted them to be but remember when things are not happening according to you then it is simply God taking over your life. You can either look at the bright future ahead or curse your life, the choice is always yours. What’s the big deal, as it is your life is not that good so when you go with the flow you can discover a new chapter of your life which you can write with your own hands with the person who has been sent by God to accompany you on your journey of life. You can write your new chapter and close down the bad chapter only when you keep walking in spite of every obstacle. You can attract good things in life only when you are staying in the present moment because crying over the past will not serve you at all. Take the leap of faith when you need to take one, take small risks in life, you cannot always play it safe. When you are tested up to your utmost limit then you will see that things will be happening in your life. Moving is life and stagnation is death.

You will get everything at the right time so go with the flow and don’t resist anything. Some times what you want may not happen at the time you want them to happen but at a time when it is meant to happen so in the meanwhile walk on the path of self-discovery. When you will discover your new chapter believe me life will get worth living. When you loosen your hands and release your karma you will start receiving good things in life. Just check what life throws at you, remember your life is your own perception. There is a reality in it only if you believe in or else it is just a daydream which gets over before your eyes open. Sometimes you will find that God will give you a blank page to write your own destiny because he knows you have grown through your pains and you should get the liberty of writing at least one chapter of your life by your own self so that you can fulfill all your wishes then and there so that you can die with a happy heart. Write your own chapter of self-discovery with utmost precision so that others learn from you and don’t stop in the middle. It is only when you keep going in spite of every problem in life that you discover the true treasure of life. Keep flowing because the more you sit down and mourn on the past your talents lessen in capacity so keep marching ahead.

When you have no idea what to do next the best option is keeping the faith and keep going. Just go with the flow and discover your self. Even when you cannot see the whole path or do not know what is going to happen next then the best thing which you can do is take the leap of faith and go with the flow. As it is there was nothing exciting happening in your life so it is better to test your decision. One life to live so live and love without any regrets. Test your destiny, sometimes it is good to take risks and experiment in life rather than live a lonely life. Life is an exciting adventure that will unfold all its deep secrets at the right time until then keep walking and do your karma. You need to put forward your effort and leave the rest in the hands of God. Sometimes when you expect too much from life and everything is fulfilled then do not forget to Thank him for fulling all your wishes since he gave you something much beyond your expectation, a gift which you hoped for but had no idea that it will be fulfilled.

Sometimes life will get very challenging and you will be left with only one option but when you make a conscious decision to go in the direction your life is taking you you will get good results. Go with the flow and write your best chapter of life and remember when things are not going good than it is your God who has taken over your life so it is better to let him take the driver seat and you keep doing your work because after some time the tables may turn in your favor and you will have to take the driver seat and hit the accelerator button to drive fast and reach your goals with 10 times faster speed. In those moments just do what you think is correct. The new chapter of your life may be very different from the one you conceived in your mind but then it is ok, diversity is good. It is always the opposite which attracts and if two people are in each other's life it means they are meant to be with each other. Discover the other person and write the new chapter of your life together. Write all the sweet loving, passionate memories which drive the ordinary man crazy. There is no looking back.

Go with the flow and discover your new chapter of life. Have faith things will turn out in your best interest.

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