The Future I cannot see - Can it be Predicted by Someone?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2021-09-21 15:55
Divine Time

Today I chose to write about a topic that fascinates me the most and I am also trying to understand it in totality but there are few things that cannot be denied. According to Albert Einstein “Time is an illusion and Past, Present and Future exists at the same time”. The biggest question is how? You have lived your past so you know it. You are living your present so you have an idea of it but the future which you are yet to experience cannot be predicted by you. Even an astrologer cannot predict everything precisely but yes he can predict few instances which may or may not be true because again astrology is a very big concept. Now understand the concept, you are a human being. Your mind sees things through the eyes and processes all information. When you are sleeping it is as good as dead. You have got past memory which processes all information accordingly and when you experience something new you either think it to be imaginary or paranormal. You exist because your mind exists which can process all information. When you are in deep sleep even if someone punches you, you may not wake up because you cannot sense anything though your body records everything and feels the pain. It is the mind which plays a very vital role in your existence.

We all have a conscious and Subconscious mind. The conscious or thinking mind has too many limitations but the subconscious mind is the universe itself which is very powerful. It contains all the data of your past and you remember everything when you go for past life regression. Now can someone else predict your future precisely? Yes, it may so happen that someone may have a thought about something which they saw in their dreams or imagined and they wrote down everything 20, 30, 40 or many years ago. Past, present, and future are fluid in the subconscious mind because there time does not segregate everything so it is very likely possible that you yourself have a dream which comes true or someone dreams about your life and it comes true. People who are Clairvoyant can predict the future. Now the biggest question is how can they do that? It simply means that the future exists now and it cannot be seen by everyone but very few people who connect to their subconscious mind and predict their future.

You know the history of the sinking of the Titanic ship. It was predicted much before the event actually happened. How could someone do that? Yes, there are few things that cannot be proved by science because science cannot understand energy, frequency, and vibrations and it has too many limitations because it needs proof of everything. You can’t even prove that God exists but can you deny the fact that he does. Get a little illogical because this universe is very well crafted. The universe has a record of everything that has happened millions or billions of years ago from the time the universe was created by God. Now to read that manuscript you need to connect with the invisible realm. Everyone can’t do that but those who have become spiritually advanced can know a lot about it. It is all available inside your body as well as exists near you but you cannot read it because you are not fine-tuned to that frequency.

When you train your mind to live in the future which you want to create and firmly believe that it is possible it manifests the future. Did you ever think how? The answer is simple because it exists somewhere in space and time in subtle form and you make it physical by thinking about it. Can everyone do that? Then my answer is “No”. If that would have been the case then every living human being would have been a “Trillionaire”. The concept is deep. Even I am trying to understand it. I am open to learning. There are people who worked hard for some time and then the business empire they created runs on its own where they don’t need to put too much effort and can concentrate on doing other activities. There is a destiny with which you are born but you have the option to change the code by rewiring your brain or through Yoga and Meditation. The only thing is you should feel whatever you are feeding your mind in your own body because everything is a frequency. This entire universe is just frequency. Our ears cannot hear sounds that do not fall within our audible limit but when you are in deep meditation then you become one with the universe. You are in that trans-state where your thinking mind is shut down and you lose the feeling of your body. You don’t have any idea of how many hours have passed or days, months, and years have passed by.

Yeah, I would like to give the example of yogis who sat and meditated at a stretch for many years without food and water. It was nature that kept them alive because their body transformed accordingly. In that deep state of meditation, you can hear the real sound of the universe. Those sounds are mantras that have been passed down to us by them. Don’t attach any meaning to any mantras because meaning is made by man but mantras are pure sound. Sound is important and forget the meaning. If you believe in your heart that a particular mantra will help you it will because now you have attached your belief system to the sound. The biggest problem with human beings is to they give meaning to everything and want to define things that do not fall in their small spectrum of logic.

Everything which comes into your imagination exists somewhere or existed that is the only reason you can think about it. How far can you take your imagination? Just take it to that extent and you have the power to manifest that because the universe stores all the processes. Your unwavering faith can make things happen. How, is something which is the problem of the universe right? You don’t have to understand How? You start and see where the trajectory of your dreams takes you. If you are spiritual then you can read patterns because the universe guides you in that direction. Every business person should be spiritual because when you combine spirituality with your work then you can create a lot more than you ever imagined. I think I distracted myself from the topic. See the future is present in the universe in subtle energy form and is waiting to be created. I have worked a lot on my spiritual self so my intuition is heightened. I was guided to watch a movie because the work which I am meant to do in this world has to be done by me and I don’t have options.

When I saw the movie there were dates that matched my date and month of birth and the year when my energies awakened. It also contained numbers which I see very often. It gave me all the message which I needed to hear and it was all for me but the movie was shot in the year 2003. How could someone predict my current reality of 2021 correctly up to some extent in the year 2003 is the biggest question? I could relate to everything. I understood the message and knew what to do next. That movie really guided me a lot in my spiritual work because I was feeling stuck. The future is also stored in the universe but you cannot read it that easily so the best part is to connect with your divine inner self. When you do that your God guides you to everything which is meant for you and that makes your work a little easy. This human body can access lots of stuff which you think is not possible, just by believing.

There have been many instances where people can see what is going to happen next in their life in their dreams. The reason is the subconscious mind knows everything and it has the power to give you all the messages when you need them the most. Every person is unique and has got unique talents so don’t compare your journey with someone else. If you have been God-gifted which makes you entirely different from the whole human race which exists then don’t get arrogant because we all are here to serve each other, love each other, and make this universe a better place to live by our presence. There is only one superpower and it is God himself so thank him as many times in the day you can because he is the one who gave you what you possess which others don’t. Say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I thank my God because he is the man who changed my life for a lifetime. I love him. A human who fell in love with a divine being that cannot be processed by any living being. Have you loved your God to that extent? Fall in love with him, he is waiting.

Fantasies are real. Manifest your dreams. Fall in love with a person who loves you in spite of all your flaws because no one is perfect. I am not perfect but I will fulfill my purpose and make things happen. How? Is it my problem? Let the unknown world make me aware of how because now I am ready.

I love you all.

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