Footsteps towards a new Journey - When did it Begin?

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While you are still struggling to find your purpose and thinking that others are getting success in each and every step of their life while you are struggling on each step. Hold on. Stop the comparison and blame game. Let me discuss a few things which I became aware of since I have worked on my spirituality to a big extent where I have to play a role in shifting things that are much beyond my own understanding. Yes, I feel confused at times but that does not mean I am not serving my purpose. Sometimes your presence itself makes a huge difference. We are all on a soul journey. This body is not real so do not attach yourself too much to the body. No male and female business since the cloth which you are wearing permanently for this lifetime is the identity which you carry according to the sex organ and it has nothing to do with the identity which the universe handed over to you. You may be given a female body by your parent but the universe considers you to be a male and has purposely placed you inside a female body to play your role because that is what suits your present working requirements.

There are young souls, souls who are in the middle of their journey, and matured souls who are about to complete their journey on planet earth. A matured soul can be born in a young body but has very different thinking which does not match with people of his age group and he feels comfortable in the company of like-minded matured people who matches his intellect. If you find yourself in that position it is absolutely ok because you are not the body and your soul is not bound by the body. The soul needs a body just to complete its lifecycle on earth. The body has got nothing to do with the soul. The soul needs a body so that it can work through it otherwise it is just energy that floats in cosmic consciousness without any identity. Planet earth is part of the universe. This universe is home to everything you can think of. Ghosts, gods, aliens, different types of energy bodies which do not fall under any of the mentioned categories, living beings that exist only in energy form and manifest for a very short period of time less than a second to deliver a very important message and are gone. When you feel there is something near you and it suddenly disappears and you keep thinking that it was just your imagination. Then let me clarify it was not just an imagination but a reality because to maintain cosmic order there is a whole cosmic system that works in sync with each other without us knowing anything about it.

When the universe was created by the divine they had idea of everything from the start because it was their fantasy world so they transmitted knowledge to a selected few so that they could write books in the form of Vedas or any religious texts which would help humanity at the time when it was needed the most. They had an idea up to what extent the human race would corrupt and the times when they would have to reincarnate on planet earth to bring back the order. It is more like a video game where the creator of the game has planned everything and started the game. We all are inside that game which was created by the divine. As we play video games in real life which are created by human beings where the creator of the game has planned the journey of each of the individuals in the game similarly the divine has planned a lot many things which we are not aware of. Past, present, and future already exist in the form of Akashic records but we cannot access them easily. Ancients gurus could because they were very advanced. Everything was pre-planned and the cosmos is concerned more about divine order. It doesn’t matter whether they have to take drastic steps just to awaken the masses that enough damage has been done and now it is not ready for any more.

God’s created the universe and helped humanity again and again by helping them in various ways be it helping us in discovering light or helping in the advancement of the human race by means of modern technologies. Every person who did great work always said that there was divine intervention and it was not just they who did it. If something exists on this planet it is because the cosmos wants it to exist but remember you are much bigger than any man-made technology. You are much above everything which exists on earth because it is you who created everything. There are many things that you are not aware of because you cannot perceive them through your five senses. The biggest problem with the human race is it is looking for temporary pleasure and satisfaction. When you rise about those things which bind you to your body, you will start understanding the higher cosmic order of things. There are certain time periods which has been distinctly mentioned in Vedic texts where exact dates have been written when big shifts would happen on the planet. We human beings cannot understand everything clearly because it was written much ahead of its time. The planetary system is aligned with time and it knows when to shift its position to bring about major changes.

We are all bound by the planetary system because it is a part of our DNA. As the planets shift their position it affects us the most. The cosmic consciousness is programmed and whenever the code is upgraded your system starts the up-gradation process too. If you feel that your thinking or body is shifting and cannot understand why it simply means that the planet is upgrading its energy. The planets align at perfect timings when it is meant to bring massive shifts to happen because it has to and it is already coded in their system. We all are going to witness a change that was written thousands of years ago and planned by the cosmic consciousness billions of years ago. The change will not be easy but something which is meant to happen will happen no matter what. To give some peace to your mind I just want to say that things may seem confusing at the start but it will all level up in the long run. To bring something to order and start a new construction you have to first dismantle the old construction, clear the debris, clean the energy and then start with something new.

When you don’t understand why you are doing something which you are doing but feel a strong urge to do it, just start because it may be your soul guiding you towards the achievement of your dreams which you never planned but the universe wants you to own it since you qualify for it. It doesn’t matter what the whole world labels you. Be a King or Queen of your own world. You may think that you have started your journey from point “A” as any other person but you may actually have started your journey from “Z” where the universe wants you to wait so that it can create a new pathway for you on which you can walk because you are different. When you don’t fit in just feel happy standing out in the crowd where people have a herd mentality. Life can surprise you, test you, change you and even crush you to the point that you may just want to give up and as you are about to give up they change the rules of the game just for you. This divine matrix is perfectly crafted and there are so many things in play that if you try to understand the actual game you will get very confused so it is better that you play your best role and not try to understand the bigger cosmic picture which is much beyond your imagination and preview.

When your dreams are out of the world and the universe gives a nod to it then be rest assured that every step you are taking is moving you one step closer to your goal. Though you cannot understand anything or see the bigger picture, you are walking towards your dreams. The universe will prepare you for your journey because it has to and it has no other option. People who do great things choose to be in that place and it was the universe that planted all the seeds in their minds. If you feel you exist on this earth without any purpose then you are highly mistaken because mother earth will not tolerate you even for a second if you are done with your work. If you exist it simply means you have a role to play and your game is not yet over. This universe is all coded so when numbers start talking to you just try and connect with your inner self to understand your place in the divine journey. Not every person is a “Chosen One” and everyone is not given the power to lead things to create a cosmic order. If you don’t understand anything don’t overthink just do your best work and leave the rest on the universe.

I planned my spiritual journey very differently from the one I am actually traversing. What I thought and how it is. I feel lost at times but I want to see where everything leads me to. It seems so chaotic and I feel clueless about the direction in which I am being led to. It is my own experience that when you don’t understand much just have faith and walk in trust. Trust your intuition and gut instinct because it is your soul which is actually guiding you in the right direction. You never know what’s next in life so don’t plan for 5 years or 10 years down the line because a massive shift may just happen the next day. Who knows? So do your best and leave the rest on the universe.

Trying to look in the mirror and can’t see your image but just a shadow which you see on the ground, means you are transforming your energies and merging with the universe. All the best for a New Life.

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