The First person important in your Life - Who is It?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-06-25 17:42

This topic is something which struck my head today so I wanted to write about it. I am writing my own experiences here. After going through so much in my life after my marriage of 12 years has molded me and has even taught me a few harsh lessons which I was never aware of when I was single living my life blissfully with my parents. My realizations and my thinking have changed as I am maturing as a person and I have realized that the first person who is important in my life is me “Myself” because if I am not happy from inside how can others around me be happy? If I am not in a good mood others cannot enjoy my company. When you realize that it is you who is first for yourself in your life, you need to care of yourself and your body. Only when you take care of your own self first that you can look after the wellbeing and good health of other people around you, be it your husband, children or your parents and inlaws. You need to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit so that you can live a life which you always wanted, sacrificing your life for someone else is what is taught to women but what I believe is when you sacrifice yourself fully for others than you are not alive but dead. You are as good as a dead person taking breaths in a body which is not at all full of life. You will accept every person's opinion without voicing yours and accept everything which the other persons wants you to do. Your life will become a burden on you, I am not telling you to leave everything and concentrate only on yourself but living your own life where you and the other person adjusts for a better tomorrow.

When you fall sick you can visit a doctor and eat medicines, others around you can console you but it is you who has to endure all pain and go through the pain. You can share your feelings with your loved ones but no one else is going to live your life for you, it is you and only you who has to live through the pains and heal yourself. If you are unhealthy you cannot enjoy your life while your loved ones may just be blissful so even when you are sacrificing a part of yourself check that you do not overdo it and do not neglect yourself. I have lived through all my pains and though I sacrificed a big part of my life for my loved ones there was no one to wipe my tears when I needed them the most. After spending 5 dreadful days in the hospital due to acute anemia I have realized so much about life. Other than my parents and my elder brother in Law no one was there beside me, not my husband and neither my daughter. They had left my life in the year 2017 but they did not even come to meet me when I was fighting with life and death in the hospital. I got 4 bottles of blood transfused into my system, the doctors wrote so many tests for me that the nurses injected me and collected blood from both the hands like animals. Both my hands were swollen because of injection. Nurses could not find my nerves hence injected me at various places on my hands. That is the day I realized the person for whom I landed in hospital is not there to see me than for whom I am crying and losing my health.

That is the day I decided to take command of my life and move on in my life. I decided to create a new life for myself with a new person who is yet to enter my life. If God grants my wishes, things may happen soon. I have realized that when you care for yourself then you are more productive and in a positive frame of mind. When you are feeling good from inside you can be a better person to deal with who gets less angry and is more receptive to what the other person has to say. You are attentive and look for solutions rather than problems because you love peace and harmony. When you put yourself last on the care list you get more argumentative and can easily break down to tears. The whole family atmosphere saddens because of you. I have seen many truths of life so I am writing my own experiences. What happened with me may not happen with everybody else but I would say make yourself the first priority of your life. When you pursue your dreams along with nurturing your family you create a better world not only for yourself but for others too who come in contact with you.

God gave you one life so live for yourself and others. When you leave this earth you will leave in peace and you will not have unfulfilled desires. This will help you in getting Moksha because if you die with unfulfilled dreams your spirit will not be at peace and you will be born again and again on this earth so live your life gracefully so that you leave with a contented face.

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