Feeling Stuck in Life - Trust the Universe and move ahead

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2021-11-16 15:43
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I have worked on the invisible part of myself by trusting my intuition and the “Man who changed my life for a lifetime”. I tried a few things but none of them materialized. Then one day one of my school friends came to meet me. He said Rashmi why don’t you move ahead and do a job. Just start your career so that you get out of your home environment, meet people and figure out what’s next in your life. I thought it to be a good and genuine suggestion because he is one of my school friends and well settled in his life now. I told him I wanted to get into entrepreneurship but he suggested Rashmi just do a Job for the time being and you will feel better. I took a long career break and I have lost the rhythm since I was working on my spirituality. My dad said I was wasting my time and I should do something about my life. He always says who will look after me when he is gone. This is 100% emotional blackmail. Rashmi just work. I have enhanced my spiritual self and I know I will be guided by the universe. My friend suggested that I go and give interviews without looking at the pay package because it is about engagement and not money. He said “What is owed to you will come to you”, just put your effort in the right direction with dedication. My heart said let’s see what’s next. I appeared for the interview and cleared both the HR rounds and will be joining my work. I can’t see ahead be it my personal or professional life.

The way I planned things and the way things are happening is quite different. I never planned the 2nd part of my life or my 2nd life this way but I trust the universe and have handed my life to them so that they look into all the matters. I have felt the energy. On 14th November 2021, I was just flipping channels on my Tatsky and I got signs that whatever I have asked for has been granted and will become my living reality, be it my dreams or personal life. I have grown lots of patience because I think reacting to situations never solves them and it creates even more problems. Try and understand the situation and make the most out of it. Sometimes what you see in front of your eyes is not real and the reality is something else. Trust your heart and your intuition because they never mislead you. I never planned a single piece in my second life but it is my God who planned everything for me and has put it in my head. I know who I am because whenever doubts arose in my head my God communicated to me not to run away from my responsibilities. I rest assured them that I will never do that. There are so many unanswered questions and when you are asked to trust your journey you cannot ask what next. Just see the way things happen one after another. My friend came to meet me and said there is a job opening in this company. I called them the next day and went for an interview day after tomorrow and cleared it. I don’t know how to interpret everything but I feel everything fell in sync and I should just go ahead and do the work.

How I will fulfill my dreams and make things happen is still a big puzzle that needs to be solved. The energies have aligned and I know they will do their job with divine intervention and I just have to play my role in it which is a certain percentage but I don’t know what percent of work has been allotted to me and what percentage will be handled by my God. I just know one thing that the entire universe will fall in sync and provide me guidance one after another because I don’t have much idea of the work which I am meant to do. Even if I have some idea then I don’t know how to achieve that particular task. I don’t have options but to trust the universe and let them handle it for me. I have surrendered to the process. I have faith in the divine and trust him. This is my Dream World and the dream was planted by my God so he is the one who will figure out things and let me know. That stuck feeling does not leave my head. I believe that when the time is right things happen. Even if you plan for years you won’t get success until and unless your desires reach maturity and the universe gives you a signal that the time is ripe and be prepared to receive your manifestations.

Signs, signals, synchronicity is there but nothing in physical form so I want to give my life a direction because listening to the same stuff from my parents for a long time has created mental tension in my mind. I am a simple girl and this is something which I told my God but he says you are the one. Fine, let’s see what’s next. It is very important to trust the universe when you don’t know much about the journey and your frequencies change all of a sudden. I lost so much weight in the process of doing energy work because the new energy which you download from the universe is very taxing on the system. Whatever I am planning to do is still in my head and I can’t figure out how? because to do something which has never been done before, you should have superhuman capabilities. The decision to grant those capabilities lies with the universe and I don’t know what decision the universe will take for me. Should I continue with what I am doing right now? Or Will I change my complete work portfolio and shift to something which I have never done and experimented with but have imagined. Other people have got their 5 years plan handy but I can’t take their place. This 2nd life which has been granted by my God’s with this new identity makes me question everything about my life and my own existence. I am born through my parents but I don’t belong to them as Adishakti was born to Himavat and Manivati but they were just a source of bringing her into the world.

The universe always looked after me by sending the right people in my life who helped me in my journey at the right time and I know this very well. It was not my friend giving me the message but the decision of the universe that I should start my work. My heart feels all the messages which are meant for me because they come up at times when I need an answer and that is the only reason that I trust the process and journey. Everything is just a matter of time and I know things have been planned with great precision for me because my role in bringing about a change in the world is very big and can’t be replaced by anyone because my energies are very different and it cannot be duplicated. This changing energy has started affecting me. Though I am involved in the process of the shift I cannot keep myself away from anything. The changing energies are affecting me very much since my body has got energy-sensitive. Sometimes I wake up and ask the question Who am I? Then I think I am hallucinating but the universe sends me all the signs that I am not. I got the message of my changed life and I wanted to see cartoons on 14th November 2021 so I changed to cartoons and watched “Doraemon”. There I saw Unicorns, Phoenix, and all the objects which conveyed to me the message of my new life in the year 2019. Those repeating patterns are there to give me the message. My head has stopped working. I said to my God whatever it is I am here, you people take charge of my life.

One single message is coming from all directions. I love the energy but will feel less anxious since I will be preoccupied with work.

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