Feeling Lost Just Move on - Walk till the end and you will see your Destination

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-06-20 17:29
Move on

It is my personal experience that when you feel lost and do not know which way to go, just keep walking till you gain clarity in your thoughts and you can see a way. It is my own personal experience, after living a family life for 11 years and being busy with my career my life crashed all of a sudden, I took a break from my career for 2 years before I figured out which way to go. Even when I took a break from my career and was recovering from whatever had happened in my life along with my ill health I never lost hope of the bright future ahead, and I kept reading motivational books and wrote my blog. I knew I had to carve my way and things cannot be tough all the time. Life will ease out and good days will come. When bad days come remember this too shall pass and you will see the sunshine either today or tomorrow. Always be hopeful and have faith in God because he gives you the mental strength to overcome any difficulties. Though you may be weak physically but if you are strong mentally than no one can defeat you that is something which you can always be sure of. Problems, difficulties, failures, and setbacks can overpower you only when you give up mentally. If you believe you can overcome any challenges in life you can and nothing can stop you. God is with you, just move ahead and keep walking, take baby steps every day when you cannot run and believe in yourself that you have the power within you to face this difficult situation which you are going through.

When you feel that all doors have closed for you just keep doing what you believe is right for you, let the whole world say whatever it wants to say, you just move ahead with a dedicated effort. Remember your day will come and when it will come you will shine like a bright star in the heavens with full glory and show the whole world who you are, till then keep striving and keep doing what is right for you. Bad things happen to everyone but it is all upon you how you react to whatever is happening in your life. You can either get bitter or be just yourself and develop acceptance for whatever is happening in your life. You cannot control the situation but what you can do is you can control your reaction to that situation. Those people who have hurt you want to see you crying and unhappy, that is the only reason they left you. You show them that you are strong and you can live your life without them. You have the innate power to start your life from scratch whatever may be your age. You don’t lose hope and do not give your destiny in someone else’s hand. No one can hurt you if you take total control of your life. People can give you sorrow only when you attach your emotions to them, if you take your power back from them they cannot touch you. Have faith in yourself. You can do extraordinary things, though you never did any great things in the past that does not mean that you cannot do it now. You are yourself not aware of how powerful you are. You have the power to create miracles just broaden your horizon then only you will see the world with a different perspective.

If you keep looking back over and over again at the past hurt it will give you more pain and tears. You will never be able to come out of your past and you will spoil your future. Live in the present, the past is already gone. What remains with you is your present and future. You can either make your life a disaster or make history with your good work. Life is too short to cry for anyone or take revenge. Just be happy and live your life peacefully. Spread your smiles and not your sorrows. There are enough problems in this whole world so why add more to it. Look for solutions and this mindset will help you solve even the biggest problems of your life. When there is life obstacles will be there but that does not mean that you keep focusing on your obstacles so much that you lose sight of your happiness. You need to sail away from the shore so that you can dive deep into the ocean. I know some problems seem insurmountable and you get lost, it is ok. Feeling lost is not a problem, the biggest problem is when you do not recover from whatever has happened in your life and fall prey to depression. When you are aware that the past is gone forever and cannot be mended, you make your life disastrous by living those sad memories again and again. Replaying the past in the present not only spoils the present but also your future. It is better that you close down the bad chapter of your life and write a new chapter. The past hurt takes time to heal but when you try your best you can recover faster from it.

Feeling lost, feeling burdened will not only make your life miserable but will also pain your loved ones. Why hurt them? Just try to come out of that ugly situation though it may seem very tough. Just try and keep trying, you will see that with passing time you will become a different person. It is your mental state which should be strong and rest will fall in the right place at the right time. God will send the right people in your life and you will get your lost happiness back. When you get back to your work after a break you will see your career graph rising and you will yourself be overwhelmed at the new life which you have created for yourself. The past experiences are your learning lessons so that you do not repeat them again and it will help you in your present life. There is so much happiness around you, just open your eyes and see it. Feel the good vibes in the air, smell the fragrance of flowers, they all are there for you to tell you that you are the real winner. A person who gives up is a failure and a person who strives hard is still in the process of becoming a winner. Just one best shot and you have made it, you have become the winner and you have carved a new destiny for yourself. You can then feel proud that you did it.

I would say every person on this earth has got great powers within them but the only problem is that they get weak and think I cannot do this. It is only when they start thinking that they can that they will be able to reach their true destination. Do not stop because nothing is going right in your life, keep moving forward because you know if you stagnate nothing will ever change in your life. You believe in God just pray and keep doing your work. You cannot stop because even if you stop time moves on so keep walking. You will reach one point than another and at last, come to a place where you will feel yes this is where I wanted to be and I am here. Your sorrows and your pains will heal with time. The scars will remain but that is ok, your scars show how bravely you fought with your problems. Pat your back because you deserve appreciation for your bravery.

I simply believe God is great because when I feel lost I fold my hands and pray. When I see my God with closed eyes I know he is there for me, I know he will hold my hands and will walk with me till I reach my destination, I know he will keep walking with me, he will never lose his patience with me and he will never give up on me. I know I am the best creation of God so whenever I feel lost I just keep walking till I can see the road ahead clearly.

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