Father's Day

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2010-06-17 13:59
Happy father's Day

Father's day is arriving on 20th June 2010. As we celebrate woman's day we also celebrate father's day. There are few questions which arise in mind. Why do we celebrate father's Day ? Is there any comparison between the work done by father and mother ? Mom manages home and all needs of children but dad only works at office and earns for the family, then why due credit should be given to a father. Now a days with changing lifestyle and nuclear family culture its really difficult to rear a baby if both parents are working and there is no one at home to look after the baby. Today's modern day fathers are doing much more than just earning for the family. They even quit their job to rear the baby and look after the family when the other partner is working. We say there is a wife involved in every man's success so is a husband involved in his wife's success.

Fathers now a days know each and every schedule of their children. They balance work and family life and give attention to all needs of the family. I will give you my own example – my dad is professor in Law. We are four sisters. My mom is a housewife. He had a very hectic schedule. He used to take tuition from morning 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and then leave for taking classes at college at 9:30 AM. He returned home at 1:30 PM and then took rest and studied for evening tuition. In the meanwhile he also left all of us to school at 6:30 am in the morning and used to come to school to pick all of us. He used to leave us for tuition and purchase grocery in return time. I never felt that my dad did something less for us than mom. He worked hard and gave all of us good education in english medium schools so that we had a bright future ahead. He struggled at times to make both ends meet but he never gave up. A father plays a very significant role in the family.

Few father have to do single parenting as the other partner dies or divorces. They work from home and raise the child. Companies now a days gives options of working from home. In this way he can work when the child is at school and spend quality time with his children. Contribution of a father is very vital in the life of a child. Father's maintain diaries and write all important stuffs of his child along with the work schedule such as day for parents teacher meeting, extracurricular activities and picnic. No dates should be forgotten as it hurts the child and the child loses his trust on the father. Growing with your child is a great feeling. Many Working father's say no to overtime work and late night work so that they can spend spend time with the family.

When a lady gets pregnant she gets maternity leave. Its thought that she needs rest and needs to spend a good time with the baby. There are few fathers who believe that they should be given paternity leave so that they can adjust to the new improved conditions at home and adjust to work better. They too need to spend time with the child and take care during early days.

Fathers play a big role in shaping future of a child. Its really difficult to acknowledge his work. By celebrating fathers day we let them know how important they are in our life and how grateful we are to them for being such a great father.

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