Faithful Cops

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2006-11-03 12:01

Its a common happening everywhere that senior citizens are getting murdered and its basically for money. Most of their siblings are settled abroad and they have hardly anytime to visit their parents. Its true senior citizens security is at stake and they too are careless about their security.

We hear several cases of some old couples being murdered every month. These cases have increased in the recent years instead of increased Police security. An article few days back on “Sr citizens casual about their safety”. It clearly shows how careless the senior citizens are about their safety. A question arises why are they so careless? The Police department is so attentive then why?
We have also read in that article that every one has a different view on safety. I agree to few of them. We are asked to have faith on the police department but can we have faith from our heart. Today also when we hear the name of police we get feared.

Lets take the case of mumbai where one girl was raped on the beach by a police constable. One more incident where a pakistani woman came to india by the flow of river and she was kept in jail and then raped several times which led to the birth of girl child. She was given justice much later when it was finally decided to hand over her back to pakistan.
Remembering these incidents we think twice before having faith on the police.
Various incidents in Jammu & kashmir where the cops have created a history of violence and suspended for their wrong doings.
If the senior citizens dont get registered because of police fear is it their fault? Or the fault of the entire police department .

After listening to so many things can we have faith on them? Can we rely on them totally?
How can the senior citizens have faith on the police?

Is it the fault of the senior citizens that they are afraid of the police?

Its really not the fault of some senior citizens who dont have faith on police because the person who has seen very good face of this department they believe them blindly but those who have seen the grey side of this department they feel more secure remaining away from them.

According to me the cops have spoiled their image and they need to do more good so that they are looked upon with great honour. The senior citizens too feel today after so much security by this department that they are still at risk of their life by the people of this department.

Here i am not cricizing the police department but showing the true picture which has been seen by me and all.

At last the police department should create good image so that we all can trust them.

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