Faith in God helps tide over difficult times

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2016-01-27 17:16
Goddess Durga Maa

I believe that faith in God not only gives a meaning but also a great purpose to humans. Though i worship God from my childhood days but it is only since last 10 years that my faith has strengthened and is strengthening each day with the passage of time. Spirituality gives you peace of mind and the more you connect with God, you will feel more near her. Your devotion and love for God will decide your connectivity. To every action there is equal and opposite reaction. When you have full faith in God and your faith never shakes with any ups and downs in your life. You will see the magic happening in your life. You will start to see positive side of everything which happens in your life. You will be able to add more meaning to your life and life of other people near you. Bhakti or love for God has great Shakti but you have to realize that and connect with God with full love and devotion.

God always comes to my rescue whenever i am going through a very tough phase of my life or i am indecisive regarding a problem. I have seen God not only comes to my rescue but also sends right people in my life who make my world better by just being there with me when i need someone the most. Be it a friend or any stranger who passes on the right message by meeting me at the right time. I have met so many strangers in my life who came at the right time to pass on a specific message and when i actually looked back to track them i could not find them. So that is the level of connectivity with my God.

My husband has the habit of gifting books to me since i love reading them. He gifted me a quotations book in Golden Temple, Sripuram when we visited it on 31st December 2015. I had already read the whole book thrice. But when i had a personal problem last few days ago i was very much mentally disturbed. I could not find out any solution and had no idea as to what to exactly do. I opened the book and went through all the quotations once again. Two of them caught my attention and i am sharing them with you so that it also helps you tide over problematic times. These quotations are written by “Sri Shakthi Amma” who is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess “Sri Lakshmi Narayani”.

Quotations -

1) Patience is an important quality of surrender. We want things immediately. Wait to see what the Divine will divine will give you.

2) Some think if their wish is granted they are blessed otherwise they are not blessed. This is not true. You don’t know what would have happened if your wish was granted.

The above two quotations really gave some peace to my soul. I also did darshan of Kolambi Maa, Bhandara. I believe things will get better over time.

Everyone has problems but its is we who has to decide as to how long we should mourn over something. When we have great connectivity with God, God helps us get back to life at the earliest. Though we mourn but the mourning time reduces and we become more resilient.

There are so many things we have to accept in our life. We may or may not be ready for anything but then we have to accept things as they come and we have no option but to take it. The best thing is that we should sit with the problem and find out the solution with a cool and calm mind. It is useless overreacting to situations. This is something which i have learnt over time. Though i cannot control my anger at times but i think i am a better person now than i was before. When we concentrate on the solution we find a right solution at the earliest.

When the person is closer, the wound is deeper. Strong Connectivity with god starts the healing process faster. And the healing time is reduced. In life you have to face the problem and you learn the lessons later. Always learn from your past because it not only helps you in your present but also in your future. A person close to you may leave your life in flick of a second and by the time you understand what has happened, everything in your world has changed. Though it is very tough at times to accept the reality but it is always good to accept the present rather than keep living in the past.

People come and leave your life for a reason. Those who are meant to stick with you for a lifetime will always be with you and rest with come and go. People enter our life for a reason and when their work is done they leave our life creating a void so that someone else can enter our life. According to me life is a journey where you have to learn all your lessons properly. Take life as it comes because if you resist more you will be unhappy. You will meet people in your life who will make your journey better. They will enter your life as good friends and be with you.

Life will move at its own pace, neither faster nor slower. You have to move with the pace. Your life is as you take it. If you take it too seriously it is that way but if you take it easy it responds in the same way. Life was always meant to move and not get stuck in the past. The decision of God and destiny may be very tough at times to accept but then we human beings have no option but to accept them.

My faith in God has always helped me tide over each and every difficult situation in my life. I believe that it will also help you tide over problematic situations. Just establish the right connectivity with God.

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