Face your Fears or they will haunt you in the Night

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2019-06-26 18:40

I hope all of you will agree with me that you should always face your fears or they will haunt you in the night. The biggest problem with most of us is that we run away from things which we cannot face or don’t want to face because we fear we may not get desired result or a complete rejection which will break our heart. I would say face your deadliest fears so that it never troubles you again in your life, at least you know the reality and you are not in the fantasy world which you created. When you find it difficult to face the outcome that is the only time you get feared that what will happen but if are ready to accept the outcome be it a “Yes” or “No” it does not create problems for you. You can do what is in your hands but you cannot control the other person or the outcome. You are compelled to face the outcome because even if you run away from it or keep your back towards the problems it will not go. Today or tomorrow you have to accept every good or bad in your life and face whatever life throws at you. You always have two options before you either you cry over the outcome or just accept it and move on and work with full dedication to creating the outcome that you want. Sometimes we accept what happened and other times we make things happen. If something takes away your sleep then sit and think about it rather than covering your face and thinking everything will be sorted out on its own.

Sometimes you have to take charge of the situation and go to the grassroots of the problem while at other times you need not put that much effort, your problems start fading with little effort on your part but you can never leave problems hanging. You have to take control of the situation or it will create fears which will haunt you at night and take away your sleep. If you feel you need clarity about your relationship with your friend with whom you want to start a new life because you love him, it is better to go and speak about it with him rather than keep assuming that one day he will propose me and we will live happily ever after. It may so happen that day may never come and he moves on with someone else. It is always better to speak and face your fears even if it means getting rejection. If you get a rejection from the person with whom you have built a good life in your dreams, it is better it crashes down now rather than you waiting for many years and waiting for things to happen. After getting the clarity you can move on and still be friends with this person and find someone new who loves you and wants to settle down with you. Why waste your time and energy impressing someone who does not want to move ahead with you in your next phase of life. Cry and lessen your burden and move ahead with a big smile on your face. This is life and anything can happen even miracles. Always expect good things to happen in your life and feel that the worst is over.

If you find it difficult to convey your feelings towards your wife thinking she will get upset with it. It is better to confront everything now and talk about it before she finds out the reality from your friends. If she listens from you about the mistakes you made which you never wanted to but could not avoid because the situation was such. When you make her understand she will try to understand your part but if she listens from people around you she will divorce you straight forward without even talking with you. When you have the courage to admit the mistakes which you have committed you are stronger than before and you do not feel guilty for keeping truths from your better half. The guilt which you are carrying in your heart will cause fears and will not allow you to sleep. It is better to face that tough situation head-on rather than fall ill with all the burden in your heart. If you love your friend’s girlfriend and she also loves you. It is better to tell your friend about it because if you both marry it will hurt him the most and you will lose your best friend. It is better to confront the whole truth in front of him so that he understands both of you and accepts your relationship. Remember the person who is meant for you will never pass by and when you meet him/ her you will know and you will spend the rest of your life with that person only. Those who are not meant to be in your life will enter your life but leave your life very soon. You have to accept this fact and live life gracefully.

Have faith that someone somewhere is waiting for you and will cross your path at the right time, not before that. I know to face your fears sometimes can be very difficult at least when it comes to matters of the heart because rejection lowers your self-esteem. I would say even after you get a rejection no one can take your power to be happy. You are the same joyful, cheerful person who is ready to accept the truth and move on with a brave face, I bet you when you do this you will get someone better than the previous one. Be happy about it because that is the person who is meant to be in your life. Fall in love with yourself madly so that you attract a life partner who loves you from the core of his heart. Don’t panic, don’t get sad, there is much more to life than you can feel and see. After a few years you will feel happy at whatever happened in your life because you got the best. Trust God and his decisions for you. He loves you and cares for you much more than you think. If someone is meant to be in your life that person will re-enter your life with a changed perspective so that you both can start a happy life again.

Be prepared to face all the fears of your life be it related to matters of heart or work because the more you get sorted in life the better it gets with time and consumes less energy. When you pile up all fears so that you can look at it later, it will become a big dragon which will overpower you and you will lose your self-confidence. Take decisions and sort everything at the earliest so that you do not lose your nights sleep because of some nonsense problem which could just be solved in minutes.

Live happily and be happy, face your fears and become a perfect winner. All the Best for your journey.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m