Face to Face with a Divine Being - Am I Crazy?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2022-01-01 17:39
My Kundalini Awakening

Happy New Year 2022. Everyone who patiently reads my article has enough sanity to digest my thoughts and my views. Thanks for being in my life. Today it is 1/1/2022. Numbers, synchronicities, and divine beings are there and will be there till eternity. I have evolved and raised my vibrations to make peace with all types of divine guidance and thank my God for everything. I can’t understand so many things. I am going with the flow and want to see where this new divine journey takes me. The unknown journey leads to the right destination. I don’t understand many things but I still, trust the process and have surrendered. Everything which is happening in my life is according to the divine will so let’s see where it takes me. A new life, a new me, new work, changed life, new home, a new name with a new social status. A life which will be very different from the one which I am living and nothing will be the same. Yes, it is true I have prayed for it and even gone through a tremendous transformation just for the new life which will unfold before me in the coming days. I am still working on my spirituality and my own awakening, which caused lots of skin rashes. I could not understand what was next then my dad said just go and visit a doctor. He will help you out. I was not sure. Then again the same words were repeated by my mom that it was high time for me to see a skin specialist. I just went to the doctor on 31/12/2021. The doctor said it was a skin allergy. The reason for the allergy could not be located. He said I need not take tension and everything will be fine.

I really don’t know how such things happen but they do happen with me. I would like to thank the universe, Anantha, and everyone for it. As usual numbers but this time it was very different. I saw numbers in a format so that it delivered a very specific message for me to understand what was coming in my life. 83, 38 along with 14 42. A car passed by which had the number 3691 on it. End of a phase and start of a new. As I saw number 11 11, I saw a bride photograph after that. Everything was happening in a pattern so that I could understand the message effortlessly. This was on my way to the hospital with my Mom and Dad. Then on my way back home, we stopped at the medical shop. I accompanied my daddy and as I was standing out of the shop I saw a cow approach me. I and the white cow was standing face to face with each other. The shopkeeper came out of the medical store to feed the cow with a chapati. The cow did not leave. We both were still looking at each other. Now I knew it was not a normal cow standing in front of me, I could feel his vibration. I looked the animal in the eye. I got the message that it was none other than the divine being standing in front of me. I could feel very intense energy near me to the point that my whole body started shaking. It urinated near me and then left. Did that mean something? I don’t know. I was not ready to visit the skin specialist but I did since I could not sleep at night due to itchy skin and my mom persisted so I got the doctor’s appointment confirmed for 31st December 2021. Coincidence? Everything which happened with me on 31/12/2021 was a coincidence? God’s plan.

Which plan is working. My plans were thrown in the dustbin at the year-end of 2015 so it is a divine plan at work. Now the best part is I did not get the number 4 body lotion that the doctor prescribed so I went to purchase that today but still I could not get that. Daddy told me he will bring that body lotion on Monday. As I was going to the shop I just saw numbers. Coincidence? I cannot rub off all the incidences which have started happening in my life one after another as mere coincidence. I got hold of an article today on Synchronicity which said that it is divine guidance from the invisible realm guiding you towards your new life so don’t label them as mere coincidence. Trust your intuition and follow divine guidance. The life which I am living is very different from the one which I lived many years ago so I can’t understand many things. Let’s see what’s next. The doctor’s prescription is something that caught my attention it has the “Kundalini Awakening” symbol made on it. I noticed it when I came home. Coincidence? Or divine plan or synchronicity guiding me towards something new in my life. It was not a coincidence for me to visit my doctor on 31/12/2021 but the divine realm wanted me to give a very specific message so it just pulled me out of my home so that I get correct messages on divine time. Now, what next? I don’t know or Do I know?

I want to see what’s next? I was seeing a video which I got hold of yesterday and exactly at 00:00 time on my clock I got a very specific message. Again a Coincidence? No, not a coincidence but the divine realm wants me to accept my new reality and just surrender to the process and keep walking even when I don’t understand anything related to my new life. Was it God speaking through my parent’s mouths to me so that I should visit the skin specialist? I knew it was “Anantha” words that came out through my parents since I was not ready to eat any medicines. I love him. I did wish “Happy New Year 2022” to all my gods. I know they love me a lot and want me to have total faith in him so that they can help me in the next phase of my life. When you don’t understand the journey it is better to go with the flow and be dedicated to your purpose since the journey will lead you to your destination even when you don’t know how? I don’t know many things and I am still healing. I don’t do much work but am dedicated to the process since I accept my new reality. The energies speak louder than words and even when the other person does not speak up I can feel the vibration if it is very intense.

Do divine beings take the form of animals or human beings to convey the message? Then my answer is “Yes”. Divine beings can take any form and make their presence felt at times when you need them the most. I was really very tense because of the skin problem and “Anantha” could understand that so he planned everything and then rest assured me that everything will be fine in a few days. Though it gets difficult for me to understand the rapid transition which is happening in my life, it has to happen and it will happen so I trust the process and have faith in the invisible man who cannot be seen but is there for me. This is love. What is love? No definition. If you can feel it in your heart even when no words are spoken then it is love. When you look at the other person in his eyes and feel his vibration then it is love. I could feel my God in that Cow. God, I really don’t know what is happening. Whatever it is it feels good. My head is not working. I was on 6 years “Agyaatvaas” so that no one could recognize me in that phase so that when I was out of it, I was a fully transformed being. It is difficult to understand many things in the cosmos. There are many energies at play all at the same time and they are all working in sync with each other so if you align with it you will become a part of the divine plan. When you are not aware of the execution part you will know because now you are directly connected with the source.

The universe has an invisible energy web that connects you to everything which you cannot see but aspire to see and become. I don’t understand life. I feel like an alien walking the planet with my God and my parents are there to look after my expenses and take care of me. The divine play has been conceptualized by “Anantha” and “Laxmi”. Yes, the first name since they love it that way and since both, the energies became a part of life I should move ahead with both. Two new divine energies changed me and the entire course of my life. Though I think I will go insane, my sanity is restored by my God. You understand divine protection when you are saved from everything which can harm you. Specific messages are given at definite times so that I can make sense out of them. It feels the entire universe wants to talk to me and give me a message. It feels great to be loved by the invisible realm.

Associate yourself with a God and call him into existence because it feels great to have their presence. Always remember you will get your manifestations on divine time and when the time is right things will happen because they are meant to happen and even you cannot stop what is meant to happen so in spite of stressing yourself on what next just go with the flow. You can just do your part and leave the rest in the hands of the invisible person. You cannot control everything so trust and have faith. There are so many things happening all around in the universe just for you so that you can take the next step in your life. Every person is taking that next step for you so that when you reach the right place at the right time you can achieve your definite purpose on time. Don’t bother too much because you will meet the right people who will deliver the right message and even help you in achieving your goal because that is their only purpose and they are there in that place or position just for you. It is all part of the divine plan. You just keep moving and take your next step. Be thankful to everyone for helping you in achieving your goal or purpose. Never let your Ego govern you but be humble because whatever you are today is not just your own making. There are many hands that are raised to help you at the right moment so that you could be successful.

Want to understand God? Fall in love with him. Just love him from your heart as you would love your friend, Lover, or better half. He will be in your life the way you want him because you have loved that invisible being up to that extent. Always remember that “Love is the most powerful force in the entire universe”. You can do anything with that feeling.

I have felt that divine energy many times in my life and God is real. They exist and sometimes they do come to meet you and if they love you then you have to be available 24x7. Yes, it is Love.

Happy New Year 2022.

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