Exploring the unexplored part of Yourself to live an ultimate life

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Unexplored Life

Life is a reality which comes into existence from the time you are born till you die. Your Atma is the ultimate source of your life. Once atma leaves your body you are dead and your journey ends on this earth. The time between birth and death is the time which you are given by the universe to complete the tasks for which you are born and also discover yourself along the process. You are gifted with people in the form of various relationships who enter your life at exact times when they are meant to be in your life. You are the ultimate creation of God, I would say there is so much within you that when you start exploring your inner self your whole life will fall short. The internal world is so beautiful but you can access its beauty only when you know how to tune into it. The inner world which is pure cannot be accessed when you have anger, jealousy, hatred or negativity in your mind. You can reach out to your pure inner self only when your heart is filled with love. When you get your peace of mind then only you can be quiet from within and explore the unexplored self which is hidden from the outer world. When you turn your focus inward and take time off from the outer world that you can see what is inside you. The secret mystic self which exists within you is much more powerful than your imagination and you can get access to its power when you know how to align your energy in the right way.

We all are nothing but a powerhouse of energy. This body is made up of protons, electrons, and neutrons and so is everything in this universe but the only difference is that all living creatures have Atma which gives life to it. All non-living things are also made up of protons, electrons, and neutrons but they do not have atma and they are not alive. This very body is a big life force which has tremendous powers. Your brain is the main center which controls all functions of the body and it has the capacity to communicate not only with your own internal organs but also with the universe out there. You can get great results when you understand how to tune your energy in the right way and connect with the universe. Your brain has two parts one is the conscious mind which is accessible to us all the time and the other is subconscious mind and we cannot access it directly. This part of the brain has got great abilities and you can possess superpowers if you understand how to get access to it and how to use that part of the brain for your benefit, but yes do remember that it is not that easy and yet not that tough to get access to the powerful part of your brain. Very few people can access their subconscious mind and those who can have got great powers within them. You can reach this unexplored part of yourself which is very energetic. You are nothing but a sum total of the thoughts which you believe are real. If you just deny reality and create a new reality for yourself then that is your only reality.

There is nothing called a true reality in the virtual world which exists around you. Nothing is permanent and everything keeps changing. You are adapting yourself to the changing environment and circumstances around you. Have you seen that you have got the capacity to cure any disease when you believe you can heal yourself without medicines? People have cured their cancer and various other diseases just by the power of faith, with yoga and good food. When you believe you are capable of doing something than your whole system works in your favor and makes your thinking into a reality. Your only reality is what you think is correct and real. When you accept something then that is real while if you deny something than that does not exist for you. Your unexplored self that is your subconscious mind will make things real for you when you know how to use it correctly for your manifestation. You have the ability to change your frequency just by changing your thoughts. With this changed vibration, you have the power to reach your ultimate self and connect with God. People who know how to control their thoughts and reach the state of no thoughts can go deep in their meditation and reach their true self. They can not only find their hidden superpowers but also connect with the ultimate source of energy that is the divine. The divine is hidden within ourselves and you can get access to him only when you focus and align your energies correctly. Your body is a big powerhouse where every cell has got power.

You can live a great life when you know how to focus your energies in the right direction. Your unexplored self is your hidden reality and you can know it only when you are ready to face the challenges of your life. You know your power only when you face an adverse situation and fight head-on with it. You then realize that you have so many hidden powers which you yourself were not aware of. My focus is not to distance you from your relationship or work. Just do your duty but when you have time focus on your inner self. God gave this life not just to work and have fun but to realize our true self. We as human beings have this capability and we should reach our ultimate potential in this lifetime to attain ultimate bliss.

Your unexplored self will unfold to you when you know how to access the energy through meditation and you understand how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind can remember all your past reincarnations and it is so amazing that we do not remember even a bit of it. Only when someone taps into our subconscious mind that we can remember our past lives, all the memories are stored in the subconscious mind. It is still a mystery that when we are born then only our brain starts developing but still it can remember all the past life events. This human body and the human mind is a big mystery which cannot be understood even by great scientists. I would say you are a living computer which is much faster than the one which has been made by human beings. You can process information and can carry unimaginable memory. We do not know how powerful we are and what we are capable of doing. Just with mere thinking that you are losing weight and you imagine yourself going to the gym and doing your work out there, you can lose weight. This simple brain and self-healing body is still a big mystery for the scientific world. I would say until and unless you explore the unexplored part of yourself you can never know your true capabilities. Just try to understand and discover yourself along the journey of life to lead an ultimate life.

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