Everything will happen at the right Time - Have Hope

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-08-15 19:15

When you cannot see light have hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep walking, keep going, keep moving, you never know what is going to happen next. As you are on the verge of giving up you will see that things will start happening in your life. Now you keep wondering how everything changed 360 degrees. Your increased stress or tension is not going to ease out anything in your life. Just maintain your peace and put forward your best foot and everything will turn out in your favor. Why lose hope, hope is the only energy which you can adhere to when your whole life seems meaningless or you are too disheartened by your sorrows. Have faith everything will happen at the right time. You are not getting your success because your time has not yet come, it simply means that you need to put forward a lot more effort than you are putting now. It is only when you learn all your lessons and work ethically that your life starts changing and things start happening in your life. You get the success which you were waiting for or had worked for since the last 10 years. Now enjoy your glory but do not sit in it for too long, neither let your ego encircle you too much. Keep a check on it or else it will spoil your whole life. Be down to earth kind of a person who is reachable to everyone. You may not be able to give your time to everyone but then people should never feel left out in your presence. Your personality should be such that everyone should feel comfortable being around you.

Adhere to hope when nothing is happening your way and you are on the verge of giving up because now you cannot take it anymore. You are fed up looking for jobs and you are done with handling rejection. Just keep going and keep trying. No one can take away your talent from you so keep trying. The right company will hire you. Even after appearing for the “N” number of interviews you fail to get a good job then you need to dive deep within yourself and check, do you lack something? Or you are meant to do something else in life. You might be born to become an entrepreneur and hire people rather than let people hire you for a job. When you get your answer then you decide what you should with your career. The only person who understands you in totality is you yourself. You cannot cheat yourself, you know who you are and you are fully aware of your own capabilities so put them in best use. Show your talents, it is either today or never. When you spend some quality time with yourself you will get your answer. When you know what to do just have faith and move ahead with your decision. Have hope everything will happen at the right time and will happen for your greater good, do not lose hope. Your perseverance and hard work will pay off in the long run and even the Gods cannot deny you your piece of success, they themselves will write your destiny and make things happen when the time is ripe till then put your 100% effort. Always remember half-hearted effort will lead you nowhere so put your energy in the right direction.

There will be some people who will appreciate your work while there will be others who will do backbiting. You let them do their work, you concentrate on yours. If you start listening to anyone or everyone then you will turn your whole life into a big disaster because there will always be some or the other person who will find problems with whatever you are doing. Listen to your gut instincts and intuition, they will show you the right direction and even keep guiding you. Believe me, it works and I am telling this from my own experience because sometimes even your loved ones will not be able to provide you with proper guidance. Have the courage to make your own decisions and implement them. Take your own risks, it is only when you grow big that people will start recognizing your work. Your life will turn into a big success at the right time, have hope and give your full energy to whatever you are doing. When you are 100% sure that you are eligible to get the success you will see that you will get success because that is what you have attracted into your life. Keep the faith and move on. Don’t think too much, you never know what is going to happen next or what is going to happen in the near future so put your best effort and have hope that you will be rewarded with huge success because you have worked hard for it. Do not get carried away by people who show you a short cut or talk about easy success. There is nothing called easy success, you have to work for it so don’t stop till your goal is achieved.

If you are looking for a good life partner and you are not getting any good proposals, just keep going, look for a good match. Even after trying, again and again, things are not working then stop searching it simply means the time is not right or there is something which is going to happen in the future which you are still not aware of. It may so happen that your dream girl may appear in front of you and choose you as your life partner. You will be delighted to have her in your life. You just cannot believe that you were eligible for that kind of a girl. You never ever dreamt of a life partner like her even in your dreams. She is intelligent, good looking and loves you. Now, what more do you want from your better half? Just go ahead and marry her, don’t think too much, don’t think you are not eligible for her. It is the God who has decided your eligibility criteria and has gifted you the best so thank God and move on. Have faith that your life will turn out for the best. Until and unless the time is right nothing happens so have hope because if you lose hope you stop living your life. Hope is the energy that manifests the impossible and is capable of bringing out the best in you. Never ever lose hope even if you cannot see a path in the darkness. Keep moving and I bet you, you will find your way even in the darkness by borrowing someone else’s torch and lighting your own path.

When your sweetheart does not express his love for you and you feel that your whole world has crashed, don’t lose hope. If you have loved that person deeply he will feel it, he will respect your love which you have for him. His heart will feel it and he is bound to come in your life because he cannot surpass your love. Love is a powerful energy. It has the power to change a person and love has the power to achieve the impossible. When you are in deep love with the other person and the other person does not reciprocate it, have faith that he will express his love one day, till then you love him and change his heart. You can do so, believe me, the vibration of love generated from your heart is very powerful. When two people are meant to be in each other's life than nothing can stop them from being together and becoming one. The bond of love is the strongest and the deepest. Marriage is the name given to a relationship but it is the love that binds two people together. You cannot break free from love because it drowns your whole heart and soul into it. When your love is true then I should say you both will write your love story which will be narrated by the elderly today and in the coming lifetimes. It is difficult to find a person who loves you wholeheartedly. If you get one then hook her for a lifetime because she will fill your life with love. See when the time is right everything will happen till then have hope. When you are destined for something big in life your destiny will play small games with you so that you get the best thing which you deserve.

Behave as the proud owner and thank God for your best gift of a lifetime.

The entire universe is working in your favor to give you what you want so be happy and keep smiling, everything will happen at the right time - Have Hope.

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