Enjoy your journey and it will lead you to your Destination

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-07-08 17:24

It is my own experience that when you set your eyes on a goal, the journey to achieve that goal is much more enjoyable than the destination. The reason is the ups and downs which you encounter on your path makes you a better person and you learn various life’s lessons which were not possible if you had not taken the journey which you were meant to take. You set a goal then you plan your life accordingly, you make certain amendments to your daily routine work and do things which require your time and energy, you delegate the rest of the work to other people who can handle it for you. Then you do the actual work which you are meant to do and only you can do so that you move ahead in your life or take your enterprise which you are running to the new level. When you give your precious time and energy on things which you are meant to do you will see miracles happening in your life. The work which you will do will not only change your outlook towards life but it will also change the way you look at things around you. The people you meet outside your comfort zone to get certain insights or help to guide you in the right direction will help you in conquering your own fears, you will start opening up and you will express yourself so that the other person can understand you and your needs and provide help accordingly. Your work drives you out of your comfort zone when you want to excel in whatever you do. It will not only help you trod different paths and set different trajectories but also bring a significant change in your whole personality. Your journey in achieving your goal will make you smart and add a glow on your face which was never visible beforehand.

Your self-confidence will boost and next time when you approach someone for a meeting your heart will not be pounding as it used to happen before, you will feel less nervous and more confident. You will be able to lead a healthy discussion, make your point of view, express your opinion and crack the deal. The changes will happen within you and it will be visible. You cannot hide your strengths when you acquire them because you will gain applauds from all corners once you showcase your talents which were not visible before. Your work helps you in recognizing your hidden talents when you set off on a new journey to achieve a goal which others thought was impossible for you to achieve because of their limited thinking. When you encounter one problem after another on your journey to your set destination, you discover various ways to solve your problems which you encounter on the path. If one does not work you try another, then another until you are successful in solving the problem at hand so that you can move ahead. This makes you a problem solver so the next time when you are faced with any problems you will see that you will be able to take charge of the situation and not be overwhelmed by your problems. These are few things which you learn in the course of your journey and this is something which cannot be taught in the classroom, you cannot get this knowledge by reading books because everyone’s experience is different so no one can fully guide you step by step. You have to learn your own lessons and do your own experiments, once you gain practical real-life experience you know what to do next.

There is nothing called copy and paste business because if you try doing that you will be a big failure. You can obviously take inspiration by reading biographies of different people but you cannot apply them 100% in your life or your business. It is you who has to do your part and check what works for you. Every person's experience is different because their way of working is different. No two people have got the same way of thinking or doing work. Every person is different and so are their ways of doing their work so when a person shares his way of working, you understand that and the mindset which he carries to get his work done and you will see that the rest will happen. When you set yourself on a new journey to reach a destination you have to move your eyes away from the shores, dive deep into the ocean so that you no longer think of going back even if you want to if something doesn’t work. You will see that there are few fears which are still inside of you which will drive you crazy at times and take your mind off your destination. That small creepy voice will keep murmuring why to try for more you have got enough, let's return back if things are not working. Then in those moments of discouragement, you have to push yourself beyond your own limits and try to make things happen even if your chances of success are very glim. Just try one more time and shut down that voice which is taking your mind away from your goal. Just try even harder, persevere, put a little more effort with lots of dedication and you will see things happening in your life. You will start enjoying your new journey and you will even reach your destination on time without any delay. Those fears which used to haunt you in your journey of achieving your destination will lessen and you will find yourself emerging as a new person within the same body. You will find that your soul has grown and now you are a better version of yourself.

When you start challenging your limitations and do what you yourself think you are not capable of doing, miracles happen and you achieve something which is much beyond your own imagination. When you complete one journey and reach your destination, start off on a new journey, do not spend too much time enjoying your success because when your ego grows it gets difficult for you to move ahead in life. You inhibit your growth by surrounding yourself in a cage where very few people can access you. Just let yourself loose and set new boundaries but do not cocoon yourself. Be reachable to other people and you yourself take advice when needed, do not show know it all attitude because you can never become a God Father of anything. You need to keep learning and keep setting new goals so that you learn more and grow more in your next journey. No one stops you from doing anything. It is your own thinking which makes you a success or a failure so you need to control your mind and keep moving ahead. The more you plunge and invade new territories the more courage you gain. You become courageous to fight your tough battles all by yourself where you cannot see the way but you are determined to take the journey and reach your destination. You will see that with this new mindset new doors will be opening for you and the universe will create new paths for you on which you can walk and reach your destination. With your extraordinary determination, you can build new paths, explore new things on your journey and reach your destination which gave you goosebumps when you had set your mind into it. When you reach your destination, pat your back because you have conquered another fear of yours and you have discovered the ways the outside forces help you when you are determined to reach your destination.

Life is so beautiful and you can enjoy it only when you are hooked on to reach your goal, your purpose for which you are born because if you don’t do that you will keep wasting your time and your mind will keep wandering here and there. Live, love, laugh and achieve all your goals. Enjoy your journey and it will surely lead you to your destination. When you fall in love, enjoy your journey and it will lead you to your beautiful destination of Marriage.
All the best for all your journies to achieve your goals.

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