Energy in Sacred Places and my faith in God

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2016-05-08 11:23
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I am someone who simply loves visiting sacred places. Though i don’t have much idea of how to do all the holy puja but i try to do as much as my time permits me. My way of reaching God is very different. I believe that God can be reached with a true heart which has love in it for everyone and you should be in a state of bliss to experience God. God is positive energy which showers its blessings when you are in that receptive mode. You turn negative, the whole positive energy will change its course and get repelled. A pure heart can reach God. There is energy in sacred places and i would say a very concentrated energy. When you are in these sacred places you too can feel that energy. I can talk at lengths about God and even visit sacred places without getting bored. I feel good when i am near temples and places of worship. I can experience that positive vibe in the atmosphere which is felt only in these places.

For me God is a feeling, God is truth, God is Reality, and he resides within you and communicates with you from time to time. When you are lonely left out and there is no one who understands you, that is the time when your faith in God comes into play. If you deeply feel that the divine energy will come for your rescue. It will because you have true faith and faith is belief. Your belief attracts all good things to you. God is encouragement, God is happiness, God is purity. Worship God not just to fulfill your wishes but because you want that supreme energy to be with you all the time. Every person has his or her own energy field and they attract everything in their life according to the energy field they are possessing. You attract person, situations, incidents and every moment of your life according to the positive or negative energy field you have created. I would say think of yourself as a magnet and think of situations and people as piece of iron. Just as iron gets attracted to the magnet, in the same way people and situations get attracted to you. Change your thoughts, change your actions and see the wonders happening in your life. The brain which is inside the head has got lots of intelligence and great thinking ability. What is going on in our mind is what is attracted towards us. To change our life or bad situations which keeps happening in our again and again we have to change our thinking. Because right thinking with right approach will go a long way in attracting good things in our life.

There is a misconception that people see with their eyes, i would say we see with our mind. Whatever is in our mind that is what we see. The same situation will be interpreted by two different people in a different way according to his or her mindset. Your mind is a very powerful tool, full of energy. You just have to tune your thinking and feelings in the right direction to attract all right things in your life. People say some are born lucky while there are others who are simply unlucky. I would say leaving a few you will find that people whose luck does not works are actually whining from inside for someone and that is the reason they cannot prosper.

Temples are sacred places built with the sole responsibility of giving peace to people. The aura, the energy, the feeling is something which you cannot understand until and unless you have experienced it yourself. Every person visits the same God and prays with deep intensity but there are very few prayers which are answered. Even God segregates and fulfills all genuine prayers. There are few prayers which God has to answer because their devotees leave very less choice for them because of persistence. There are some prayers which are not answered at all. Its God’s way of saying that ask for something else. You are concentrating on something which will get problematic in the long run. I would say look at the bright side of life. There is a famous saying that every day is a miracle and see everything from a different angle. Every situation which happens in our life happens for a reason so that we can become better individuals. Treat your own life as a miracle and do not compare your life with others. Work towards your true purpose, you will achieve what you want but then your prayers and hard work may be answered in different ways. Like good friends, good people around you, someone helping you out with his solutions. Your prayers and good work which you do comes back to you multiplied and you can experience all good things in your life.

Your whole life is very sacred, live it in a state of bliss and not a single day of your life will be without happiness. Feel all positive energy of God by having true faith and right belief. You have to think good and live in those good situations so that you attract all good fortune. Try and test it.

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