The energy body is the only Reality. Do you really exist?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2021-09-06 18:01
Divine Realm

I was listening to a video on YouTube regarding energy so I just wanted to put forward my thoughts on energies. See the first and foremost thing is theoretical knowledge is good for learning a subject but when you actually practice it then you know what the real world of energies means? There is so much disparity between what is actually written and what practically exists. Lots of people just read many books and wrote their thoughts, many people had half-knowledge and wrote their experiences. That is the only reason I always advise people to learn from learned people or connect directly with the source of creation.

I have worked a lot on my energy body. See you have a physical body that is given to you by your parents which grows over a period of time and then there is a soul which has been gifted by the divine himself. In fact, your soul is God himself and if you use certain techniques you can awaken a lot of your energies which are lying dormant within your body. Your body knows everything because the source of creation has given the soul a memory that is very smart. Your inner intelligence knows everything. You are very powerful. I am still working on my energies and that is the only reason I can write everything from my own personal experience. This physical body is just an illusion. The energy body is the only reality. Harness your full potential by actually tapping into the energy body and live a great life. Do you think just being a Millionaire, Billionaire or Multi Trillionaire will satisfy your soul? My answer is “No”. Many rich people live miserable lives and purchase assets to create happiness. The best part is you can’t buy intangible things in any shop. That is the decision of the divine realm. Now the biggest question is what do you want?

Let me tell you one thing this physical body is accumulated over a period of time and if you know how to hack your system you can do lots of stuff with your own physical body without ever having the need to look beautiful or go for tough diets, plastic surgery, etc. But yes how much you can play with the code is the decision of the universe. There have been Yogis who never aged. Everything about the energy body and human capability has been written in ancient texts by yogis who received this information in deep meditative states but understanding those ancient texts in the context in which they have been written is a brainstorming task. Learn and apply. What do you do with all the theoretical knowledge? I don’t know how to meditate but still, I have achieved a lot in my spiritual path. Is meditation the only answer to your spiritual growth? My answer is “No”. There is something more. What is that “More”? Yoga is my answer. For me, yoga is just working on my body by doing certain exercises. Yoga means the union of your body with the universe so that it becomes one and aligns with cosmic geometry.

I don’t understand lots of stuff. Your energy body or soul is very smart you just give it a well conducive environment and it will start its own work and start aligning your body with the cosmic geometry. I am a simple girl but my intentions are very pure. I am not money-minded but to do my work on this planet I need to align myself with the spiritual realm and physical realm so that I can bring my dreams into a living reality. I am very clear about what I want and that is something which I always focus on. Energy is the only reality. This whole universe is just energy. So I was talking about your intelligent energy body. Just see how intelligent that creator is and his mastermind that once you create a proper environment within your body the complex junction points which build your chakras and are a point of transcendence from one realm to another start aligning. Don’t overwork your system. Do your energy work and live your normal lifestyle. Give time to your system to work on its own. It is much smarter than you think. It has a brain of its own and does not need your interference.

This physical body is a vessel that stores your soul. Your soul is pure consciousness without a body. To exist on this planet you need a physical body where your soul can reside. That is the only reason that though God’s are present in energy form they still need a body to do their work. How much is the capability of a person when they combine spiritual body with the physical realm is something which I am still trying to understand. I have not created anything in the material world. I am working just in the invisible world. How do you combine both and make things happen is something which needs to be understood? The physical bank balance which you create in this world depends on your energy body. How much your energy body can hold and transform into a material world in something which decides how rich you will be. Do you think the top-notch people rich keep working all the time and spend sleepless nights? My answer is “No”. It is their energy body that transforms into material wealth.

Have pure intentions because the universe will never give power, position, or huge amounts of wealth to someone who is greedy but it will choose someone who is simple, down to earth, and has a big heart to do his work. Divine intelligence knows who you are as a person. People practice black magic to enhance their energy body but they never get successful because the divine interferes. What is the true capability of a human being is also something which I want to know? I don’t have answers but the only thing which I know is I know my destination. The path is not known because my body is transforming every day. Whatever vision and goals you can plan are up to the extent to which you can think. Your thinking is decided by your energy body so when you work on your energies through yoga and meditation you are actually enhancing your internal intelligence to increase your inner vessel so that you can create more in this world.

When you are aligned very deeply with your purpose your entire body will start transforming and you will attract every knowledge which will help you in your divine path. It is difficult to understand the intelligence of nature. Divine beings who are born on this earth have all the memory stored in their body but when the actual energy will become active is the decision which is taken by divine intelligence. The universe will make decisions regarding how much energy you can activate inside your body. The divine code which exists inside you is the same in the entire universe because God’s coded everything with the same code so if you know yourself you know the entire cosmos because the code is the same.

If you are someone who loves reading 100’s books on chakras and energy I would recommend you to stop doing that and instead start working on your own energies. Experiment, learn, transform your body. Understand your own capabilities as a human being.

Lots of love to you all. What you seek is seeking you. Take a break from your virtual screen and spend some time studying this physical body. It is the divine himself.


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