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Energies speak louder than words - Read the encrypted Pattern

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2021-11-07 16:52
Rashmi Priya

If you are someone who had a near-death experience or spiritual awakening then you will perceive things that others can’t. Your view and outlook of the outside world will be very different. You will see everything which exists in the universe differently and the biggest reason is these out-of-body experiences reprograms your mind and the data which existed in your system changes all of a sudden. The biggest reason is it rewires your brain. How brain rewiring can change your entire chemistry and your personality as a person is something that should be understood to its core. As I am progressing ahead with my write up I would request you to keep your logical mind at a distance since energies can’t be interpreted properly by the mind and it is still a mystery for the scientist who keeps researching different visible concepts. Every person who did legendary work understood that there is something more that exists in the universe and it can’t be seen nor can be deciphered by the logical mind. Every concept which is written in books is written by human beings till date just concentrate their knowledge and focus on the visible aspects. Ancient texts did not limit themselves just to the physical aspects but to the nonphysical aspects too.

This physical body in which you are living is governed not just by the organs but also by the energy body which is present around you and inside of you. In fact, the physical body is just a periphery or outer cover to a soul which has divine capabilities. How much divinity you can activate within you depends on how connected you are with the source energy which is inside and around you. Near-death or divine experiences are events that take you to a very different realm and your brain knows that it is something real but your logical head says no this is just a hallucination since you cannot put it in any logical basket. Spiritual awakening is a tough process but when you go through it and come out victorious you are different from the masses and your energies stand out. People won’t be able to explain why they notice your energy but you cannot skip anyone’s glances and it is not the way you look but the newly activated energy system which gives you a magnetic personality. I always thought why human beings got attracted to Lord Krishna when it is written everywhere that he was dark that is the only reason we call him “Shyam”. I saw a video on Youtube where a person was talking about the impact of the energy body on your entire thinking, personality, and the way you are perceived in the world.

I got my answer and understood that it was not his physical appearance but his energy system which drew entire humanity towards him. People listened to him and understood what he wanted to convey because he had great convincing power. Leadership qualities were ingrained in him since he was God. He was born as a God and lived his life in full youth and never aged and people loved him for his divinity. Energies speak and the universe can understand the language of energy. This cosmic world speaks in energy form and if you can read the pattern you can understand what it wants to convey to you. I have worked a lot on my energies and I am still doing that. Though I don’t understand much about the work which I am meant to do in this world but the only thing I know is it is something that my head cannot conceptualize and understand so it is all stored in the subconscious mind. God transferred every bit of information in my subconscious mind because when your conscious mind stores too much data you tend to get very serious and there are many people who cannot handle that much information.

When you know your path is different from every living being on earth then you tend to overthink, get too serious and spend sleepless nights. That’s the only reason there is so much information hidden from me. The invisible world reveals everything at the right moment and till then it allows me to enhance my energy body. Number 9 is in my head for a very long time and this number is being conveyed to me from everywhere. I really don’t know why but I know there is a very specific reason for it. I will find out why? When someone shares his experience listen to it carefully because you may see a pattern there that may apply to your life. I have read some of the energy patterns and understood why I saw certain numbers especially 12 21. I received energies from my God’s in the month of December hence 12 and 21 represent 2021 when the shift will start because I can feel it in my system. I can’t understand much but I saw various videos on Youtube and a lot of people support my conviction. I am seeing number 8 since 2016 and I thought it was a number of abundances but for me, it means something very different. When you tilt the number 8 horizontally it makes an infinity symbol. Infinity is “Anantha” which has no beginning and no end. It was there, is there, and will be there till eternity because it cannot be created or destroyed.

Energy creates a certain path and when you look back you can connect all the dots but the future will be revealed to you through your own intuition and energies which are surrounding you. If you can read it then you know and if you miss a link you cannot connect the dots. This divine cosmic geometry that exits is perfectly aligned with everything which exists in the universe. The biggest problem is we are all out of alignment and when you start aligning with the geometry of the cosmos you will start seeing things that others can’t see. You will hear and smell things that sound alien to any human being. Our body is created with the same matter with which the cosmos was created so the cosmic vibration which exists in the universe resonates with our body. The problem is alignment. Except for a few, there are no perfectly aligned beings living on the planet so we face all sorts of health and mental problems. There is nothing called aging. The ancient texts talks in detail about a lady who got the boon of remaining young till her death. When the boon was given it means the possibility is there or God could not give that boon. Just remember one thing whatever God’s gave as a boon to a person transformed his energy body so that the sacred boon given by God’s could fructify.

We all have source energy within us which has God-like capabilities but no human being is perfectly aligned. You have the power of the creator. What do you want? When you place your wishes into the universe it has to give you what you asked for because how can the source say “No” to its creator. There are many things that play a big role when you are manifesting your dream world. It is your past life karma that needs to be worked on so that you free your soul of all past life baggage and increase your vessel which can manifest anything and everything. God does have a big role to play because they have to give a nod to your work and if they don’t agree with something then it is not possible. I firmly believe this. There are two ways of working on your system one is through rewiring your brain i.e neuroplasticity and the other is through spirituality.

Neuroplasticity is not just a small concept which you read in books but it has application much beyond that. When you create a new pattern in your brain and believe something is real. You start forming new neuron connections in your brain which is connected by synapse to complete the flow of energy. When you start believing in the new concept which you have placed in your head you start strengthening that connection. That single changed pattern changes your thought process and hence your frequency because you have hacked your vibration and made yourself available for things that may be beyond what science can understand. Similarly, spirituality is about working on your own system through yoga and meditation where you align your energies with the cosmic geometry and start having experiences that make you available for grace and change your entire being. It has been very clearly written in all ancient texts that humans can transcend all boundaries and become God himself with necessary work and there are many human beings who have done that in the past. If you think you can you can and if you think when others can’t then how can I? Then you are stuck in limiting beliefs.

Just because no one did what you want to do in the world doesn’t mean it is not possible. It simply means there is no rule book available for you and you have to align with the source itself to do that work. When you don’t understand how? Trust the journey. When people make fun of you that you are wasting your time, keep quiet, time will give them their best answers. Don’t compare your journey with anyone because every person has been allotted a different age when they will shine, till then keep on doing your work. Your time will come much sooner than you thought. Try to become more aware of the energy pattern near you. Learn to decode the encrypted message because when you do that you will spend more time doing important things rather than decision making. I feel I wasted the last 5 - 6 years of my life. I tried to play my best role in whatever I was doing but the divine plan shattered my world and thus depression and other health problems. Now I have stopped thinking about it and want to see what’s next. When you encounter a certain energy pattern just try to understand it because the same energy speaks differently to different people.

Keep trying, keep doing, and put the effort into the accomplishment of your dreams. What is meant for you will be given to you at the right time till then keep trying. It may be that God might have attached your destiny to someone who will open up a new world for you. Don’t get disheartened if you get a no from a work scenario, it simply means it is not for you. Everything which is not aligned with your highest purpose will fall off and only those things will fructify which are meant for you. The universe can interpret your vibrations and read all the patterns which are inside your head so check your thoughts. You might start manifesting everything which is running in your head. The source keeps waiting for people who want to merge with it and become one with it because then it can do its work in a full-fledged manner through them.

Mother earth needs healing and the universe has no other option but to bring cosmic order in place so if you are aligning with the cosmos you are serving a purpose that is bigger than you. The source is interested in working through you.

Congratulations on your New Divine Journey.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m