Endings and New Beginnings in the Path of life makes your journey Meaningful

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2019-05-29 18:48

There are always two ways of looking at the same thing and there are two realities - one which exists in the mind and the other which actually happens on the outside. When something has started it will end and some new thing will start, this is part and parcel of life. When your childhood ends you begin your journey as an adult and when your adulthood ends you start your old age journey. There is always an ending and new beginnings in the path of life. Our life is not all about what we want and what we want to experience as a person but it is about how we handle the uncertainties life throws at us. No one wants miseries in life but they come and that is a part of life but that does not mean your sadness will never end. There will be an end to your sad situation and you will embark on a new journey where you have happiness and lots of hope. There is always a bigger picture involved in whatever is happening in your life but the problem with most of us is that we cannot see the bigger picture and we get entangled in the smaller picture where we see only problems and not possibilities. We cannot understand as to why something is happening in our life. Is it happening to make us strong? So that we can handle the responsibilities of the future in a better way as good human beings. There is a reason behind everything which happens in our lives and nothing happens haphazardly. Everything works according to a bigger divine plan which we cannot see.

When something ends don’t get disheartened and cry profusely because when one thing will end the other will begin, if one thing does not end the other cannot start off so closure is needed so that some good thing can begin. For example when a toxic person leaves your life and you cry for him day and night because you loved him very much but then as you start normalizing you find out that it was good that the bad relationship finally ended rather than lingering over for years which would not have served both of now. You can now see a better future alone and you can find a better person for yourself with whom you can spend your remaining life. As days pass by and you rise on your career path you find your Mr. Right with whom you want to spend the rest of your life and he is the best man for you, so you see if your first relationship would not have ended you could not start on this new journey with your man. Take a deep breath God wants to gift you with better things and that is the reason he wants you to close one chapter of life so that you can write a new chapter in a much better way and experience life as never before. The problem with most of us is that we are so happy with whatever we have that we cannot see the bright side of why something is happening in our life. I know when a relationship ends in a sad way it hurts a lot and it is difficult for you to get rid of those sad memories but when you look at life from a broader angle after few years you will feel better and be happy with whatever happened.

Everything in your life cannot run according to your plan, there will be ups and down and sometimes few incidents may just shake you. You might lose your whole mental balance and it may take time for you to come to terms with whatever has happened in your life. It is better to accept life as it is and do your part. You can do your best and leave the rest on God because when he has planned your life you are in safe hands. Always look ahead and be happy with your good past memories, do not let the past intrude into your present and future. Past is gone and you cannot live that part of life again, what you have is the present moment and you can decide what to do. There is no urgency to prove anything to anybody, just live your life and let people conclude whatever they want to. You just take one step at a time and move ahead, don’t think too much because overthinking will complicate your life further. When you purchase a new home and say bye bye to the previous home you are ending your relationship with the old home so that you can enjoy the comforts of the new place which has much more facilities than your previous home in the same way an ending shifts your vibration upwards towards a new funfilled beginning.

No matter how tough life is you always have the option to choose whether you want to stay in the same old state of mind and mourn over the endings or see hope in new beginnings which will lead you towards your destiny. You will never choose to move out of your comfort zone until and unless life throws challenges in your life and pushes you beyond your limits. It is only when life pushes you hard that you realize your true potential, your true worth and you discover your true self which was hidden from you for a long time. You never realized your true potential, it is only when life knocks you very hard that you realize your true capability. Everything which was hidden from you starts expressing in the forefront because now you cannot escape and you have no other options left before you, you have to fight with the situation and find your solution. Now you cannot wait for someone else to take charge of your life. You are in full charge of your life and you are your own decision maker. Until and unless life closes one chapter and starts a new one we tend to live in our own comfort zone because that gives us a sense of stability. It is only when unplanned things happen in life that you move out of your comfort zone and stand for your rights. When the worst happens with you and you have learned to endure the pain then nothing can hurt you because you know how to tackle the tough situations of life. You are more strong and competent to face the challenges of life and you have grown as a human being on the mental level.

Ending of an old chapter and start of a new chapter in life can be challenging at times but when you are determined to succeed in that new journey nothing can stop you and you will achieve your goal no matter what. Shed your tears when you want to then wipe them off and start your new life because life is not about counting how many times you have failed as a person but about experiencing new boundaries and discovering yourself along the journey. God gave you this one life and most of the time you hold lots of grudges against God for not answering your prayers. When God answers your prayers be happy but when he does not gives you what you want then you have to accept it and look at the bright side of it rather than complain and get disheartened. Have hope things will work out in your best interest even when you can see only dark clouds. Maybe you will be able to see the silver lining after sometime when days pass by. Always try to make peace with your past so that it does not hurts you and does not gets in your new path of happiness. When you live in the past and complain all the time you spoil your life and it is better to stop doing that so that you can change your thinking pattern. When you move ahead in life you move on with a new life and you shed all past baggage though it may hurt you a lot.

Always bear in mind when the life of a seed ended it became a plant and when the life of a plant ends it becomes a part of the earth. When one journey ends a new begins and if the seed would not have transformed into a plant we would have thrown it away and planted a new one from which a plant can emerge, in the same way, life will throw you out of the race if you do not adapt and be happy with your new boundaries. Only when you adapt and see your greater good in whatever is happening in your life will you emerge as a new person who is far more better than the old self which previously existed.

Spread your wings and fly high because you are born to fly and don’t settle down for less always ask for more from life. Have a Good Day.

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