Embrace the New - Time for a Big Change

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2019-08-30 19:43
Virgo New moon

The Virgo New moon on 30th August 2019 marks the end of an old cycle to build a new cycle and start a fresh journey towards a new destination. Remove all that is unwanted. Clear your emails inbox, clear your phone book, declutter your home of unnecessary stuff, clear your YouTube channel and remove unnecessary subscriptions, clear your Facebook page, clear your life of all unneeded stuff so that you can embrace the new. The things which are left are the ones which you will carry with you on your new journey towards a new destination. This new journey may be very different from the one you planned a few years ago but now your intuition speaks to you to go with the flow and you just follow your intuition. There are times when you take charge of the situation and the rest of the time you have to trust the circumstances and just go with the flow because when you resist you create obstacles for your manifestation which creates resistance. This resistance produces heat which creates negative energy so it is better to go with the flow and embrace the new in your life. Be it a new friend or an old friend as a completely transformed person, a new relationship or anything which contributes to your happiness. At the end of the day, the very purpose of planetary transitions, eclipses, a new moon is to bring a positive change in your life so that you can get rid of the old and create a new better life with whatever you have. Embrace the new and carry a mindset that is adaptive for big life-transforming change.

Change is good because it is only when you support change that you can attract new things into your life. Change is inevitable and when you become the change you want to see in the world than that is a life worth living.

You cannot compare your life’s journey to someone else’s journey, just because you cannot see it does not means that you two ride the same boat. It may so happen that the person whom you are dealing with is much bigger and much greater than you can ever imagine. You can never underestimate the power of new which replaces old and fills your life with new vigor, new enthusiasm where you make your rules and even bend them so that it fits your purpose. You make the conscious decision not to let others decide for you so that you can plan your whole journey yourself. It is your life, be your own boss. After all who has the power to control you or your destiny? It is only you and your God.

Embrace the new, it is time for a big change not because you want it but because the heavens want it. The whole planetary transition will support you so that you can bring a big drastic change in your life. Be guided by your intuition because when you are guided by your intution then the whole new dimension of communication opens up between you and the universe. This will provide you better guidance than any person. Take charge of your life. Do listen to people, take opinions but then check what works for you and what does not works for you. It is time to embrace the big change in your life by the change in your thinking and mentality where you don’t become selfish and think about the greater good of everyone and not just think about your self. When you do something from a selfless heart and do not want anything in return, you are doing something so that you can help the other person is what is called a kind-hearted person which is difficult to find in today’s world.

Welcome the new vibe and be prepared for the new big change in your life. It is only when you make the right decision and be prepared to give yourself fully into the unknown where you have no knowledge of what is going to happen next and be prepared to take 100% risks than only you can embrace change or else not. When you want security in everything then you will not be able to go with the flow and resist change, when you do so you create blockages in the manifestation of your desires. You will get whatever you want when you tune in to the right frequency with the right thoughts and with a pure heart that is filled with love. Do not try to cheat yourself or the universe because it is much smarter than you can ever imagine. One wrong vibration and it cuts off your manifestation. That is the only reason our ancient sages advised us to stay in complete bliss and do our own duty, not to think about our own selfish motives and stop someone’s growth but to let the other person bloom into a big lotus flower. It is only when you let the other person reach the full potential and support her in reaching her purpose in life that you are a kind-hearted soul.

Just embrace the new, it is time for a big change. Your life is going to change with all the heavenly transits which are happening in the sky in the year 2019. Have faith that whatever is happening is happening for good and you go with the flow. Put right desires into the universe.
Friends it is a big-time to embrace the new changes in your life. Accept the change and settle down in life so that you can live your purpose and make the world a better place to live by your work.

Embrace the new life, the new change. Have faith God is there and he will help you in all possible ways when you are in his divine grace by surrendering to him with a humble attitude and carry no ego because if you carry your ego than be prepared it is all going to get crushed in one go and you will have to rebuild your identity. So be a down to earth person, you never know what success is until the other person touches the sky and you keep wondering how she did it.

Life is beautiful with the heavenly beings here on this earth. Welcome the new and embrace the big change which is happening around you.

Enjoy the Virgo New moon today.

See you all with a new vigor tomorrow.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m