Drive away all negative energy and capture all positive energy

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2009-06-10 13:06
Positive Energy

In today's fast moving scenario when there is negativity all around you its always better to fasten your seat belts and be prepared with all positive energy to face challenges in life. Now things have changed remarkably. Negative thoughts, negative views & negative people . There are many people who are trying to pull you down . You have to survive and reach your goal. Things will change only when you will want them to change. You have to start from yourself first then only you can change the society and their thinking at large.

First and the foremost thing to start with is stay away from all negative people and all negative thoughts. Negative people think negative and they imbibe the same culture in you. If you stay away from them you shield yourself from negative friends. Forgive each and every person who has caused you harm or has spoken against you. In this way you free yourself from taking revenge from them and remain at peace of mind because you don't have any enemies. You love all of them and give respect to everyone. I know its hard to practice but this is the only way you can inculcate all positive energy in yourself and drive the negative.

Have a Big heart and a broad mind . This is really going to help you a lot because there are a lot of people around you who are plotting against you. When you are aware you want to teach them a lesson. Preserve your time and energy for doing something good for yourself, for doing work, for enjoying rather than counter blow and do the same. Your life is precious and God has gifted you just with one single Human life to do all the good things that you can do rather than plotting against others. I just mean utilize your time and get the maximum out of it so that you don't repent in the near future. Time is very valuable and once lost can never be gained so climb your ladder of success with full zeal and fervor.

Things may not remain the same as they are today but you always remember that their is an almighty looking after all and they will punish the person who does wrong and reward the innocent ones. Be satisfied with what you have. Don't be dissatisfied with what others have. Jealousy arises all negative thoughts and give rise to lots of heart burn. Free yourself from all these nonsense stuffs and live a healthy life.

Keep yourself focused and committed towards your goal. Nothing can stop you and a time will come when you will be looked upon with honor even by your enemies. Its very correctly said “ Its your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude “.

Open up your mind and get all the positive energy because a very famous saying goes “ Our minds are like parachute and they work best when open “. Be open minded and think positively and reach the stars.

All the best.

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