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Dots from the past connect to the Future - Are you sure?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2022-05-11 18:45
Creator is Born

After questioning my existence for a very long time I have some of my answers but still, I am not satisfied with the results. Sometimes I feel too stuck and lost and it feels like my life is not moving forward. I don’t know where my life is heading because when you work on the invisible energies then you can’t see the results on paper. The memory which exists within my body is not programmed to handle the work which I do and that’s the only reason I feel directionless though at times the universe talks directly to me by means of messages. When the whole world out there is setting one or other goals and achieving their true purpose I feel like I am not living up to my true potential. I have overworked my system to the extent that it feels it will break down. I wanted to do a job before life moved me in a direction I am meant to be but even that did not happen since my disturbed sleep cycle created lots of problems for me. I know the universe is working in my favor and it won’t allow me to stick to anything which does not align with my soul purpose. The aches and pains in my body do create problems for me because I am not accustomed to doing so many intense yoga asanas which stretch your system. I feel like I would better surrender to the process, slow down and let things happen because even when I push my limits things will happen at a divine time because the universe will give me what I deserve when I am ready to handle that responsibility. The changing energies in the cosmos and my own body has taken a heavy toll on my weight. I need to gain some weight and prepare for the next phase of my life where I see myself as a leader who is meant to change everything which does not serve the earth, a married woman with a kid who is handling her responsibilities towards her family.

I really don’t have much idea of many things but the invisible world gave me signs of my manifestation but I don’t know when because the time and date have not yet been revealed to me. I firmly believe when things are meant to happen they will happen and the person who is meant to be in my life as my 2nd husband will be there for me at the time allotted by the universe. Actually, it is the responsibility of the universe because I have worked on those energies of mine in the year 2017 even when I had no idea of anything so it is the cosmic world that is looking into the matter. How that man will be in my life and how things will happen is all a big mystery. The dots from the past connect to the future. My dad says I always questioned things that a normal person would never think of and he felt overwhelmed as to why a kid of my age is interested in such things. Then my encounter with snakes in my growing-up years is not that normal. My association and love for Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga is something that I don’t understand even now. I suffered from too many health problems from a very young age and fought all my battles bravely because I never gave up or had no option of giving up. I always questioned God why me but there came no answers. There was a strong feeling in my heart that when the time is right I will get all my answers as to why me. All my sisters are happily married and I got divorced. It broke my dad and me. From that time onwards I wanted my answers. I have been a highly intuitive person so I saw a video on the KRS channel about Gandanta point in astrology and what it does to you. I don’t have any idea as to whether I fall in that category or not but the way my life has turned it feels like I have all those astrological placements in my birth chart which cannot be read by a normal astrologer because it is very complex.

Gandanta point causes spirituality through misery and there are many things involved that I don’t understand. It is the untying of the karmic knot and people who have these kinds of placements are meant to revolutionize the world. It was my fate so I could not change that and I have a very strong feeling that I have these placements on my birth chart. I got the message in my meditation that this is my last birth so I want to do everything good for humanity which is in my capacity. Now what is my capacity is a big question? I belong to a normal middle-class family and have lived that life where I had no big dreams but things changed dramatically in the year 2015. That year is printed in my head and I see the number 15 much more often than usual. The universe keeps reminding me that my life is going to turn around and I should be prepared to live my new life. Sometimes I get so bored with my life that it feels heaven is a better place than earth but then I have worked very heavily on my energies and the universe will equip me to do the work which I am meant to do in the coming days. I am still a work in progress because that is the message which I get when I want my answers in a meditative state. The invisible cosmic world will give me everything which is needed for my work when the time is right and not before that because you should be ready to handle all the power which is being given to you. I don’t feel I was an arrogant person but with time I have grown much more humble than I used to be. In fact, one breakup did break me as a person and it took a long time for me to build my own life back.

2015 was a year when I asked for something which was beyond my own imagination and I really had no idea how I would fulfill those dreams. I had very powerful divine experiences in that year and I forgot about them after some time thinking that it was just an experience but when the energies reactivated within my system in the year 2019 I understood that things were more real than I thought them to be. From that year onwards I have done much spiritual work which is not from my memory bank and I know the messages came from a different world and it was meant only for me. I brought photo fame of Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy God with me in the year 2015 and he made his presence felt to me several times. In the year 2019, I wrote my book “Love You Zindagi My Journey to meet Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy” about all the divine experiences and got it published in 2020.

Today i.e 11th May 2022 as I was checking my Instagram page I got reminded of the year 2020 since I found the same photograph of the clock with the Secret book. I had clicked that clock photograph in the year 2020. I had purchased a round light for making Youtube videos which I left in Nagpur while I traveled to Jamshedpur, my hometown in the year 2020. I saw that same light today on the page of Sara Blakely and I know it is not a coincidence. The dots connect to 2020. I am still not clear on the message but let's see what it means. I am pretty sure the universe will unfold all the messages which are meant for me at the right time. My heart says it is time for things to happen and the time of my manifestation has come. Everything I have worked on behind closed doors, the amount of hard work which I did is going to pay off now. Though no one is aware of what I did when I was totally cut off from the outside world other than me and my God, I know the amount of effort I have put into my own spiritual growth. Many times my elder sister comments that I am a pampered child and don’t work very hard. I don’t react to her comments.

My youngest sister and her daughter came to Jamshedpur on 30th April 2022. I know everything which is happening in my life is not a coincidence. Her daughter Urvi or Misti was born on 14th February 2019. 2019 is the year when my energies were reactivated and 25th October 1979 is my date of birth. Everything connects because my dad turned 79 on 20th April 2022 and 1979 is my year of birth. 14, 9, 3, and 4 are very important numbers in my life. Misti is a blessed child and no one would believe that small kid just speaks in English, we call her “Angrez”. On 2nd May 2022 i.e 2/5/2022 she gave me a 10 Rupee coin which was made in the year 2015 and wanted me to keep it. A particular advertisement was going on the television at the same time and I saw a flying seed with white feathers inside my home at the same time around 8 PM at night. The message was very profound and clear. My mind is still not prepared or ready to accept everything which keeps going on in my life but I have made peace with it. I just know one thing everything will be in my life at the right time, till then I need to keep the faith and keep working on everything which I feel guided.

My intuition gives me all the messages which are meant for me and sometimes I discard them as illogical to find out a moment later that it was given to me for a reason. Now the biggest question comes who am I? The universe does not reveals my true identity even to me so forget about the world at large. The only message which comes is I will have all my answers at the right time. Sometimes I feel I am not contributing anything to the world but the cosmos says my presence makes a difference and my vibrations will bring about a change that will be seen by everyone. The dots connect to the past because I have lived a life where I was not a normal human being but a divine being myself and I have a connection with Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy. I don’t have much idea as to how I am connected to him but there is a strong bond with him. He and Sri Lakshmi Narayani are also connected since they are husband and wife and I consider both of them as one God. You cannot separate both of them so if you take either name they both are present there. The biggest question which arises in my mind is that my God is a very rich man and I don’t match him so if I share the connection I should match or go beyond what he owns. Yeah, I know many people will laugh when they read this and it is absolutely okay. In present times when my dad says that earning money is not easy I have dreamt of something which is beyond the perception of any living being.

The work which I want to do in the world requires a huge amount of wealth so it is the duty of my God to provide it to me. A greedy man cannot get rich in the coming times because God Kalki will crush all those people who want to build their empire by doing wrong activities. Anyone who tries to mess with God will be crushed and I mean this because “Latoo ke bhoot batoo se nahi maante”. Anyone who is doing wrongful acts should stop because when the grace period is over their business empire will crumble down in no time. You all will be alive to see that in this lifetime. Kaliyuga is gone and the person who is meant to establish Satyayuga is born and is with you. That person has not yet revealed himself so better mend your actions.

I know very well that power, position, and money corrupt people and success gets into their heads. I have prayed to my God to stay in my system so that nothing gets to my head because this Maya is not real and I am not going to take anything with me when I am on my death bed but the only thing which I want is that my work is done when I take my last breath. My God chose me for a very big purpose seeing my heart and I am very well aware of that. I love a lavish lifestyle but I can’t afford that now but will live that life in the coming days because what is meant to be will be and no one in the entire universe can stop that.

I have worked on my manifestation but now I have left everything in the hands of the universe. Now it is their time to show up and make things happen in my life because I feel lost and feel my life is stuck and going nowhere.

Be happy and fulfill your dreams.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m