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Doors to the new world have opened - Where are you?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2022-10-19 17:13
Divine Reunion for the 2nd Time

Earth is going through a massive energy shift and it is not just our planet undergoing too many changes but also the ever-expanding universe. All planets are aligning to bring a major shift which many are not prepared for but when the higher realm takes a decision they just implement it. When it is about the greater good then there are no second thoughts. When you keep on living the same life over a period of time you think it is normal to live this way and have a certain pattern of thoughts. It is only when someone stirs you to the point that the consciousness that was lying dormant inside of you wakes up that you realize that you were wrong all the while and need a course correction. It is never late to start doing everything which makes you a better human or brings a cute smile to your face. All of us are so programmed that we need divine intervention to realize that the life which we are currently living needs some course correction. You are not even aware that you need to change certain patterns of thinking for a better life. After a long time, there is full divine intervention and everything which is going on in the world is living proof of that miracle. Don’t complain because when the time is right the invisible world will make itself visible to create a massive change to the point that you will question your own existence. Thank God that they have toned down their punishment structure or else it would have been really very difficult for many people to survive who have looted humanity in the name of religion and diseases.

The cosmic consciousness is changing and everyone will be affected by it. People were praying to God for a long time that he should come and take away their miseries. Now he is here but in a visible form doing his work. Now it is the same set of people complaining that they should be spared since they are innocent. I don’t think any person will claim his dishonesty even if not a single penny he has in his bank account has been earned through the right means. Judgment, balance, and punishment will happen over a period of time. It is more of a wait-and-watch situation. Though the spiritual gurus did what they could many did not transform so a course correction is needed. When the source of creation will take matters into its own hand things will be very different. There are bound to be many people who will complain that they are being wronged and may even reach the court to get justice but remember when the invisible cosmic realm is making a judgment then no living being can provide you any help. I am writing this kind of writeup after a long time but I thought even if a few people transform they can take the initiative and at least change their own life. The gurus are doing their work and transforming the lives of many people but a large chunk is left untouched by it and they still carry on their work thinking they can continue what they had been doing for generations for a long time. What they forget is there comes a point when a full stop is put even to a long sentence because it can’t continue any further.

The Avatar which is most awaited will skip everyone’s eye and present itself in a form that no one has ever expected. What has been written in the ancient scriptures is all true but highly misinterpreted. What you can do is try to purify your soul because transforming the entire human race in a single lifetime is something that can be done only by divine hands and not by any human being. He is the one who can play with time and even stop the clock so that he can complete his work in his lifetime. The soul which gives you life is that of the creator so everything which you do, will do, or are capable of doing is known to him since you are a part of his own system. He can scan you in a matter of seconds even without second-guessing about your true personality so be true to your own self. There are many imposters who are in the top leadership positions so the right people need to take charge for the advancement of the country. We humans have not even spared natural resources and have overused everything and polluted mother earth to the point that mother nature is reverting back. Now you complain of untimely rains, floods, and natural calamities. You are the reason so there is no use complaining. Life is easy but we love complicating life since we human beings are masters in creating miseries for ourselves. There are many shifts that have happened on this earth but people are happily predicting world wars and other stuff which may happen.

The doors have opened and it always feels like a “Pravachan” when I write these lines. I was not in the mood to write it but thought about penning down my thoughts so that at least it transformed a few lives because when massive transformation occurs no one will be given time. It will be like there will be different courts depending on the severity of the crimes and people will be given punishment accordingly. No trials only judgment. Heaven or hell both exists here. If you have a good karmic record then you will be made part of the army which will be led by the divine himself. Every person will play a role in it but there are few souls who will play key roles in the divine work. When you desire to bring massive transformation then you need help from all corners. The universe, people living on earth, and even the invisible souls who left their bodies and are crying for liberation. The entire system will get to work and the changing world will be much better than what exists now. The sea of change has already begun in the invisible realm but it will start taking physical form once the person who is meant to take the lead has awakened his energies. The leader must be prepared to take the lead. If you think you exist on this earth without any reason then it is time for you to play your role. I saw a colony of Dragon flies on Durga Ashtami and Durga Navami and understood that the universe has made up its mind to get into action. If you see unusual things happening in your life then it simply means that everything which you are unaware of is going to happen. There are many souls who have waited for a long time for their liberation since they were trapped in the wheel of time due to their bad karmas and were crying for Mukti. Now it's time for them to get what they had asked for because this earth can do without too many ghosts.

Even the old programming which existed needs to be corrected so that the new system which is created runs for a long time may be millions of years. The illusion created by the divine is such that he can play with time because till today scientists cannot understand the concept of time. What is time is something which is still unknown and humans have come up with their own theory which is followed by the entire world. But no one can claim that it is 100% correct. Other than the creator no one knows what is time because he himself is time and he is the one who created time. You don’t know the capability of the cosmic realm so it is better you surrender because coming up with hypotheses to explain something which you don’t understand is a waste of energy. God can play with your memory and make you believe that you are existing on this earth for a very long time or one single hour or for billions of years. Who knows the reality? How old are the ancient scriptures which have been written by our ancient yogis is something which we can know by carbon dating but you never know how they came into existence or existed on this earth from the time of birth of this planet. It is said that god’s downloaded all the cosmic knowledge through human beings on this earth in the form of scripture so that humanity knew how to solve their tough problems but I think there has been debate even on those books which were not translated correctly.

The doors to the new world have opened and the world is undergoing change. The planetary system is aligned to bring those changes so you don’t need to keep track of what God’s doing but become more sensible and responsible human beings and see that you have done a course correction so that you don’t suffer. Though there are many unanswered questions, we don’t have a choice but to be a part of the system undergoing change. You cannot understand the divine and his ways of working in which he can use you to his own benefit even without you being aware of it. A single trigger can transform your whole life to the point that you yourself take the execution of divine work into your own hands since your programming has been changed. Every living and nonliving being on this earth is a program. The soul which is occupying your body is a part of the divine himself so he can change you and use you in the way he wants and you will have very little say in it. There are so many Rahasya that this cosmos never reveals to anyone but they exist and that is for a very specific reason. It is better you surrender and play your best role because even if you are not ready you won’t be spared. When mother nature has kept you alive on this earth it simply means you have to serve your purpose and you will when the time is right, it is the work of mother nature to make sure that you do what you are meant to do at the right time.

If you are someone who has waited long for your wishes to get granted then it's time for celebrations because your manifestations will reach you much before you expected them. I know when it takes longer than usual then you lose hope if things are going to happen or not or everything you did was more of a fantasy than a living reality. Chill it was all real and your efforts have been rewarded.

I know sometimes even when God speaks directly to you it feels like an illusion since we are all so programmed that it feels comfortable living in uncertainty. Our minds are great at building all sorts of stories so trust your intuition and build a great life for yourself.

Happy Harvesting Season. “Maa Durga Aapki saari manokamnaayein puri karein”.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m