Do your Best work to achieve the Purpose of your life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-07-09 18:05

I truly believe that this life is the gift of God to us. Every person who exists on this earth is born to achieve his purpose in life. This very life which is gifted by God to you is very purpose driven. There is not a single person who exists on this earth who is not meant to be here on this planet without a specific purpose. The reason for your existence may or may not be very big, sometimes it can be very small just confined to the four walls of your home or something very big much beyond your own imagination where you are meant to bring a significant change in the lives of people as a whole and bring a respectable change in the whole world. You may be born to touch life’s of million people just by the work you do so that they can live a good life. Your purpose will be communicated to you at the right time when you have to step in and do exactly what you are meant to do, in the meanwhile Gods will give you a break so that you can do whatever you want to do, that is absolutely God’s allowance to you to live your life the way you want to live because once your purpose takes over your life with the will of God you will never be the same person. Your whole mindset will change, you will be an evolved soul confined to the human body and still not belong to that body, you will become God’s worker where he will give commands and you will simply obey him and do your best work.

All the successful people who do great work and bring a big difference in the society by their presence and contribution which they make are meant to do that because that is their purpose. They are not meant to be here on this earth just to do normal routine work, eat and sleep. They are born to bring a very important change in the world as a whole which only they have to do, no one else has to do their work nor can someone else take their place. You will see that a specific person is meant to do specific work and their work is not interchangeable. Whether you are a housewife, working professional or just a normal worker, give your best in whatever you do because you are meant to do that. You are meant to be the best wife you can be, look after your family, nurture your kids, look after your inlaws, cook good food and do your duty in the best possible way along with taking care of your own self. You can only be your best self when you are happy and healthy from inside so you need to take care of yourself first so that you can achieve your purpose joyfully and never feel burdened by it. Enjoy whatever you are doing because that is what you are meant to do. If you remain unhappy and just pass your days then that will not be a life which you are meant to live. Do your best and give your best in whatever you do, be it something small or something very big then excellence will become your habit and that is what God’s want you to do. The higher powers have sent you here on this earth and they are keeping an eye on you, do not dishearten them by not living up to your true self, make them proud and show them that you will achieve your purpose no matter what. We all are spiritual beings in the human body so I would say nothing is impossible. When you are glued to your purpose and put your best foot forward there is nothing which can stop you from bringing a big revolution to the whole mankind.

Even God’s never shied away from achieving their purpose when it came to saving humanity from evil. They incarnated here on this earth in the form of human beings and achieved their purpose of driving out the evil and bringing goodness back into society. They did their best to bring back balance on this universe or else the whole human race would have collapsed by growing evil. Whenever the evil grows in the society God’s incarnate in the form of human being and achieve their purpose of bringing balance. When God’s don’t deviate from their purpose I think we human beings are no one to defy ourselves from reaching our purpose in life. There will be challenges, there will be difficulties, obstacles, backbiting by naysayers and sometimes you yourself will lose the motivation because you will get totally frustrated with whatever is happening in your life but that does not mean that you will leave your journey midway and run away from your path saying that I cannot do it when you know that you are meant to do what you are doing and no matter what may come in your path you have to achieve your purpose. When you live life with this mindset and work with this mindset or set a goal then you will see that there is nothing which can stop you from being successful and contributing your part to the world and from achieving your true purpose. Sometimes you will be guided and the rest of the times you have to make your own decisions with faith that whatever you are doing is correct and this is the route which you are meant to take, remember if any amendments need to be made in your journey you will know because you will receive guidance from the universe. You must have seen that sometimes you get successful in whatever you are doing while the rest of the times you really have to push yourself beyond your limits to get that small work done.

Did you ever wondered why that happened, the only reason why some problem took longer than usual was that it was meant to teach you a big lesson, a lesson without which your entire journey would have been useless. You thought that the simple problem would solve within a few days but it took several months and ate up the time limit which you had set to complete that particular task, remember it was meant to take that much time so that you learn all your lessons and do not encounter the same problem again which would have proved to be a big risk for you. I always tell people to enjoy their journey because that is something which will lead you to your beautiful destination. The good days or bad days which happen in your life are meant to grow your soul so that you can achieve your purpose. The good days help you in doing your work while the bad days are your learning time when you experience life at its lowest and you are given the challenge to combat all troubles and come out of it successfully. You always have the option to live your best life when you cannot see anything other than the dark clouds or live in faith that the night will end and there will be a sunrise again, you will again get an opportunity to shine in the world and put your best foot forward. Life will move on and you will have to encounter the good and the bad days both cheerfully so that you can achieve your purpose happily.

Always give your best because when you do half-hearted work you are not near to your God nor to your purpose. It is only when you give your 100% to whatever you do that you are near your God and your purpose. Do you think that you can make God’s happy by just praying and not giving your best work, I would say “No”, that is something which is not possible. It is only when you align yourself to your purpose that the higher powers get happy and give you whatever you deserve. You get success, name, and fame, everything which you dreamt of and everything which your heart desired. I would say the whole universe will be ready to serve you because you are working to achieve your purpose. You will see that you will start getting one opportunity after another and there is nothing which will stop you from living a life of your dreams which you are meant to live. Always remember first deserve and then desire. When you give your best work to achieve your purpose in this lifetime you will get what you desire. Let the whole world ponder what you are up to, you keep working and don’t bother what others are saying. When you will get successful and achieve your purpose these are the people who will admire you for attaining your destiny.

All the best for your purpose. Achieve it and show to the whole world who you are and what your worth is. Lots of love from me.

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