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Do not lose your Glory - Everything has its own utility

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2011-06-21 13:46
Wish toy

I was sitting and looking out of the window and thinking how some business houses are just making money by gaming or thousands of websites with almost similar content running online and making profits. Every other day a new website is emerging and fighting for its own market share when there is already a cut throat competition going on between the rest of them. It never made sense to me that people in this busy era have time to play online games. But then i realized online games market was very huge and the target customers were people who loved online games or who wanted to play just games when free rather than reading books or watching television. They were tapping kids or youngsters who remained hooked to their computer for longer period of time just for playing and chatting.

e- News paper became a new statement of marketing where a person did not need to buy news paper and read all the stuffs online. Why the printed news paper never lost its glory and we still hired news paper wala's to give us our fresh daily news. We can watch news channels and get all updates then why we need to get a printed news paper ? We can listen and visually see the characters online then why the radio and television is not getting obsolete. I realized that everything had a purpose and they satisfied a group of audience. But yes with the changing times they are evolving but none of them are losing their glory. Every person does not gets time to access internet so the printed news paper is best to read all news at a 15 minutes glance. The person who spends a lot of time online can read the e- news paper. The person who is driving or wants to listen and carry other work can switch on the radio. Those who love to watch tv can watch it for its daily soaps. Everything has a purpose to serve.

Malls like Reliance Fresh, Big Bazaar or Empress city did not took away glory of small shops or other vendors. Small and big shops are still running and making profits but yes the quality competition has increased and its for everyone's good. The vegetable vendor now keeps fresh vegetable near my house as Reliance Fresh has opened. The vendor is aware that the day it starts selling stale vegetables it will lose customers to Reliance Fresh which stocks fresh vegetables. It is a healthy competition. Vegetable vendors in Manish nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra were really very sad with the opening of Reliance Fresh ( RF). But were happy when they realized the fact that RF won't replace them.

Every information is present online with the click of a button and an individual can gain lots of knowledge by reading quality articles online but that never replaces the usefulness of a book where every information is written in compact form and easily available for reading. For a person who reads lots of stuffs online a book might mean an useless investment but think of a person who just has little time to check mails and wants to read something fruitful. This person will find reading a book very useful and it will not stress him with unnecessary information.

Everything has its own purpose, utility and importance. But they all need timely up gradation to sustain in this cut throat competitive market.

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