Do’s and Don’ts of Interview

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Job Interview

1) Be well prepared for the interview
2) Arrive 15 mins early at the place of interview
3) Carry several copies of your resume.
4) Carry pen and A-4 size paper with you for the interview
5) Greet the receptionist. It shows your humble nature.
6) Do not talk or laugh out loudly. Maintain office decorum.
7) Do not fix two consecutive interviews in the same day as you never know how much time your first interview will take.
8) Greet the interviewer after entering the room.
9) Take permission and sit down.
10) Do not slouch at the time of interview.
11) Do not chew anything at the time of interview.
12) Do not bite your nails or lips.
13) Do not talk to anyone on the phone in the middle of the interview. Do not answer messages while still in interview.
14) Do not play with your hands or any objects placed on interviewers table.
15) Look into interviewers eyes while answering questions.
16) Answer to the point. Do not ponder here and there while answering questions.
17) Do not try to fool the interviewer by providing fake documents and posing as some one else. It will prove to be disastrous in the long run.
18) Do not bore the interviewer by proving yourself to be too smart. Just be natural and be yourself. Rest will flow.
19) Do not try to prove the interviewer wrong. They might take it personally.
20) Dress appropriately ( we have discussed this earlier )
21) Thank the interviewer for his valuable time.
22) Give a firm handshake.
23) Do not fidget while answering questions.
24) Do not bring your parents, pet , spouse or friends to interview
25) Do not show your disagreement to the interviewer. Do not make faces before the interviewer. It looks very unprofessional.
26) Do not call them by their first names. Address as Mr, Miss or Dr along with the name. It always better to show respect to your interviewers.
27) They are not your everyday friends. Greet them with a proper Good Morning Or Good After Noon or Good Evening.
28) Do not try to show them their faults.
29) Do not bad mouth your previous employers or office colleagues
30) Think before you speak. Any wrong word spoken can lead to disaster.
31) Thank the interviewer before leaving.
32) Find out whom to contact for interview results and further proceedings of selection.
33) Follow up after the interview. Most companies send mails. It always better to be on communication. Bridge all gaps in communication.
35) Do not show the interviewer that you are least interested in the job and there for just a testing.

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